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Month: April 2021

Easter Picnic

Easter Picnic

At the end of last term, Holy Trinity and St. Mary’s had a very exciting Easter Picnic. It was a great opportunity for many of our families to return to our school for a community event for the first time since COVID.  Lots of fun activities took place including a crazy hat parade, a ‘guess the number of cotton balls in the container’ and an Easter egg hunt. There was plenty of great food for us including a sausage sizzle, gelati truck, donuts as well as a few Easter eggs once we completed the Easter egg hunt. It was wonderful to see so many happy faces and it showed how much our community enjoys gathering for special events like this.

Thank you to our wonderful Parents’ Association who came up with this new event and for their hard work in putting the Easter Picnic together.

Here are a few photos from the Easter Picnic.

District Athletics

District Athletics

On Tuesday 27th April, a group of students from years 3 to 6 were chosen to represent Holy Trinity and St. Mary’s at the district athletics carnival. Our school competed against different schools in the Scoresby District at the Knox Athletics track.. Students were chosen to represent HT & St. Mary’s based on who came first or second during our school athletics day last term.

Some of the highlights of the district athletics competition were the performances of June (800m), Darcy (800m), Amelia F (1500m), Amelia W (shot put), Nathan (200m), Sunny (800m) with many, many more.

Amazingly, we had 17 students who came first or second in their selected events (A Division). These students qualified to compete at the next level where they will represent the Scoresby District at the Division Athletics Competition.

Overall, HT & St. Mary’s came fifth in the Scoresby District which is a a credit to everyone’s hard work.

Overall, Mr. D was very proud of the HT team in their wonderful efforts and particularly the outstanding encouragement they displayed towards both HT students and other competitors.



At Monday’s Assembly we celebrated Anzac Day. Anzac Day is a very special day where we remember all the people that fought and died for the freedom that we have in Australia.

Our Anzac Day ceremony was very special where we prayed for the sacrifices that our have soldiers made, we listened to the Ode, Reveille and the National Anthem, and followed the one minute silence out of respect for those that have served for our country.

Here is the video of our ceremony from Monday:

Narratives in 5 Blue

Narratives in 5 Blue

This term in 5 Blue has been learning about narrative writing and how to make it interesting for audiences of different ages.  Some of us are even publishing our stories for kinder kids and preps!

Mr B has taught us about using an engaging start, having a dramatic problem and a cracking ending to leave the reader wanting more.

Some of the topics we have written about so far include a big fight in a high school, a magic pool, kids that get sent to Jupiter and a Magic Tree that has a wormhole to a whole new land.

The following chart helps to keep everyone on track during our writing sessions and well as to inform Mr. B where each student in up to.

Overall, we are very excited to publish our narratives and we are hoping to put some of our narratives on the school blog in the coming weeks.

Here are some photo of us at work!

Year 1/2 Learning in action …..

Year 1/2 Learning in action …..

In the 1/2 level at the moment the students have been working really hard on their reading skills. The focus is on reading with fluency where the students read in class for 20 minutes each day as well as choosing ‘good fit books’ that use the five finger rule. The five finger rule involves the students choosing books that are not too easy or too hard.

In addition, the 1/2 students have been developing their understanding of spelling sounds, 2D shapes in Maths as well as learning about the Easter season.

Here are the 1/2 students hard at work …..

School Production 2021 – Festa di Carnevale!

School Production 2021 – Festa di Carnevale!

It with great excitement that I share with you the theme for this year’s whole school production! Our production will be all about Carnevale time in Venice! At this stage the production will be in term 3 on Thursday 9th September at Crossways – more information will be available in term 3 once we know more with regards to numbers at the venue etc..

Last term the grade 5 and 6 students had the opportunity to audition for a main role in the production – the auditions were absolutely fantastic! The production committee will be announcing the main characters very soon!

The grade 5’s theme for the production will be ‘Magia’ – Magic! They will be particpating in magic workshops with Tim Mason from the Melbourne Magic Academy. Their first workshop was on Friday 23rd April. The students had so much fun and are very much looking forward to learning some magic tricks.

Check out the video below:

Ciao a presto!

Signora Formichelli

Easter Resurrection Alleluia Prayer Service 2021

Easter Resurrection Alleluia Prayer Service 2021

As a School Community we celebrated the Easter Resurrection with Fr Mark. Easter is too important to last only one day. Over the next few weeks we will continue to celebrate the Season of Easter. The Easter Season is celebrated in the Church for fifty days, until Pentecost Sunday.

We celebrate because Jesus rose from the dead. As the people of God we have been saved and have this new life given to us through the dying and rising of Jesus at Easter. Jesus is risen and he is with the Church, to teach and guide us until the end of time. Join joyfully in the world’s ‘Alleluia’ by praying with your family.


Year 4 Camp

Year 4 Camp

This week the year 4’s went on a sunny and hot camp to ADANAC which is located in Yarra Junction in Victoria. ADANAC has lots of wonderful activities for the students to enjoy including the giant waterslide, trampolines, canoeing on the lake, flying fox, hut building, volleyball and a low ropes course.

ADANAC is suitable for all ages and provides yummy meals for all. At camp the year four students got to enjoy ice-cream, burgers, hot jam donuts, cake and pizza as well as cereal, toast, fruit and salad. At night time the students got to go on a night walk as well as toasting some marshmallows around a campfire.

Overall, the year 4 camp sounded like so much fun and I bet they got the students had a great night sleep when they got home.

Here are a few pics from the Year 4 camp…..

Prep Learning

Prep Learning

This term has been a very exciting one for our Prep students as they settle into school. They have learnt lots of new topics including understanding their letters and sounds in words, and counting and understanding all about numbers to 10.

The Preps have also enjoyed learning about data and graphs in Maths, learning the sign of the cross and school prayer in RE and learning some Auslan with Miss Lucy.

Even though the Preps have learnt so much new in class sometimes the biggest learning for them is on the playground with their friends with support of their wonderful year six buddies.

Overall, the Preps have settled into school really nicely and have enjoyed their first term at HT.

Here is our wonderful Preps in action ……

TORCH Bearer Assembly, Term 1 2021

TORCH Bearer Assembly, Term 1 2021

Welcome to our end of term assembly.

Congratulations to our SRC members who were presented with their badges at assembly this morning.

We also presented the TORCH Bearer of the term awards to students who have demonstrated the TORCH values in everything that they do at school.

We also had some special Easter colouring prizes to present to Amaya and Jackson who placed 1st and 2nd in Mr Nick Wakeling’s colouring in competition.

Well done to all families for a successful term of learning. I hope that everyone has a Blessed Easter and a restful school holiday break.

Looking forward to seeing everyone back next term.

Mr Downie

Year 5 Government Incursion

Year 5 Government Incursion

Last Thursday, the year five students were lucky enough to have some special guests from the Victorian Parliament visit us as part of our Government unit for Inquiry.

During this session we revised what we had learnt about the three levels of Government (local, state and federal), the process for laws are made and we even got to reenact how laws are made in Parliament.

The best part of our incursion was when we got to decide on different laws by yelling out ‘”YAY” or “NEIGH”! We thank the teachers for organising this incursion and for our special presenters from Parliament for coming to HT to teach us about the different parts of our Government.

Here are a few pictures from the incursion.

Persuasive Writing Year 5

Persuasive Writing Year 5

In year 5 this term we have been learning about writing persuasive pieces, We have been focusing on organising our arguments into paragraphs, using statistics to help strengthen our arguments and using emotive phrases such as ‘I was mortified to realise that’ or ‘it was absolutely ridiculous that’ to help make our writing sound more powerful. The standard of our writing has really developed during this term which should be helpful for our NAPLAN writing in May.

Here is an example of our persuasive writing for this term ……

Stations of the Cross~ Prayer Service

Stations of the Cross~ Prayer Service

Today’s Prayer Service, focusses on the Stations of the Cross. We come together to remember the story of Jesus’ last few days. We know that while this is a very sad story, it has a wonderful ending – Jesus’ Resurrection.

During our prayer today, we can take time to think about our own lives, how we can treat others better and try to live like Jesus.

Today’s Response is:- You gave up your life to save us