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Year 6’s Activities With Buddies

Year 6’s Activities With Buddies

The year 6’s this year have been doing lots of activities with their buddies. Once every two weeks the year 6’s go over to be with the preps and have lunch together. We also have done lots of different activities with them that include showing them around the school to teach the school rules, learning about different emotions and once we even just got to play together during a buddy session which was fun.

Overall, it has been so much fun being with our buddies and we are so proud of how well they are doing at school.

Here are some photos of what we have done…

Buddy Breakfast 2023

Buddy Breakfast 2023

Last Thursday (March 30th), our Year 6’s and Preps came to school early along with their families for Buddy Breakfast.  This event is a special opportunity for everyone to get to know each other and enjoy some yummy food together. One of the most special parts of our Buddy Breakfast is when the year 6 students present their Prep buddy with a special ‘Buddy Bear’. The purple buddy bear is an initiative from the Alannah & Madeline Foundation that helps to let every student know how special they are in our HT / St. Mary’s community. Many year 6 students still have their purple ‘Buddy Bear’ which is a symbol of how special the prep / year 6 buddy relationship is.

Overall, everyone really enjoyed our buddy breakfast and are thankful for the opportunity to gather together.

Here are some of the photos from the day ……

Prep – Yr4 Swimming

Prep – Yr4 Swimming

Each Friday this term there has been lots of excitement amongst our Prep to Year 4 students as they have been have been participating in swimming lessons at Swim World in Glen Waverley. Each week the students dress with their swimming costumes underneath their school clothes. At their allocated time each class gets ready by putting on their swimming caps and goggles and then they go on the bus to Swim World.

During swimming lessons the students have been learning a variety of skills including floating, water safety techniques and practising the different swimming strokes.

Last Friday, the students brought along some old clothes to wear in the pool to practise what a person should do if they were to fall into the water. The students seem to really enjoy this adventure!

Overall, the students are having a great time at their swimming lessons and are looking forward to the last fun lesson this Friday.

Here are a few photos of the students in action …..

School Production – The Land of Dance

School Production – The Land of Dance

There is lots of excitement around HT & St. Mary’s at the moment (particularly around the Italian room) as 2023 is going to be a School Production year. The theme for this year’s production is The Land Of Dance and our school concert will take place towards the end of term 3. Each class is learning their choreography songs and theme and over the coming months they will learn about the dances and costumes they will be using.

The auditions of the different parts of our production have been taking place over the past couple of weeks. The 5/6 students were given the opportunity to audition for these parts.  Seniora Formichelli is filming each auditioning character and then these videos will be shown to the Italian Production Committee to decide on who will be the different characters. Some of the different characters in the production include nonna, nonno, the mayor and the bus driver.

Seniora Formichelli has been working on putting the whole production together since last year and we are very lucky to have her helping to create so much excitement for the concert.

There will be lots of different posts on the school blog over the coming months as the production gets closer.

Here are a few photos from the recent auditions …..

Preps Learning in Maths

Preps Learning in Maths

This term the Prep students are learning about addition and subtraction. One of their main goals being to look at different combinations of numbers that add to 20 such as 10+10 and 5+5+10 and 11+9.

In addition, the Prep students have also been learning about 2D and 3D shapes as a separate topic in Maths.

Overall, the Preps have progressed so much in so many areas of Maths as you can see from their fantastic work below.

100 days of Prep

100 days of Prep

On Wednesday the 10th of August our Preps celebrated 100 days of being at school. The day began with a parade of the Prep students in their costumes on the basketball court and then they went to the Community Space to view a slideshow with photos of what we think the Prep students might look like when they are 100. All the Preps dressed up in all things to do with the number 100 such as an older person with a wig and a cain, …. whilst others dressed up with 100 pom poms or 100 spots on their top. Even the Prep staff dressed up as well! All students and staff did an amazing job with their dressing up.

During the day the Prep students participated in lots of different activities to do with the number 100 including making special crowns, making necklaces out of fruit loops and eating popcorn whilst watching movies that have something to do with the number 100. They even got to have a yummy cake!

Overall, the preps loved celebrating being at school 100 days and are excited what the next 100 days might be like.

Here are a few photos from the day ……

Prep Digitech Classes

Prep Digitech Classes

This term in Digitech the Prep students have been working hard developing their keyboarding skills using the BBC typing program. The Preps have been learning about using all of their fingers when typing, keeping a straight back by making sure our chair is pushed in and looking at the screen. Here is a few of our Preps in action during our typing sessions in Digitech this term.

In addition, the Preps have been developing their skills with using a mouse whilst using the Pivot animator program. This program involves moving a stick figure around using your mouse. Through creating a series of movement frames the students are able to create a video animation which we all enjoy watching together.  In our latest project the Prep were required to get the stick figure climb across the monkey bars. The students have a lot of fun using this program but also learn that to be successful with using the program you need to take your time and be patient.

Here is a picture of what one our Prep students was able to create …..

Overall, we are very proud with how much the Preps have progressed with their ability to navigate around the computer in the first half of this year and we have lots more exciting plans for our Digitech learning next term.

‘So Much Excitement’ in the Prep Classes

‘So Much Excitement’ in the Prep Classes

Throughout the beginning of the school year the prep students have been learning about an assortment of different topics. These include Creation (Religion), counting to 20 (Maths), writing about animals (Inquiry) and the students are really enjoying participating in reading groups (particularly completing reading eggs). One really cool activity that the Prep students do to help them with their spelling is doing craft with some of the spelling words.

The highlight though with the is all the clever songs that the Preps learn to help them with their learning.  They seemed to have memorised the days of the week with a cool song and in the middle of a lesson everyone burst into song singing  ……

‘This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine…!’

It seems like so much fun in the Prep classes and it is amazing how much the Preps have learnt in such a short time at HT.

Here are some of the bright displays in our Prep classrooms ……

Buddy Breakfast 2022!

Buddy Breakfast 2022!

On Thursday 7th of April 2022, HT & St. Mary’s celebrated our long awaited Buddy Breakfast. Buddy Breakfast is an annual tradition where the students in the Prep and Year 6 levels come together along with their families to have a bite to eat along with getting to know each other. This year our ‘breakfast’ included sausages, fruit and juice. One of the most special parts of our Buddy Breakfast is when the year 6 students present their Prep buddy with a special ‘Buddy Bear’. The purple buddy bear is an initiative from the Alannah & Madeline Foundation helps to let every student know how special they are in our HT / St. Mary’s community. Many year 6 students still have their purple ‘Buddy Bear’ which is a symbol of how special the prep / year 6 buddy relationship is.  It was a great morning that was topped off with some beautiful sunny weather.

Here are some photos from the amazing morning ……

House Cross Country 2022

House Cross Country 2022

On Friday 18th of March all students from Prep to Year 6 participated in our annual House Cross Country event at Egan Lee Reserve.

This year we had a number of firsts including the students in Prep to Year 2 having an opportunity to participate in the event for the first time and the event taking place in term one (it usually happens in term two).

Mr. D had measured out a one kilometre circuit for everyone to follow which began on the training soccer fields and followed a track around the back of the main soccer field before returning back to the starting line again. Each class has been preparing for our cross country during their PE sessions this term.

Our Prep to Year 2 students completed one lap of this circuit (1km) whilst the 3/4 students completed two laps and the 5/6 students completed 3 laps.

Our District Cross Country team is chosen from the students who compete in our cross country and usually include students from Years 4, 5 and 6.

Thank you Mr D for organizing amazing fun day and thank you to our wonderful parent helpers and staff for assisting with the running event. Everyone overall did amazing and it was great to see everyone doing their best to keep active.

Here are the results of the students who came first in their Years 3 to 6.

Year 3’s: Jackson & Avery

Year 4’s: Luke & June

Year 5’s: Eden & Darcy

Year 6’s: Ella D & Nathan

Here are some photos from the day ……

Prep P day

Prep P day

Last Monday (March 7) the preps celebrated P day. P day is where all the preps get to talk and learn about the letter P. In the morning the preps came to school dressed in all sorts of costumes starting with the letter p. Some students wore pjs whilst others dressed up as pirates, princesses and the police. They had a big parade to show off their amazing costumes and  made crafts starting with P such as a pig. The preps were lucky enough to watch The penguins of Madagascar and Mr Popper’s Penguins.

Overall, P day was not just a fun day but a PERFECT day enjoyed by all.

Prep Learning

Prep Learning

This term has been a very exciting one for our Prep students as they settle into school. They have learnt lots of new topics including understanding their letters and sounds in words, and counting and understanding all about numbers to 10.

The Preps have also enjoyed learning about data and graphs in Maths, learning the sign of the cross and school prayer in RE and learning some Auslan with Miss Lucy.

Even though the Preps have learnt so much new in class sometimes the biggest learning for them is on the playground with their friends with support of their wonderful year six buddies.

Overall, the Preps have settled into school really nicely and have enjoyed their first term at HT.

Here is our wonderful Preps in action ……

Buddy Breakfast

Buddy Breakfast

Last week, the year 6’s welcomed the preps and their parents to the school community with a delicious buddy breakfast. Lots of people got to enjoy a yummy sausage in bread and the adults got some tasty coffee.

Buddy Breakfast is a great opportunity for everyone to welcome the preps and parents to our school community.

Here are all the Year 6’s and Preps with their buddies, friends and family.

Prep Photography in Digitech

Prep Photography in Digitech

This term in Digitech the students have been working hard learning about taking different types of photos. Some of the different photos that they took included a full body photo, head and shoulders, background, action, selfie and group shot. They then put these into a Google Doc and uses some of the features in this program to create a poster.

Everyone (students, parents and even the Digitech teacher) learnt a lot  of new skills during this unit and I am very thankful to everyone for their wonderful support.

Here are a selection of a few of Prep Blue’s posters …….

Love Hearts in the Remote Artroom

Love Hearts in the Remote Artroom

 Grade Prep students were introduced to American Artist Romero Britto’s bright and colourful Artworks.

They used a Ruler, textas, pencils or pastels to  create some beautiful Heart Art.

So proud of these little artists.

Click on the link to view some of the finished artworks.

Google Meet Timetable

Google Meet Timetable

Welcome back everyone to term 3 and to remote learning 2.0. I hope everyone had an enjoyable school holiday break and are refreshed for another great term of learning.

Below is the Google Meet Timetable for classes (including Specialist Google Meets). As you will notice the times for class Google Meets should be the same each day.

There is also a specialist Google Meet time for each class during the week where you will to some learning with the Specialist teachers at the allocated time. It is important to remember that no matter what specialist lesson you have it will always be the same code, You will also stay on your Google Meet throughout the session and your specialist teachers will swap over half way through the session. Most class teachers will explain how to access their specialist Google Meet but here is a quick summary …..

6 Yellow & 6 Blue enter the code …… year6
5 Yellow & 5 Blue enter the code …… year5
4 Yellow & 4 Blue enter the code …… year4
3 Yellow & 3 Blue enter the code …… year3
2 Yellow & 2 Blue enter the code …… year2
1 Yellow & 1 Blue enter the code …… year1
Prep Blue enter the code ……  prepb
Prep Yellow enter the code ……  prepy
Below is video explaining how to access Google Meets – both class and specialist meets.
Learning in Prep Yellow!

Learning in Prep Yellow!

This term the students in Prep have been learning lots of new skills both during home learning and since they have been back at school.

Some of the areas that the Preps have been learning about since returning to school include …..

Literacy – writing recounts. The Preps were using bubbles when they were writing recounts and it looked like a lot of fun. They have also been learning how to write their work on dotted lines.        Here are some pictures of the Preps hard at work …..

In Maths, Prep Yellow have been learning how to order numbers both from smallest to largest and largest to smallest. One of the activities they did for Maths included looking through LEGO catalogs and ordering the items from the ones they wanted the most through to the one they wanted the least.

Here are some pictures of this activity …..

Overall, I think the Preps have had a great job with their learning and have earned a nice long break over the school holidays.

We look forward to hearing about what the Preps will learn about next term.



Hi Prep families.

Here is the learning that the Prep Level is planning to explore over the coming week. The teachers will continue to make regular updates to your child’s Class Dojo page so please look here for your first port of call. We will also continue to update our school blog with school announcements so please regularly come back to visit this site.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact the Prep teachers at (Prep Yellow) OR (Prep Blue).

Thank you for your ongoing support!

Google Meet Timetable & Demo Video (using the app)

Google Meet Timetable & Demo Video (using the app)

Hi everyone,

Here is this week’s Google Meet timetable for whole class sessions.

In addition to whole class Google Meets some students may have smaller group sessions as well and may be asked to use the Google Meet app to enter their session. If you are asked to enter a special code or meeting name you may need to check in your emails for what the code is. This video may assist you with how to use the Google Meet app to do this ……