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Google Meet times

Google Meet times

Hi everyone,

Here is the Google Meet timetable for this week.

9:30 – 10 am – Preps

10.00 – 10:30 am – Year 1

10:30 – 11:00 am – Year 2 & 3

11.00 – 11:30 am- Recess

11:30 – 12.00 pm – Year 4

12.00 – 12:30 pm – Year 5

12:30 – 1:00 pm – Year 6

The post below this one provides everyone with  some further instructions on how to access Google Meets via their school Google account.

More information about the student’s home learning can be accessed via Class Dojo (Preps), Google Classroom and their emails.

We welcome any photos of the students during home learning. These can be sent to (for the school newsletter) and (for the school blog).

Good luck and we look forward to seeing everyone back at school soon.

Holy Trinity Prayer Service

Holy Trinity Prayer Service

Sunday May 30 is the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity, also known as Trinity Sunday.

Teachers will share remote learning activities with students to do that focuses on Holy Trinity.

Below is a Holy Trinity Prayer Service that families may like to pray together.

Remote Learning 2021

Remote Learning 2021

Hi everyone,

I hope everyone in our community is keeping well and that we can all be back at school soon.

Whilst we are learning from home here are a few resources that may assist you with getting set up over the next few days.

This document shows you how to access the student’s learning via a variety of devices.

The following videos show you how to use Google Meet (some things have changed since our last remote learning).

Google Meet on a laptop or chromebook …..

Google Meet on a tablet or smart phone ….

Here are a few guidelines that students are reminded to keep during each Google Meet session. It is worth talking with your child/ren about these guidelines to ensure they understand how Google Meets will be conducted.

It is important that all Google Meet users are aware of the following guidelines ……..

  1. All Google Meet sessions should be conducted in an open and suitable area free from distractions (not in your bedroom). *Every meeting should have an adult nearby to help supervise the session.
  2. Keep your microphone on mute unless you have been asked to speak by your teacher (or host of the meeting). Raise your hand to speak like we would do in the classroom.
  3. If your device uses a camera then it must be left on throughout the entire meeting (even if you need to go out to get something).
  4. Only use the comments section of the meeting if you have been directed to do so by your teacher (or host of the meeting).
  5. Remember to wear suitable clothing for learning to your Google Meet (ie. no pyjamas). 
  6. Avoid constantly changing the background of your Google Meet. This can be very distracting for the other members in your meeting.
  7. All Google Meet sessions will be recorded and saved into the teacher’s Google Drives. These recordings may be used for future reference (eg. placed in the Google Classroom for students to refer to support their learning).

* Any user who fails to keep these Google Meet guidelines may be removed from the Google Meet for the remainder of the meeting.

Finally, sometimes technology does not always work the way it is supposed to work. If for some reason you have some ‘technical’ issues I would suggest to direct your focus to any non-technology based tasks until these issues can be resolved. Reading, practising counting skills or times tables facts, preparing for literature group circles or upcoming topic talks are some simple examples of non-technology based tasks that the students could work on during this time. As is skipping, jumping on the trampoline or kicking a ball just as worthwhile for everyone’s wellbeing. Please don’t hesitate to contact me at and I will try to work through any ‘technical’ issues over the coming days.

Thank you to everyone for your ongoing support and we look forward to seeing everyone back in person soon.

Chemistry Science in Year 6

Chemistry Science in Year 6

This term the year 6’s have been learning about chemistry science. In one of the most recent experiments we tested out how a tablet dissolved in different water of different temperatures. In this experiment we placed a tablet into glasses that had cold, room temperature and hot water.

We discovered that the fastest time for the tablet to fully dissolve was when it was placed in the hot water.

Here are some photos from our tablet experiment.

Give me some space!

Give me some space!

On Wednesday the 19th of May each class at Holy Trinity stopped to enjoy a short story read by an astronaut in outer space! It was really cool how people from all around the world joined in this amazing experience.

Here is a link to the world wide simultaneous reading session.

Everyone enjoyed the experience and the story was quite cool too!

Here is the Year 4’s in action (thanks to Mrs C for sharing this great poster) …..

Andrew Chinn Concert

Andrew Chinn Concert

All students had an amazing day today working with Andrew Chinn in year groups throughout the day, and then finishing with a whole school concert.

Andrew is a singer songwriter of liturgical music, and we use a lot of his music for our Masses and liturgies here at school.

Many thanks to Andrew for allowing us to record the concert so that we could share it with our community. I know that many students are really excited about sharing this video with families so that they can show off their talents to you…

House Cross Country

House Cross Country

On Friday 7 May the kids from years 3 to 6 participated in a house cross country at Egan Lee Reserve. Everyone did really well considering that it was a warm day. In PE lessons everyone had been preparing for weeks and many students were was really nervous.

The year 3’s and 4’s had to run 2km which was 2 laps around the track and the year 5’s and 6’s had to run 3km which was 3 laps around the track.

Some of the results were:

From year 3 Luke W got 1st for the boys and June got 1st for the girls.

From year 4 Darcy won it for the boys and Eden won it for the girls.

From year 5 Nathan won it for the boys and Ella D won it for the girls.

From year 6 Luke A won it for the boys and Sunny won it for the girls.

Sixty students will represent our school at the district country on 28th May.

Thank you to Mr D for organising the day very well and to all our wonderful parent helpers that assisted with running the event.

Here are some photos taken by our wonderful parent and teacher helpers from our recent cross country event……

Cross Country Photos Doc.

First Eucharist 2021

First Eucharist 2021

Over the last couple weekends students from year 4 and a couple from grade 5 and 6 have celebrated their first Eucharist at St Jude’s Church. Eucharist is one of the three sacraments of initiation which are important steps in the journey to becoming a full member of the Catholic Church (Baptism and Confirmation are the other two sacraments of initiation).  Eucharist is when you receive the bread (Body of Christ) from the priest reminding us of when Jesus shared the last supper with the Disciples. With such an important occasion it was natural that many students were nervous about receiving the host for the first time but were happy once they had the ceremony was completed.

Many students had their families come along to the First Eucharist Mass to support them during this very special event. Afterwards many families had a celebration to recognise this important occasion.

Here are a few photos from some of the recent first Eucharist masses.

Taster Day at Mater Christi

Taster Day at Mater Christi

Yesterday (18.5.21) all the year 4 and 5 girls went to Mater Christi in Belgrave for a taster day. A taster day is when students from primary school visit a secondary school to have some kind of experience of what it is like to go to high school. Some of the activities we had a chance to try were: Science, Monopoly and Sport. Monopoly was a bit different from the board game because we got to explore the different parts of the school and answer questions about these places.

What we did:

  1. – First we entered Mater Christi
  2. – Next we played Monopoly and explored the school
  3. – After that we had recess
  4. – Then we had P.E. We played Popcorn and Golden child
  5.  – After we had Science ( it was my favourite )
  6. Next we got show bags that had; crayons and pencils.

We are very thankful to Mater Christi for the chance to experience what it is like to go to secondary school.

Here are some pictures taken from Mater Christi …..

We had an amazing time at Mater Christi. It was a lot of fun to have experience of  High School.

Taster Day at St. Josephs

Taster Day at St. Josephs

Yesterday (18/5/21) the students in years four and five had a Taster Day at secondary school. A Taster Day is an opportunity when primary students can experience what it is like at high school, as they are choosing which high school to go to. The boys were lucky enough to go to St. Joseph’s in Ferntree Gully and had heaps of fun completing activities.

There were 4 different activities were drama, science, music and sport.  My group got to do drama first and I was very excited when I won the first two rounds of the first game.  Afterwards, my group did science and wow …… that explosion was huge!!!! We were amazed by what science could do.

We also go to experience what a recess is like by having snack and brain food.

We are all very thankful to St. Joseph’s for the chance to be part of the secondary school taster day.

Here are some photos from our day at St. Joseph’s ……

Spoiling our Mums at HT for Mother’s Day

Spoiling our Mums at HT for Mother’s Day

Last Friday (7th May) Holy Trinity celebrated Mother’s Day by having a Devonshire Tea and Mothers Day stall.

All the kids had a blast choosing out what their mums would like at the Mother’s Day stall and everybody loved the candles. In fact the candles sold out in the first 5 minutes!

The Devonshire Tea is a new part of our Mother’s day celebrations but one of the most fun things that we did. Scones with jam and cream were served together with a hot drink for the mums (and grandmothers) and a juice for the children and everyone commented about how nice the scones were. All the mums loved spending some extra time with their children and the kids loved showing their mum’s some of their learning at school.

Thank you to Mrs. Whelan for her fantastic cooking and to all the staff who helped to make this a special celebration for our wonderful mums.

Year 3 and 5 Naplan

Year 3 and 5 Naplan

Last week the students in year 3 and 5 participated in Naplan beginning on the 11th of May and ending on 13th of May. Naplan stands for National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy is a combination of four tests ranging from language conventions to mathematics. Tuesday is the day when everyone did two tests (writing and language conventions which is testing our understanding of spelling, punctuation and grammar). On Wednesday the students participated in a reading test and on Thursday we did a numeracy test. The aim of Naplan is to help students to understand where they are up to with their learning and and where they need help. Sometimes students can get a bit ‘stressed out’ about Naplan but my advice to all people who are doing Naplan now or in the future is to not to get worried by the whole Naplan business. You can just remind yourself that Naplan is just like any other normal test we do in class. I also highly recommend that you don’t talk to your classmates during the tests as this may look like you are talking about the test questions.

After Naplan was completed we all felt much better and look forward to doing lots of other fun learning in class.

School Assembly – Term 2 Week 4

School Assembly – Term 2 Week 4

Hi everyone,

Here is the link to today’s school assembly which is the first time we had done a ‘live stream’ of this event. We will continue to stream our Friday assemblies each fortnight particularly for those in our community who are unable to come into HT in person. We will continue to develop this stream (particularly the video and sound quality) over the coming assemblies.

Enjoy and thank you for your ongoing support!

Extraordinary Year 5 Artists

Extraordinary Year 5 Artists

The Year 5Y artists created amazing Owl Artworks using Charcoal. I’m so proud of them for not judging their work and committing to finish each effort. Sometimes we surprise ourselves and I think they were surprised by their extraordinary owl artworks.



Last term I placed a picture of the Mona Lisa on my classroom door. I waited all term for someone to notice that there was something a little different about this Mona Lisa. Finally on the very last day of term 1 Thomas in 6 Yellow said “Signora is that you?!!” Well done to Thomas you are our winner for finally noticing that it was Signora’s face on the Mona Lisa painting! Bravo!



Hello everyone! We are looking for donations of items for this year’s ‘Festa di Carnevale’ whole school production. Please have a look at the list below and if you can help in any way please email me and let me know ASAP:

Red tutu skirts: for Preps x 9

Vests:  to fit grade 6 boys any colour x 6

Bright coloured neon or fluorescent fabric/tops/skirts: etc…. (80’s look items.)

Baby onesies – sizes 2-4: x 6

A box will be left at the front office for all donations. 

Grazie Signora Formichelli