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Lego Car Challenge

Lego Car Challenge

On Friday 3rd December Holy Trinity gathered around the school to view our Lego car travel around the school. Mrs. Whelan has been working with students from a variety of levels during lunchtimes over the last few weeks to build a cardboard track that could carry our Lego car. The track began in the Mini Space where the 5/6 classrooms are located and passed through the office area into the Great Space. The students gathered around the track in the Great Space cheering the car on as it passed through the 1 Blue classroom and outside to the asphalt area near the basketball court. Finally, the track took one final left hand turn and finished outside the Year 3 classrooms. The journey for the car was smooth even over the stairs until the finish line was in sight where the car took spill.  After a quick repair job the car took the last few metres to the cheers of the school and an impressive time of 3 minutes 17 seconds.

Thank you to Mrs. Whelan for organising this enjoyable activity and to all the wonderful helpers who gave up their time to work on the track over the last few weeks.

Here is the video of Friday’s Lego car challenge…..

Cyber Safety ‘Mind maps’

Cyber Safety ‘Mind maps’

During the past few Digitech sessions the students in Years 1 to 6 have been learning to use an online mind mapping program called Mindmup. Mind mapping is a visual way of setting out our learning where we put together similar ideas into groups much like we group our ideas into paragraphs or onto the same slide. Students enjoy the ability to use images to represent a phrase as well as to colour code the different topics that they use. Our Digitech mind maps demonstrated our cyber safety understanding that we have developed during remote learning.

I would like to say a massive THANK YOU to our wonderful parents who supported their children in learning to use this new program. I’m sure they learnt some new skills as well during our unit. This program will certainly be regularly used in classrooms in the years to come.

Here is a small representation of some of the impressive mind maps that have been created over the past few weeks.

Year 1/2’s Mind maps

Year 3/4’s Mind maps


Year 5/6’s Mind maps

Digitech ‘Draw Your Favourite Room’

Digitech ‘Draw Your Favourite Room’

Last week in Digitech the students used the Google Drawings application to draw their favourite rooms. They learnt about how to draw using the different shapes available in the program as well how to label and colour these shapes. There was a great variety of rooms drawn including bedrooms, games rooms, living rooms and one student even drew their shed. We noted the importance of not only drawing the different items in the room but labelling these as well.

I was very impressed with the standard of the drawings and I thank all the students (and their parents) for their hard work with completing these drawings.

Here is a small selection of the great pictures that were created of our favourite rooms ……

Prep Drawings

Year 1 Drawings

Year 2 Drawings

Year 3 Drawings

Year 4 Drawings

Year 5 Drawings

Year 6 Drawings

Minecraft Club

Minecraft Club

This year our Digitech Leaders have been running a Minecraft Club for students in Years 3, 4 and 5. Each Monday the Digitech leaders gather together in the Tech Lab to plan lessons that are engaging for the students and also give the Minecraft Club members some really good skills when navigating through different types of worlds that they will encounter when using Minecraft.  We try not to do too much talking when we are teaching to maximise students enjoyment time. It was really wonderful seeing all of the students having fun. Sometimes we organise different competitions in some of our Minecraft sessions where the winner gets to enjoy some free time with a friend in the tech lab on Monday whilst the Digitech leaders are planning our next session.

Once we return to school the Digitech leaders are planning to run an advanced Minecraft Club for interested students who either have been involved in a school Minecraft club in the past or play Minecraft outside of school. We have some ideas for the upcoming Minecraft Club sessions like Minecraft Club students vs Digitech leaders in a PVP and a parkour session which is like a ninja warrior course but in Minecraft. In addition, to our advanced club we will be also running a new Minecraft club for younger students and beginners.  

Mr. M and the Digitech leaders will be coming around to classes to tell everyone about these sessions. All interested students will have an opportunity to apply for either our advanced or beginner Minecraft sessions once we return to school.


Cyber Safety Show

Cyber Safety Show

Hi everyone,

There is a special ‘live’ cyber safety presentation by Martin McGauran who will be working with our students later on this term. Today’s presentation is aimed at the Prep to Year 2 students but anyone can attend and I’m sure you will be entertained by Marty and his puppet. The presentation begins at 12 pm and will last for approximately 40 minutes. All you need to do to join is click on the link below. Enjoy!!!!

Google Meet times

Google Meet times

Hi everyone,

Here is the Google Meet timetable for this week.

9:30 – 10 am – Preps

10.00 – 10:30 am – Year 1

10:30 – 11:00 am – Year 2 & 3

11.00 – 11:30 am- Recess

11:30 – 12.00 pm – Year 4

12.00 – 12:30 pm – Year 5

12:30 – 1:00 pm – Year 6

The post below this one provides everyone with  some further instructions on how to access Google Meets via their school Google account.

More information about the student’s home learning can be accessed via Class Dojo (Preps), Google Classroom and their emails.

We welcome any photos of the students during home learning. These can be sent to (for the school newsletter) and (for the school blog).

Good luck and we look forward to seeing everyone back at school soon.

Remote Learning 2021

Remote Learning 2021

Hi everyone,

I hope everyone in our community is keeping well and that we can all be back at school soon.

Whilst we are learning from home here are a few resources that may assist you with getting set up over the next few days.

This document shows you how to access the student’s learning via a variety of devices.

The following videos show you how to use Google Meet (some things have changed since our last remote learning).

Google Meet on a laptop or chromebook …..

Google Meet on a tablet or smart phone ….

Here are a few guidelines that students are reminded to keep during each Google Meet session. It is worth talking with your child/ren about these guidelines to ensure they understand how Google Meets will be conducted.

It is important that all Google Meet users are aware of the following guidelines ……..

  1. All Google Meet sessions should be conducted in an open and suitable area free from distractions (not in your bedroom). *Every meeting should have an adult nearby to help supervise the session.
  2. Keep your microphone on mute unless you have been asked to speak by your teacher (or host of the meeting). Raise your hand to speak like we would do in the classroom.
  3. If your device uses a camera then it must be left on throughout the entire meeting (even if you need to go out to get something).
  4. Only use the comments section of the meeting if you have been directed to do so by your teacher (or host of the meeting).
  5. Remember to wear suitable clothing for learning to your Google Meet (ie. no pyjamas). 
  6. Avoid constantly changing the background of your Google Meet. This can be very distracting for the other members in your meeting.
  7. All Google Meet sessions will be recorded and saved into the teacher’s Google Drives. These recordings may be used for future reference (eg. placed in the Google Classroom for students to refer to support their learning).

* Any user who fails to keep these Google Meet guidelines may be removed from the Google Meet for the remainder of the meeting.

Finally, sometimes technology does not always work the way it is supposed to work. If for some reason you have some ‘technical’ issues I would suggest to direct your focus to any non-technology based tasks until these issues can be resolved. Reading, practising counting skills or times tables facts, preparing for literature group circles or upcoming topic talks are some simple examples of non-technology based tasks that the students could work on during this time. As is skipping, jumping on the trampoline or kicking a ball just as worthwhile for everyone’s wellbeing. Please don’t hesitate to contact me at and I will try to work through any ‘technical’ issues over the coming days.

Thank you to everyone for your ongoing support and we look forward to seeing everyone back in person soon.

5/6 Students Posting on the School Blog

5/6 Students Posting on the School Blog

Recently in Digitech the Year 5 and 6 students learnt about how to create a post on the school blog. Posting on our school blog is a special responsibility given to the students in senior years of the school. It gives ‘us’ students an opportunity to share with the community about what happens in our school from a ‘kid’s perspective’. Each week students from grades 5 and 6 will post on the school blog about some of the learning and events taking place in our school.

Please keep coming back to our school blog each week to view some of the different posts created by our 5/6 students.

Lego Engineering Lessons

Lego Engineering Lessons

This term in Digitech the students in years 3 and 4 have been participating in our Lego Engineering Program. The program helps to develop the students’ skills and knowledge in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) whilst building a variety of models such as a catapult, racing car, pantograph and carousel. During these lessons we learn about some of the different forces that help these machines work and students work with a partner to follow a series of instructions in order to build the model. We also look for ways to innovate our designs to help them to go faster, safer or work  with greater accuracy.

These sessions will continue throughout this year with the students in years 5 and 6 participating in the program next term.

Here are some pictures of our students working during our Lego Engineering lessons.

Minecraft Club

Minecraft Club

Ever since our Year 6 Digitech leaders began their leadership roles they have really wanted to organise a Minecraft Club for the students in our school. Unfortunately, due to COVID we have been unable to conduct our Minecraft Club until this week.

Some students in Years 2, 3 and 4 have been given the opportunity to participate in our Minecraft Club where they are learning to use a variety of the tools and skills used in this program. This club takes place during lunchtimes on Wednesdays and Fridays. Our Minecraft Club will continue until the end of the year.

Next year we are hoping to continue our Minecraft Club with our new Digitech leaders as well as to begin a Minecraft Club with a new set of students.

A big thank you to our Year 6 Digitech leaders for all of their efforts in helping to get this club up and running for our students.

Here are a few of our students in action during a recent Minecraft Club session.

Prep Photography in Digitech

Prep Photography in Digitech

This term in Digitech the students have been working hard learning about taking different types of photos. Some of the different photos that they took included a full body photo, head and shoulders, background, action, selfie and group shot. They then put these into a Google Doc and uses some of the features in this program to create a poster.

Everyone (students, parents and even the Digitech teacher) learnt a lot  of new skills during this unit and I am very thankful to everyone for their wonderful support.

Here are a selection of a few of Prep Blue’s posters …….

Google Meet Timetable

Google Meet Timetable

Welcome back everyone to term 3 and to remote learning 2.0. I hope everyone had an enjoyable school holiday break and are refreshed for another great term of learning.

Below is the Google Meet Timetable for classes (including Specialist Google Meets). As you will notice the times for class Google Meets should be the same each day.

There is also a specialist Google Meet time for each class during the week where you will to some learning with the Specialist teachers at the allocated time. It is important to remember that no matter what specialist lesson you have it will always be the same code, You will also stay on your Google Meet throughout the session and your specialist teachers will swap over half way through the session. Most class teachers will explain how to access their specialist Google Meet but here is a quick summary …..

6 Yellow & 6 Blue enter the code …… year6
5 Yellow & 5 Blue enter the code …… year5
4 Yellow & 4 Blue enter the code …… year4
3 Yellow & 3 Blue enter the code …… year3
2 Yellow & 2 Blue enter the code …… year2
1 Yellow & 1 Blue enter the code …… year1
Prep Blue enter the code ……  prepb
Prep Yellow enter the code ……  prepy
Below is video explaining how to access Google Meets – both class and specialist meets.
Minecraft Club for the Students in Years 2 and 3!

Minecraft Club for the Students in Years 2 and 3!

The Grade 6 Digitech leaders leaders have some exciting news for students in Year 2 and 3.

We will be helping to run a Minecraft Club for students in Grade 2s and 3s (who haven’t participated before). We have been working hard in lunchtime sessions to help set things up and I am sure the students who participate in these sessions will learn lots of new skills as well as having a lot of fun.

Information for our new Minecraft club will be sent out in a letter shortly after the holidays.

Online Typing Programs

Online Typing Programs

Currently, with a higher focus on using devices to help support our learning from home the ability to be able to efficiently type the correct letters on the keyboard is a skill that all students need more than ever. All students have the opportunity to participate in an online learning program.

The Prep students are encouraged to use BBC typing. This can be accessed from the Student Portal or be clicking on the following link Students don’t need any logon details to access this program but the program.

The students in year 1 to 3 use typing tournament. The students again access this from the Student Portal and the students have their own logon details on the computer cards. In this program the students undertake a series of different ‘missions.’ Once the student completes these missions they get the chance to sit a typing test where the aim is to type as accurately as possible at a certain speed limit (wpm or words per minute). Once the student reaches this goal they get a picture on their map and go to the next level.

There are a number of students doing amazing things in this program but one class worth noting is 3 Blue who are coming along well in their touch typing skills.  As you can see many students who are progressing through the levels as evidenced with the ticks.

Here are a few of our Prep and Year 1 students developing their touch typing skills during our term 1 Digitech sessions ……

The students in years 4 to 6 practise their touch typing skills using which again can be accessed from the Student Portal.  The students use the Login with Google option when logging into this program. In this program the students use a combination of accuracy and speed to progress through the levels. This was the achievements of a couple of our great touch typers using this program recently ….

Developing our keyboarding skills is necessary skill for all students growing up in the 21st Century, I would encourage all students to spend even 5 to 10 minutes a day developing their touch typing skills by participating in one of these engaging programs. They will reap the benefits of this practise in the future.

Overall, I would like to thank everyone for their hard work during our home learning program and look forward to seeing your happy faces when we return soon.

Keep up the great typing!

Google Meet Timetable & Demo Video (using the app)

Google Meet Timetable & Demo Video (using the app)

Hi everyone,

Here is this week’s Google Meet timetable for whole class sessions.

In addition to whole class Google Meets some students may have smaller group sessions as well and may be asked to use the Google Meet app to enter their session. If you are asked to enter a special code or meeting name you may need to check in your emails for what the code is. This video may assist you with how to use the Google Meet app to do this ……

How to Update your Google Chrome Browser

How to Update your Google Chrome Browser

Hi everyone,

The way our school Google accounts functions is mainly set up from the Holy Trinity Google Admin. Functions such as password resetting, enabling particular apps to work or ensuring that the battery life of the device is maximised by making sure it is only used during school hours are functions that our Google Admin has set up.

Below is a video that you and your children should watch to ensure that everyone knows how to make the Google Chrome properly update itself and take on the functions set up by the school. This is particularly useful for laptops and Chromebooks.

The best way to ensure that your device works to the its full potential is to shut it down each day because by doing this it not only gets to rest but will also update and take on any new settings.

How to Access Google Meet

How to Access Google Meet

Hi everyone,

Here is a short video with how your child can access Google Meet sessions from their Google Classroom. All whole class sessions (except the Prep Level) will be eventually accessed from the Google Classroom via the link on the page.

Thanks to Mrs. Wahrenberger for putting this informative video together.

Welcome to Week 2 of our Home Learning Program

Welcome to Week 2 of our Home Learning Program

Hi families,

I hope everyone had a restful weekend and are ready for another big week of learning. Hopefully, a couple of these might bring a smile to your face as you prepare for another week of learning from home.

Below this post is each year level’s lesson structure for this week. As you get started for this week ahead please keep in mind to allow time to be active. Below this post is one from Mrs. Harrison about a great little activity you can do with your family when outside enjoying the beautiful autumn sun. Please feel free to share any photos or videos of these activities with Mrs. Harrison at I will also put together a photo gallery of some of your activities so if you would like to also share these with me at I will endeavour to upload these photos onto the school blog.

Thank you and enjoy week two of our home learning program.