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Month: October 2020

Assembly, Term 4, Week 4

Assembly, Term 4, Week 4

Welcome to this week’s virtual assembly.

Congratulations to all of our award winners this week, fantastic effort and some great achievements. Keep up the great work girls and boys.

Special thank you to Mrs Thompson who finishes her pre service teacher placement with us today – we wish you all the very best.

Have a safe extra long weekend everyone.

Book Week Activities

Book Week Activities

As part of Book Week the students shared their favourite books with their classmates. They have decorated a spoon for spoonville to represent one of their favourite book characters. The Prep children have designed their own original book covers. Classes have listened to some of the shortlisted books and completed some class activities reflecting on the stories.



Garden Club News

Garden Club News

Wow! Look at the garden now!

Thanks to all the children that have come and helped over the past two weeks! The garden is starting to look A LOT better! Also a big thank you to Mrs Clarke for helping out! Hopefully we can start planting some summer veggies very soon!

Magic Beach

Magic Beach

This morning, Prep Yellow read Magic Beach by Alison Lester. The kids love how Alison used her imagination in the story. The Preps then used their imaginations to create their own magic beach. They are looking forward to writing about their magic beach next too!

Here are some things the Preps said to describe their Magic Beach –

Aarav: “At my Magic Beach I am so happy I am saying YES because I am at the beach! The sun is making all the air hot and is going on the people.”

Haveen: “On the Magic Beach, the people at the beach play with the sandcastles and they imagine there is a dragon and then a knight comes and saves the castle!”

Phillip: “On my Magic Beach there is a purple starfish!”

Remy: “At my Magic Beach there is an asteroid and a kraken, a big octopus. The asteroid hit the kraken so he won’t take over the beach!”

Evie: “On my Magic Beach, Ana and Elsa are going in the dark sea to see the ship!”

Oliver T: “On my Magic Beach there is Koffing, Gyrados and a crazy monster. Gropede is also on my magic beach! Also on my magic beach there is a giant leg which is filled with traps!” 

Zara Eg: “On my Magic Beach there is a little girl named Willow. She swam in the ocean with my dad. On my Magic Beach you can see a rainbow and raindrops and some colourful waves!”

Zara Ev: “On my Magic Beach there is real sand, calm water and really fierce water. There is a really bright sun and an octopus with lots and lots of tentacles. There is also a green jellyfish and a great white shark!”

Patrick:“On my Magic Beach there is the beach, the sky, the sun and the clouds. There is a moon that comes and goes!”

Angelina:“On my Magic Beach there is the sun and the water and some sand. I love swimming at my Magic Beach.”

Ria: “On Sunday I went to my Magic Beach and I saw sparkling water and a bright sun. And I saw squishy land! I also saw fluffy clouds.”

Caitlin: “At my magic beach there’s a superhero. There’s some fish and a shark in the deep, blue water. There is a big castle! There are some shells in the water. There is a girl tasting marshmallows on the bonfire.”

Avery: “On my Magic Beach, there are shells. There are decorations because a mermaid is having a party! There are waves in the sky and there is a purple sea!”

Aarjav: “My Magic Beach has blue water and the sky has blue water too! My neighbours are on the magic beach and going in the cold water!” 

Moses: “On my Magic Beach, a water volcano erupted. Then there was a star on top of my water volcano!”

Bastian: “On my Magic Beach there are golden and silver nets that will catch a shark. There are rainbows on my magic beach too!”

Asha: “On my Magic Beach, I have a pink sun, it’s going down. I have a blue sky and water and my family at the beach.”  

Madelyn: “On my Magic Beach I make sand castles. The sun is very hot so that is why we went to the beach.” 

Phillip: “On my Magic Beach I see a starfish on the beach. And I see a jellyfish. The water is really cold! 

Oliver W: “My Magic Beach is fluffy. It is fluffy treasure! On my Magic Beach there is lava!”


Assembly, Term 4, Week 2

Assembly, Term 4, Week 2

Such an exciting week for everyone…students excited about being back with their friends, teachers excited about seeing students face to face…and parents, we could hear some sighs of relief as you drove off on Monday morning.

Well done for a successful first week back.

Congratulations to all of our award winners this week.

Mrs Harrison has put all the results of the first ever Holy Trinity “At Home Olympics” into a slideshow for you to look through and find the results for your year level. Fantastic effort from everyone who participated. A big thank you to Mrs Harrison for putting this idea together and collating all of the results.

Garden Club News

Garden Club News

Garden Club News

It’s nice to see the echeverias and alyssum flowering!

The children and I planted the echeverias from cuttings and the alyssum were grown from seeds.

We also have a lot of weeds growing  and vegetables that have gone to seed. 

So that means we have a lot of work to do over the coming weeks if we are to grow some Summer vegetables!  I need a lot of helpers to come and help! Garden Club happens every Friday afternoon at lunchtime and we have a lot of fun and it’s very rewarding to see the plants and flowers growing! 

Weeds, weeds and more weeds!

Lots of silverbeets ready to harvest and the potatoes are growing well!

We’ll know the potatoes are ready to harvest when the leaves die off.

This kale has gone to seed. I wonder if the flowers are edible?
This is the alyssum the children planted as seeds.