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Minecraft Club

Minecraft Club

Every Friday students from Years 2 and 3 participate in HT’s Minecraft Club run by the DigiTech Leaders. We have been learning about the basics with using their Educational Minecraft accounts such as collecting resources, building and mining. Today all the students joined in the same world created by the DigiTech leaders and they searched for different resources. Everyone is having fun playing minecraft and we will continue playing it next term. We encourage the students to develop their skills further during the holidays when they use their accounts at home.

Here are a few photos of today’s session …….

Footy Day

Footy Day

On Thursday the 19th of September HT and St. Maryś celebrated footy day. Everyone dressed up in their favourite footy teamś clothes and just before lunch time we lined up in our footy teams on the basketball court and sang the club songs. After we chanted out our tunes and we all got to eat our party pies and sausage rolls. On Friday afternoon we all got together in our Friendship Groups to participate in a series of footy based games.

Overall, everyone had a great day.

Topic Talks 4 Yellow

Topic Talks 4 Yellow

This year in year 4 we have been doing Topic Talks (a lot like show and tell). At the beginning of each term we are given a list of topics to prepare and research so we have enough information to tell the class about the topic. Some of the topics we have presented this term include researching and presenting a poem that we enjoy (limerick, haiku or Australian), researching an African country and telling the class about a time in our life where we were filled with multiple feelings.

I really enjoyed when we got to tell the class about an African country particularly when other students presented their African country research.

Overall, topic talks are really helpful for learning about different topics as well as learning to speak in front of an audience. I always look forward to seeing these what other students are going to talk about.

Here is a couple of our topic talk presentations about an African country …..

Lit Circles in Year 4

Lit Circles in Year 4

During the last three Fridays students from 4 Blue and 4 Yellow have been participating in Literature Group Circles.  The students were put into groups of 4 and each group chose a book to read. Two of the groups chose a book called Whipper Snapper and the other group chose a book called Savvy. Each group also needed to organise themselves so that we knew what page to read up to ready for our next Lit Circles discussion. We also needed to complete a sheet at home that had different questions about what we were reading.

After each session we would fill out a sheet with a self evaluation and a group evaluation. We shared our answers and ideas with a group and kept questioning each other while we were sharing. Some of the questions included …. Why did you choose this question? and What made you think about your answer? During our discussions we would add to what other students thoughts by saying… I agree, I disagree, I would like to add on or I would like to mention.

Overall, the Lit Circles groups did really well and we gave feedback to Mrs Dell’Orso in what she did well in teaching and what she needs to improve on. Mrs Dell’Orso did really well in teaching us about Lit circles and every group did really well with their learning, participating, preparing and co-operating with each other. Lit circles will continue in term 4 and we hope it is as good as it was in term 3!

Here is some of the Year 4 Lit Circles in action …..

2019 Sacrament of Eucharist

2019 Sacrament of Eucharist

On Sunday September 8th and Sunday September 15th the Year 3 students, Tonny (from Year 4) and several Parish Catechist students celebrated their First Eucharist Sacrament with their families.

Liam – On  Sunday September 15th most year 3 students and Tonny went to celebrate the sacrament ofFirst Eucharist. First we all sat down. Shortly after that the mass started. Father started to do some prayers. Then there was some readings. After that Miss McGing tapped my shoulder so I went up to receive the host and wine. Then I went back to my seat. Then the mass finished. That night I had a family dinner. 

Mia – I received my First Holy Communion on the 15th of September. Receiving the eucharist is fun because you become one step closer to God. I learned that your parents put your hands on your shoulder. We made a banner and decorated it. I did the First Reading of the mass. Each Monday the Year 3’s were getting together and got ready for the sacrament by learning about it’s importance.

Isabelle C – We all prepared for this very important and special Sacrament of Initiation for weeks and weeks. We made banners and tried the bread and wine for the first time during our Family Faith Night. Then we celebrated the Sacrament at two Sunday Masses. I participated in the first Mass and my family was very proud of me. In fact they brought the family to a restaurant and we had lots of fun.

Mya – On Sunday the 8th of September I celebrated my First Eucharist. To prepare we had hometasks. The first task that we had was about Godparents and Baptism. About the mass I learned that on the day your parents put their hands on your shoulders. I had a reading in the mas. A Lot of people from my family were there which made it feel more special. I only had the host and didn’t have the wine. The sacrament was really fun and I can’t wait for more.

Isaac –  On Sunday September the 8th, I had my First Eucharist. To prepare for the sacrament we had homework about Godparents and baptism, Connections between Baptism and Eucharist, Sacraments of Initiation and we even created our own Eucharist banner. On Monday’s we would get together and do work about the sacrament of the Eucharist.

Bailee – On Sunday, 15th September Year 3s celebrated their First Eucharist. When we preparing for the Sacrament we got some homework such as why do we have godparents?. In the past few weeks I have learnt to bow before receiving the host, kneel and pray after receiving the wine and to say “Amen” when Father says “Body of Christ”.

Abbey – On Sunday 8th September I received my First Eucharist. The Year 3s prepared with home tasks like why we have godparents and what is a Sacrament of Initiation. We also created First Eucharist banners. We had a workshop night too. We learned about the story of Feeding the Five Thousand and had a taste of the bread and wine. When it was time for my First Eucharist my mum and dad came with me. I received the bread and the wine.

James – The Grade 3 Level and Tonny prepared for Eucharist by doing some home tasks and completing a slide presentation. We spent Monday afternoon together working hard to learn about Eucharist and the Mass. I was nervous when I got there because I had a long reading. I was happy when I made my Eucharist.

Jacob – The Grade 3 Level and Tonny from Grade 4 celebrated their First Eucharist with family members. We made a Eucharist banner to display in the church. All of us did a slide presentation. My family came to my First Eucharist. When we had the bread and wine we had to put our writing hand under our other hand.

Leonardo – On Sunday  8th of September it was my First Eucharist. I learned how to receive communion. 3 Blue and 3 Yellow and Tonny from 4 Blue learned about Eucharist on Monday afternoons. I recieved the host and the wine.

Poppy – On my First Communion we had to listen to Father and went to Father and before we take the bread and the wine and went back to our seats and we make a prayer. Then we sang song sounds and that was done. We went to the restaurant to have a meal together. I learned to bow before getting the bread. 

Chloe – On the 8th of September, I made my First Eucharist. My family came to the Eucharist. I thought it was a very exciting day. I liked experiencing my First Eucharist. When you get the host and wine you go back and kneel  down. 

Isabelle W – First we prepared for our Eucharist. I learnt how to walk up to receive the host and wine. We prepared by learning about the Sacrament and practicing. On the day, when it was my turn, my parents put their hands on my shoulders. I had to bow before I received the host. I held my hands out, my left on top and my right underneath. The priest put the host in my hand, then I picked it up. I put the host in my mouth and made the sign of the cross. Then I had the wine. 

Ava – On Sunday 8th September, I made my First Eucharist. I have learned lots about Eucharist that I put my left hand underneath my right hand when receiving the host. My family came to celebrate and I made a banner that was hung up in the church for all the Eucharist masses.

Finnley – On Sunday September the 8th, most of the people from the Year 3 level and Tonny from 4 Blue were making their first Eucharist. Before that we practised singing the songs, practised how to receive the bread and wine. We also got to practice at mass and even got Eucharist home tasks. Until the day arrived. Mass went on for a long time. 

Charlotte – On the 8th I had a wonderful time making my first eucharist. I got to go up and receive a blessed host and sip the blessed wine. I felt a bit nervous at first but then got really excited and was ready to receive Jesus.

Ella D – On Sunday 8th September I made my First Eucharist. During class 3 Yellow joined 3 Blue, learned about Eucharist and practiced for it. We learned about the connection between Baptism and Eucharist. Now that I have made my Eucharist I feel more Holy and Catholic and now I am really welcomed into God’s Life.”

Elliott – On Sunday the 8th, I had my First Eucharist. When it was my turn, I felt very excited that I was making my first Eucharist. I remembered to make the sign of the cross and I had the wine, the blood of Jesus. We made First Eucharist banners that were hung in St Jude’s church which were displayed so everyone who goes into the church knows who was making their Eucharist. After I had a photo with my banner before we left the church.

Tia – On Monday after sport, 3 Blue and 3 Yellow started to learn all about eucharist. We learned that the second person before receiving eucharist has to bow. Also in our spare time we had to create a Eucharist banner. 

Ella G – Every Monday in Term 3, after lunch, 3 Yellow and 3 Blue learnt about the Sacraments of Initiation, though we focused mainly on Eucharist

Angel – When we prepared for the Eucharist we learned about how to receive the body and blood of Christ. We had home tasks about Baptism and Eucharist. We also learned about the sacraments of Initiation. The sacraments are Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation. Every Monday afternoon we would come together and prepare. In Mass there are 4 parts . The introductory rights, the liturgy of the word, The Liturgy of the EuchArist and the Concluding rites.

Curtis – On the day you need to have your dominant hand at the bottom and make a bowl shape. You need to bow when you are second in line. Then after receiving the bread you step to the side and do the sign of the cross, return to your seat and say a prayer.

Abigail – In class we have been learning how to receive the Sacrament of Eucharist. Some people received on Sunday 8th and others received on Sunday 15th of September. We completed two home tasks and completed a few practice runs to prepare. Everyone was dressed really nicely for this special time. Some people read and did a really good job. When we received, our parents came up with us. At the end of the Mass we all met our parents and family and went home.

Xavier – I learnt that after you receive the bread and wine you kneel and pray. Before you receive the host you need to bow. I also learnt that the Last Supper is connected to the Eucharist. In the Last Supper Jesus knew he was going to die and celebrated a meal with his disciples.

Ben – On Monday afternoon’s the Grade 3’s have been learning about Eucharist. I have learned that there are 4 parts of the mass. We gather, We listen, We Come and We leave. We did tasks at home too. 

Rebecca – In class we learned lots on Eucharist to participate. Although I wasn’t participating in the sacrament of Eucharist I still took part in practicing. We practiced holding the chalice and taking the host (the body of Christ). The wine (the blood of Christ) and praying straight after we had the blood and body of Christ. In practice we tried bowing before we were called up to have the wine and host. I found it interesting that Catholics believe the bread and wine is actually the body and blood of Christ. 

Jordan – In Term 3, on Mondays, the Year 3s and Tonny from Year 4 were preparing for the sacrament of eucharist. After lunch we practices For our Sunday Mass by practicing receiving the bread and wine. At Mass the students were wearing white and black. When the song about bread and wine played all of the First Eucharist students went to the middle aisle to receive their First Eucharist. Some were not drinking the wine because the parents choose not to let them.

Nathan – On Sunday 8th and 15th of September the year 3’s had Eucharist. Mrs Wahrenberger and Miss McGing gave us homework about why we have Godparents, what are the sacraments of Initiation and how Eucharist is connected to a family meal. We also had to make communion banners and they looked really good. All of that helped us a lot to make our First Eucharist.

Divyani – Eucharist is a Sacrament of Initiation. The teachers gave us home tasks to complete. We practiced how to hold and drink the wine from the chalice and how to receive the bread. Tonny (from Grade 4) was receiving his Eucharist too. We compared Baptism and Eucharist. We learnt about the parts of the Mass. I learnt that we had to bow before we receive the Eucharist.

Zeke – Each Monday in Term 3 the year 3 level and Tonny have been learning about the Sacrament of Eucharist. Eucharist is one of the three Sacraments of Initiation. We have had to complete a slide presentation about Eucharist and complete activities such as self reflections. I really enjoyed practicing for the Mass.

Tonny – On Sunday September the 8th I made my First Eucharist with the Year 3’s. We went to St Jude’s church. We learned about how we receive the body and blood. Every Monday we learned about the Sacrament of the Eucharist to practice.

What do the children play at recess and lunch time?

What do the children play at recess and lunch time?

For many students at HT and St. Mary’s is one of the most enjoyable times of the day is at recess and lunchtime. The students play lots of different games and have heaps of fun. Some of the activities the students choose to play include ball games such as basketball, footy, soccer and cricket. Other kids like to play on the adventure playground, swing on the monkey bars or play a game called Sharky. Sharky is like playing tiggy but you can only run on certain colours on the playground. Lots of children have also been skipping as part of our Jump Rope for Heart program and some of the younger students enjoy playing  a game where they sneak up on a chosen student who is facing the opposite direction. Overall, there is a lot of really fun activities taking place during recess and lunch time.

Here is a few pictures of the students in action ….

Our New Veggie Gardens

Our New Veggie Gardens

Recently, our Environment leaders have been working with Miss Hiscox on our school’s veggie gardens. We drew maps of where we would like plant different fruits, veggies and flowers and then discussed what was the most suitable options. On Wednesday 18th of September we got together with some students from the Prep and grade three level to weed, prepare the soil and plant our new garden.

Here are a few pictures of us at work …..

Digitech Sessions (The Ozobots have landed at HT!!!)

Digitech Sessions (The Ozobots have landed at HT!!!)

Over the last few weeks the students in Digitech have been learning to code using our Ozobots. An Ozobot in a small robot the responds to different colours – mainly red, green, blue and black. When you draw these codes together in different sequences it can make the Ozobot move in different ways. Some of our favourite moves so far have been the Nitro boost (fast speed), tornado (spin around) and backwalk (go backwards) and pause 3 seconds.

Our latest task requires the students to make the Ozobot do a series of moves including right and left turns, change speeds and do a ‘cool’ move such as the backwalk. Another task required the students to complete a bowling challenge where the Ozobot needed to knock over some bowling pins. These challenges  certainly got our brains going.

Here are the students in action during our Ozobot sessions ….

Special Italian/Performing Arts Prep afternoon

Special Italian/Performing Arts Prep afternoon

On Monday 16th September the Preps shared some of their learning with family and friends. It was a fun afternoon with lots of Italian singing, dancing and and making thumb puppets. It was a great opportunity for the students to showcase some of the things they have been learning in Italian. Viva L’Italiano!!


Art Show Preview Video 2019

Art Show Preview Video 2019

After our very successful art show night on Tuesday night here is the video that was put together by Signora Formichelli and some of our 5/6 students who not only performed in the video but put together the different components of the video. Enjoy!!!

Lego Lessons

Lego Lessons

In lego lessons this term the students in years 4, 5 and 6 have been learning how to build lots of different models such as  a moonwalking robot, a battle tank and a remote control car that can be coded with your Chromebook.

In these lessons we practise working together with in a group, following instructions carefully on a sheet and learning about some of the different forces used to make these models work.

Overall, Lego lessons are really fun and they teach you lots about some of the different machines we use in our lives.

Here are some of our students in action …..

Times Tables in Year 4

Times Tables in Year 4

In Year 4 this term we have been learning our times tables. One really fun way of helping us remember these facts is with with our class’s Tilly’s Tables Cards. What you do is you pick out a random card from the box and then you think of a rhyming word for the question eg.11 x 9 =99 so a rhyming word for this is “mighty whine.”  The rhyming words are really helpful because if you don’t know the times tables answer you can look at the rhyming words to work out the answer. On some of the cards there are jokes that can be pretty funny as well ….. (sometimes!).

Overall, the Year 4’s are really enjoying learning our tables with these cards and also love playing the games on them.

by Abbey and Ty

Almost show time ……

Almost show time ……

The excitement in the art room is building as the show looms nearer.

Two wonderful collaborative works are the beautiful interactive wings and the thumbprint turtle stool. Here’s a sneak peak at some of the work done so far towards these pieces.

Each student decorated a feather and these have been joined together to create two wings. Students will be able to stand between the wings and take a photo.


Today the art leaders coordinated each student in the school adding their thumbprint onto a piece of material we will use to create a cushion for the amazing Turtle stool Mr. Downey and Zander Downey built. Can’t wait to put it all together.

See you on Tuesday night  at the Art Show 😁


Father’s Day Celebration

Father’s Day Celebration

On Friday the 30th of August Holy Trinity and St. Mary’s celebrated Fathers Day. We began the day with our annual Father’s Day breakfast. It was great that all the dads to chat with their mates and the kids got to hang out with their dads (and play a bit as well).

Most dads got to eat a couple of sausages and had a cup coffee or tea. The kids also enjoyed the sausages and the juice. During the breakfast lots of families purchased tickets for the raffle with the master prize being a Google Mini.

After the breakfast many dads got to read with their children around the school during our Books and Blokes session.

We are also very lucky to have lots of great mums (including my mum) to organise lots of gifts for our Father’s Day stall. The children came into the stall with lots of money and excitement as they got to buy gifts for their wonderful dads.

Overall, the Father’s Day Celebrations were amazing!