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NBL Players Come to HT!

NBL Players Come to HT!

On Wednesday the 10th of August, players from the South East Melbourne Phoenix NBL club came to HT. This visit was part of an RRRR incursion for the 5/6 students about managing emotions and feelings. The Phoenix players included Dane Pineau, Ryan Broekoff and Kyle Adnam who came to HT to talk to us about how they deal with the stresses of being professional basketballers as well as taking some time to play games with us on the basketball court. One of the highlights of the visit was that students could bring items for the players to sign. These items have become extra special now that they are autographed by famous NBL players and I’m sure the students will treasure forever.

Here are some photos from our recent NBL visit.

Year 6 Smart Generation Webinar- T-shirt Design

Year 6 Smart Generation Webinar- T-shirt Design

On Tuesday the 9th of November, the Year 6s held a Webinar about why we shouldn’t drink alcohol at a young age and why we should drink responsibly when at highschool parties or hangouts etc. In Art, we had to design a shirt to wear at the webinar. We voted on which design would be made into a shirt, there were many amazing designs. My design was chosen and it was made into the shirt that we wore in the webinar. A HUGE thank you to Mrs Laming for helping us with the design.

We had to incorporate a slogan into our design, the slogan was “First you take a drink, and then the drink takes you.” so I put a big cross around a silhouetto of a bottle of alcohol, and inside the red X I wrote the slogan. I had a great time learning throughout this program.

Written by Abbey

Smart Generation

Smart Generation

Smart Generation- Year 6 Webinar. 

Back in Term 1, the Year 6 level participated in a unit called Smart Generation organised by the EACH program. We learnt about the impact alcohol can have on young bodies. Over this unit we also learnt about the brain sustainability and when our brain fully grows. This topic was supposed to last only 1 term but ended up lasting all four terms due to the Covid-19 lockdown.

We participated in role positions to act in a scenario of what could happen when there is peer pressure. We also made a slogan which was “First you take a drink and then the drink takes you” and we designed a logo which was voted on by our Year 6 level. Our Year 6 level created a Webinar to show our parents what we have learnt about Smart Generation and to show them our reflection videos from online learning. We spent a couple of days practicing our readings and presentation and when the day came it was a huge success! 

We learnt a lot of things that could help us in the future and now we know what the responsible thing to do in situations that involve alcohol. A HUGE thank you to Mrs Smith, Mr D, Miss Tubby, Mrs Laming, and Mrs Johnson for all their efforts in teaching us this unit. Also, thank you to Mrs Whelan and Deborah from EACH for allowing us this amazing opportunity. 

Written by Luke, Sunny and Lara