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Friendship Groups

Friendship Groups

Last Friday (19 February) all classes began participating in Friendship Group activities for this year. Friendship Groups is where a mix of students from Prep to Year gather together with their Friendship Group teacher to learn about our TORCH values. Unfortunately, due to COVID restrictions with not mixing students between different levels too much we are not participating in these activities in our Friendship Groups but instead in our own classes.

This year, Miss Humphris, our Wellbeing leader is working with the Friendship Leaders to be make videos to explain the activities that each class will do in their group. Last Friday’s activity was based around the theme of Belonging where we worked on the TORCH values of Optimism and Confidence. During the session we played a game called the Ah Umm game where students needed to talk about a topic for as long as they can without saying ah or um. We also  did an activity during this session where we brainstormed what four words meant about four different topics based around the theme of belonging and write what they mean to you.

Overall, it was nice to begin Friendship Groups particularly as we are helping with the activities and we hope to be able to gather together in our mixed groups soon.

Here are some pictures of two of the different activities we completed.