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Month: July 2022

We Are Australian – 2022 Art Show

We Are Australian – 2022 Art Show

Here are some of the excited faces you will see at the 2022 Art Show – We Are Australian.
The clever artists at Holy Trinity and St Mary’s used red, white, yellow and black paint to create their own unique skin colour.
They used this painted paper to create a portrait of themselves.
I can’t wait to display these at the art show.



2 Yellow have recently started a new mindfulness activity this past few weeks called Zentangles. It allows the students to calmly draw patterns, practice focusing and taking their time. The students have enjoyed this activity, particularly towards the end of the day when we all need some quiet time. Take a look at some of their amazing patterns.


HT School Song!

HT School Song!

It is my great pleasure to share with the school community our very own school song! The song was written by a group of amazingly talented students. I am so proud of each and every one of them for all the time and effort that went into putting this together. In 2021 these students had the opportunity to be part of a lunchtime Performing Arts club. During these sessions they did some singing and songwriting workshops. During the singing workshops they learnt about different singing techniques and breathing techniques. During the songwriting workshops they learnt about how to structure a song and write song lyrics. We decided to write a song about our fantastic school! 

The students worked in small groups and brainstormed ideas for our song lyrics. They also had a go at coming up with different melodies  for the song. Once we were happy with the lyrics and the melody, the students were lucky to have Jordan Glanville, a professional musician and sound engineer, make the music into a real song. I was hoping that we could go to a professional recording studio to record our song – unfortunately because of COVID we had to put these ideas on hold. 

In 2022 we continued to work on our song and even though we didn’t get to go to a real recording studio, with the help of my very patient husband – we set up our own recording studio here at school! Check out the music video that we created!!

What a wonderful tribute to our amazing school!

Josie Formichelli

Italian/Performing Arts Teacher

Prep Blue Palaeontologists

Prep Blue Palaeontologists

This week Prep Blue is learning about the unit “length” for Maths. So they spent the afternoon today being  palaeontologists looking for dinosaur fossils around the room(oh yeah! we found lots!!!!). They searched, they measured them using their fossil rulers, recorded them on a sheet and of course coloured them at the end.

Holy Trinity and St Mary’s Art Show 2022

Holy Trinity and St Mary’s Art Show 2022

Exciting times in the Art room this term as we begin to get creative in preparation for our
2022 Art show

‘We are Australian’

Opening night is Tuesday 6th of September. There will be a parent wine and cheese on before the show begins, more details about that will follow shortly.

The show will also be open for viewing on Wednesday 7th September 830-9am and 3.30- 4pm Thursday 8th September 830-9am

its going to be a wonderful community event so please keep the dates free.

The amazing Holy Trinity and St Mary’s artists have begun working on a variety of Here’s  a few sneak peeks at some of their work.


Solar System Projects Have Begun in Yr 5!!

Solar System Projects Have Begun in Yr 5!!

This Term the Year 5 students are learning all about the Solar System. One of the learning tasks is to create a model of the Solar System. The student were very excited to begin creating their Solar System projects this afternoon. They will continue to work on their projects at school next week and we are looking forward to the finished result.