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Month: July 2018

Suessical the Musical

Suessical the Musical

Wow what a musical! On Wednesday the 25th of July the Year 4 students were lucky enough to travel to the Whitehorse Arts Centre to see the Emmaus production of ‘Suessical’ the musical, and what a fantastic day it was. It was fun, engaging and had lots of energy.

Here are some quotes from the students…

“ The dances were very well done- The wickersham brothers in particular were fantastic. Lucas Faundez was fantastic”

“Cat in the hat was a fantastic character to watch, very engaging and funny. The fortnight/flossing dance was my highlight!”

“The energy from the chorus made the show!  Very powerful voices from the principal actors”

“The costumes were excellent”

Although the students missed their lunch break, all agreed it was worth it to see the amazing and talented performers!

Author Visit, Adrian Beck

Author Visit, Adrian Beck

Yesterday our Yr 1 to 6 students and staff were excited about listening to author, Adrian Beck. He shared his experiences as an author and the inspiration that has influenced his writing ideas. We all found it humorous that he tried to convince us of the similarities between soccer legend, David Beckham and him. However as it turned out, it was no surprise that the only similarities were that they both share a surname that kind of sounds the same. Adrian’s visit was a fabulous success. He had the whole crowd laughing, listening and learning. Adrian also took the time to autograph students’ personalised copies of his books. It was such a great experience for the students that no doubt they will remember. A big thank you to our Librarian, Vivian Taylor who organised this event.

5/6’s Planetarium Incursion

5/6’s Planetarium Incursion

On Monday the 16th of July the 5/6 students had a space incursion where we learnt about the planets and stars. We all went into a huge inflatable cave in the MPR that looked a bit like a jumping castle but it wasn’t for jumping on.

We learned that Jupiter has lots of moons and with some being named after Galileo Galilei who was the first to see them. We also learnt that the first planet that you will see outside at night is Mercury. It often appears just after 7 o’clock but Mercury will also be the first one to disappear out of the sky. There are many star formations to look out for in the sky such as the Scorpion and the Southern Cross. 

There have been many space missions to the moon but recently people have not been as interested in flying there. Now there is a new competition called Google Lunar X where space companies are trying to build up more interest in going into space again. Part of this competition is trying to make space travel more sustainable for the future.

Related image

Back To The Moon For Good is a video related to the Google Lunar X Prize.

 Image result for back to the moon for good

Here is a video link that teaches more about this mission……

Back To The Moon For Good 

Fun in the art room

Fun in the art room

The students have started Term Three in the art room enthusiastically. 

Grade Prep students enjoyed  the wonderful story ‘Rudie Nudie’ and then made bathtime paintings.

Grade One and Two studemts have started a unit on Drawing and showed real improvement in their drawing skills as well as learning how to rule straight lines using a ruler.

The Grade Three and Four students continued their Paper Skills unit and folded, fringed and curled paper. Look out for some awesome art work coming soon!

The Grade Five students showed enthusiasm and persistence as they learnt to Crochet this week. We will be continuing to master this skill in the weeks ahead as we get ready to Yarn bomb the Vintage bike in the Vege Garden.

The Grade Three and Four Special Artist Group began planning their designs for the terracotta pots they will be painting.

The Grade Five and Six Special Artist group began creating their designs for a mural in the Harmony Garden.

What a productive and wonderful week in the Art Room, sorry there are no photos we were too flat out working to take any 😂