Stunning Stars For Christmas

Stunning Stars For Christmas

This year Knox Westfield contacted us to ask if we were interested in decorating two stars to be displayed at Knox Shopping Centre. Of course we said “Yes”.

Some very talented and committed Year 5 and 6 artists spent several recesss, lunchtimes and afternoons designing and painting these beautiful stars.

The brief was ‘Starry Starry Night’, so we decided to paint one of the stars in the style of Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Nicky drew and painted Santa’s sleigh and reindeers flying across the sky. Lara, Cara, Alexa and Michaela added a Christmas tree, elves and presents. Everyone helped to paint the sky and stars in the style of Van Gogh.

We decided to do the Nativity on the other star, in keeping with the brief we went with a night time version. Marilyn designed the nativity scene and Emily S,  Yvonne, Parthi and Kayden drew and painted angels and the surrounding hills.

Well done everyone they look awesome.

We don’t know whereabouts in the centre they will be displayed, so if  you’re shopping at Knox keep your eye out and see if you can find them.





Look out for your child’s wish list in their school bag! They should be coming home on Thursday 16th or Friday 17th of November.

The book fair is open on Friday 17th Nov. from 3pm to 4pm.

Monday 19th Nov. from 8.30am to 9am & 3pm to 4pm.

Tuesday 20th Nov. from 8.30am to 9am & 3pm to 4pm.

Wednesday 21st Nov. from 8.30am to 9am & 3pm to 4pm.

Parents, Grandparents & students most welcome!




Yesterday in the garden we planted corn & tomato seedlings. We had a great crew of kids helping to plant, mulch & water the garden. Last week we planted pumpkin seeds in the garden bed closest to the mandarin tree. We usually plant seedlings, so it will be interesting to see how well they grow.

Lego Engineering Program

Lego Engineering Program

This term in Digitech the students in years 3 to 6 have been participating in the Lego Engineering program. The students work in groups to build the Lego model whilst learning about the forces that help to make it work. Most models require a motor and some use a special bluetooth motor that can can be controlled using the Wedo program on our Chromebooks.

The 3/4 students have built a variety of models including a crane, railroad barrier and a towing vehicle. The 5/6 students have built a forklift, battle-tank and a caterpillar robot.

We are all learning lots of skills and knowledge about how different machines work in our world as well as having fun with building the different Lego models.

Here are some photos of models that we have built recently.

Keith Haring -Year 5 and 6

Keith Haring -Year 5 and 6

Year 5 and 6 artists are just completing a unit on Street Art. The last artist they explored was Keith Haring and after drawing a joyful artwork in his style they created a clay wall hanging of a figure. These have been a lot of fun to make. Next week they will use Paint pens to decorate the figure. Super work




During our reading lessons the Year 3’s and 4’s have been working on Readers Theatre.

Readers Theatre is a reading activity that involves reading a script aloud in small groups.  It is a fun and interactive way to improve our reading skills, such as improving our fluency and expression as well as developing our confidence when speaking in front of an audience

The first group is called ‘The Foiled Robbery’. The second is called ‘The Science Experiment’. We hope you enjoy our presentation.

Prep “P” and 100 Day Celebrations

Prep “P” and 100 Day Celebrations

This year the Preps have had many special celebrations for their first year of school including “P” day and “100 Days of School” celebrations.

On June 21, our Preps celebrated “P day.” P day is a day when our preps dress up as something beginning with the letter P. Some examples include are pirate, princess, police, piggy and even Peter Parker. The preps really enjoyed “P” day and there were so many pretty and perfect costumes. P Day was a real hit for our Prep students.

Another major day for our Preps was when they celebrated 100 days of being at school. On their 100 days celebration they dressed up as something to do with 100!  Lots of students dressed up as grandmas and grandpas and so many of the costumes were very creative. The Preps got to decorate 100 biscuits and made a necklace with 100 lollies on it ….. yummy!!!

Safe to say I think the preps really like both of these days.

Here is a few photos from the Prep celebrations ….

Clever Preps creating Clowns

Clever Preps creating Clowns

The amazing Prep artists have been creating crazy colour wheel clowns.
The little artists first of all created colour wheels using red, blue and yellow paint.
these were used for the clowns tummy.
Next they drew clown faces, mittens, bows and shoes. Finally they added some juggling balls.

These are super cute, well done Preppies


SSV – Hoop Time

SSV – Hoop Time

On Thursday 3 August the 5/6 girls and boys All Star teams went to Boronia Stadium to compete in the Division finals for Hoop Time. The boys came close to making the semi finals but lost. The all star girls had hard competitions at the last two finals.

HT girls won all their games against:

Bayswater West, Knox Park, Kent Park, Scoresby and Wattle View Park.

HT boys played against:

Kent Park  (Won) ,

Bayswater West ( Lost)

Scoresby Primary ( Lost)

Boronia K-12 ( Lost)

Wattle View ( Won)

Even though the boys didn’t win a trophy, they were still very happy where they made and supported the girls

The girls came very close to losing the grand final to win HT a trophy but pulled through and won by one point against Kent Park.

A big thank you to Mr D for organising this amazing event . A thank to the girls coach, Stephanie Schimizzi and a thank you to both teams for always supporting each other




The Book Week theme for this year was: READ GROW INSPIRE!

The students wrote on a leaf a character from a book or person that inspired them or that they admire and it was lovely to see our ‘tree’ grow! Some of their inspirations were: Harry Potter, The Hobbit, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Ahn Do, Matilda, Taylor Swift, Ella Diaries, LeBron James, Messi and many more…..


The students enjoyed many activities throughout the week organised by Mrs Dowling, with the highlight being the book week parade! Here are some of the photos…….

Wonderful Weavers

Wonderful Weavers

Year 3 and 4 students have been working diligently every week to create small woven wall hangings. They all persisted through any difficulties and achieved great results. They also learnt how to make a Pom Pom (or two, or three) using their fingers. 
I’m super proud of all their hard work!


Prayer Service Celebrating Our Fathers & Father Figures

Prayer Service Celebrating Our Fathers & Father Figures

Father’s Day is a day for people to show their appreciation for their fathers, father figures and grandfathers. This special day reminds us how much we love our fathers, grandfathers and those who are like fathers to us. We take the opportunity to say THANK YOU for all they do for us.

Below is the Prayer Service I planned for Father’s Day. Teachers and students used this Prayer Service in their classes on Monday afternoon. We understand that not all the significant men in our lives could be with us. Families are encouraged to pray together as a family using the Father’s Day Prayer Service to recognise and thank the fathers, grandfathers and father figures in their lives.

5/6 Scienceworks Excursion

5/6 Scienceworks Excursion

On the 24th of July, the 5/6 level went on an excursion to Scienceworks as part of our current Science topic about Matter. Matter is everything around us that exists as a solid, liquid and gas.

We went to the planetarium and learnt about how physics would allow a aeroplane to fly in space and how a black hole behaves.

We also got a really cool demonstration on how things can boil when they become incredibly hot or cold by pouring liquid nitrogen onto a squeaky duck.

Overall, our Scienceworks Excursion was really fun and we enjoyed learning about all the different states of matter.

Here are some photos from our excursion to Scienceworks …..

5/6 Interschool Winter Sports – Netball

5/6 Interschool Winter Sports – Netball

At the end of last term nineteen girls were chosen to represent Holy Trinity in netball for Winter Interschool Sports.

We had been practising hard for a few weeks and it was great to see how well each teams improved throughout the competition.

This is how our teams went during the competition ….

A team

Game 1: Played St Judes and WON

Game 2: Played Bayswater West and WON

Game 3: Played  Wattleview and WON

Game 4: Played Boronia K-12 and WON

Final: In the final HT played against Bayswater West and we needed to go into overtime to find a winner. We ended up WINNING which meant that the A Team is the Champions of the Scoresby District.

B team

Game 1: Played Wattleview and WON

Game 2: Played Scoresby and LOST

Game 3: Played Knox Park and WON

Game 4: Played  Kent Park and TIED


In the Division championships we played against

Game 1: St. Andrews and WON

Game 2: Bayswater West and WON

Game 3: Regency Park and LOST

In the final match we played against Templeton and we needed to win by one goal to make it through to Regional Championships.

Overall, we won 5 out of the 7 matches which is an amazing effort.

Overall, we did a great job to come third in the Division Championships. We are thankful for Mrs. Rocha, Mr. D and the parent helpers for your fantastic support.

Here are a few photos from our netball days….

5/6 Interschool Winter Sports – Soccer

5/6 Interschool Winter Sports – Soccer

On June 7th 2023 the year 5/6’s participated in Interschool sports soccer at Knox Park.

Each game was about 30 minutes long with a break in the middle. We also had a 20 minute break between each game.

Here are our Day 1 scores

HT Boys Games:

1st game HT Vs Saint Judes 0 – 1 Loss

2nd game HT Vs Kent Park 3 – 0 Win

3rd game HT Vs Knox Park 1 – 0 WIn

4th game HT VS Boronia K-12 6 – 0 Win

HT Girls Games:

1st game HT Vs Scoresby Mixed 2 – 0 Win

2nd game HT Vs St Jude’s 1 – 0 Win

3rd game  HT Vs Knox Park 0 – 2 Loss

4th game BYE

Division Competition:

HT Girls played in the soccer division championships as well.

These are the overall results ….

HT Vs  Mount Waverley  0 – 6 Loss

HT Vs   Heritage College  1 – 4 Loss

HT Vs    Knox Park   0 – 1 Loss

Overall the 5/6s really enjoyed representing our school in soccer and had a great time!


Here are some photos from the day!

5/6 Interschool Winter Sports – Footy

5/6 Interschool Winter Sports – Footy

On Wednesday 7th June and Friday 16th June our Year 5s and 6s represented Holy Trinity in Footy . The boys and girls were put into one big team for their footy games.

In the first match the HT played against Kent Park. It was a hard fought match and in the end the scores were 23– 26 which meant HT  won their first match.

After HT’s  first game the next match that HT  played was against Bayswater West. At the end of the  match the scores were very close but in the end HT  won the match.

The next game, HT’s third game was against Boronia K-12. The match was once again super close but in the end HT took the game home & was undefeated for the whole day 1.

Overall, both the boys and girls represented HT with pride and played really well!

Big thanks to Mr D for coaching & Belinda for helping out!

Storybox incursion

Storybox incursion

To consolidate their learning of “Then and Now”, Grade 1/2 s had the opportunity to participate in an incursion from “Storybox”. They were so eager and attentive much to the admiration from the teachers  and learnt how times have changed, clothes they wore, the games they played and the gadgets and the gimmicks they used. The best discovery was the bedpan which they thought was a mixing bowl!!!!!!