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The Emmaus Production

The Emmaus Production

Earlier this term the students in years 4 and 5 were lucky enough to attend the production of Anastasia at Monash University performed by the students of Emmaus Collage,

So many of our students were amazed by the costumes, the lights, the storyline. Overall most of us thought the Production was amazing and the cast were brilliant!

This is what a couple of our year 5 students thought ….

Alexa: The production was amazing they did so quick with the dressing and did really well with the singing/lines.

Ethan: Amazing, no mistakes, clean and auto was very good.

We thank Emmaus College for the opportunity to attend the Anastasia Production and many of us will aspire to perform in productions like this in the future.

Mater Christi and St Joseph’s Taster Day!

Mater Christi and St Joseph’s Taster Day!

It was a very exciting day for our year 4 students last Tuesday (30th of August) as they had an opportunity to go to secondary school for a special taster day.  This was a chance for the year 4 students to learn about what life is like at high school as the girls attended Mater Christi College, Belgrave and the boys went to St Joseph’s College, Ferntree Gully.

At Mater Christi the girls made some slime with rubbing alcohol in a science lesson and they learnt how to open a padlock which will be a skill they will need to use when using their lockers in secondary school.

At St Joseph’s the boys made elephant toothpaste and tested out a Tesla coil as part of their science lesson and they  tried out some of the musical instruments which is part of the music program at St. Joes. A few boys commented about the size of a ‘real life’ grand piano.

This is what the students thought about their experience of their secondary school taster day ….

“It was very fun, entertaining and I really like the sport activity.” Liam

“It was an amazing experience and the girls were happy to have us into their community.” Madison

“I liked the science lab and St. Joes was very spacious” Chavez

“It was really fun and the students and teachers were really nice. It was great to see all the art there.” Bella F

“I liked the canteen and indoor basketball court.There as a lot of varieties of musical instruments there.” Sam

Overall, the year 4 students really enjoyed their experience at St. Joseph’s and Mater Christi and are very thankful to the schools for this wonderful opportunity.

Here are a few photos from the day ….



ICAS has begun and is well underway with students in years 3-6 completing the English assessment today and Writing and Digital Technologies last week.  The ICAS assessments will take place every Tuesday for the next 2 weeks. The assessments in the coming weeks will include Spelling Bee, Science and Mathematics. These are fantastic assessment opportunities which allow learners to challenge themselves and be recognised for their academic efforts.

3/4 Hoop Time

3/4 Hoop Time

On the 28th of July, all of the 3/4 students went on a very cool excursion to the State Basketball Centre to participate in the Knox Hoop Time Competition. The students from Holy Trinity and St. Mary’s competed against teams from Mountain Gate and Knox Park Primary schools.

For many students this was the first time they had participated in a competitive basketball match.

This is what a few students thought of the 3/4 Hoop Time day ….

Grace: “I thought the day was very fun and it was nice to come first with my team.”

James: “I  thought it was an amazing day (even better than I thought I would be).”

Hamish: ” It was exciting to be able to play against other schools and I thank Mr. D for organising this for the 3/4 students.”

Charlotte: “Everyone really enjoyed the day and I had a lot of fun playing the games against other teams.”

Holy Trinity had a very successful day winning both the All Star boys and girls competition as well as the Future Star boys and girls taking out the titles in their competitions. More importantly, it was great to see how so many students gained so much confidence as they played more games and how everyone displayed the TORCH values throughout the day.  Overall, the 3/4 Hoop Time was very cool for all the students.

We would like to say a big thank you to all our wonderful parents who volunteered their time with coaching and scoring during the day. Also, another thank you goes to Mr. D for all of his organising of this day and for the 3/4 staff who assisted on the day.

Here are a few photos from 3/4 Hoop Time day.



On Friday the 27th of May, the 3/4’s and 5/6’s participated in a downball competition. The team from Downball Australia came to HT to teach us the game including giving us some expert tips and we all learned how to play officially play downball (old school edition).  It was a very fun day where we were able to have a epic grand final for each year level.

Congrats to the winners who were Brody, Sam, Joshua, Sean, Matthew, and Elliott.

Here is a video from our day ……

Written by Angel and Finn

District Cross Country

District Cross Country

On Wednesday, May 25,  a group of students from Years 3 to 6 were selected to represent HT and St. Mary’s at the District Cross Country around Knox Athletics Centre. These students were the ones that were in the top places from our school cross country races in March.

The students in Years 3 and 4 were required to run 2km and the students in Years 5 and 6 ran 3km. As always it was a tough event but HT & St. Mary’s performed very well.

These are the students that qualified for the next level of Cross Country representation …..

Luke W, James W, Wyatt C, Lachlan G, Liam D, Jackson R, Brodie R, June B, Grace S, James G, Avery W, Olivia H (Years 3 & 4) Darcy B, Oliver W, James G, Eden W, Amelia F, ( Ella D, Nathan P, Abbey G, Mya D, (Years 5 & 6)

Overall, Holy Trinity came first at the District Cross Country which is an awesome result and a credit to everyone for their hard work.

Here are a few photos from our the event ……

3/4 Minecraft Club

3/4 Minecraft Club

This term our Digitech leaders have started up a new Minecraft Club for the students in years 3 & 4. Minecraft Club takes place each Wednesday at lunchtimes in the Tech Lab. The Digitech leaders have been preparing for our Minecraft Club sessions since early last term during our weekly Digitech meetings. So far during our Minecraft lessons we have run a Keyboard shortcuts and mouse controlling session and a maze race session where we practised different command controls. This week we are practising our ability to collect different resources through a group build challenge. Building teamwork is an important skill in Minecraft and one that we didn’t plan for before we began taking these sessions. In the future we are planning to have everyone participate in a Minecraft Athletics event where the students will compete against each other in different Minecraft challenges. All the students appear to be really enjoying the sessions with smiles on their faces and there is great excitement in the Tech Lab every Wednesday. Next term we are planning a Minecraft Club for the students in year 2 and possibly year 1.

Here are a couple of photos of the Minecraft Club in action recently …..

District Athletics

District Athletics

On Tuesday 3 May students from years 4 to 6 were chosen to represent Holy Trinity at Scoresby District Athletics Carnival. The students chosen had done well at our school athletics event in March.

It was a really successful day with everyone not only doing their best but also setting a high standard in our behaviour and the way we conduct ourselves. Some special achievements included Mia and Nathan winning the age champion overall for their age groups and overall 25 students made it through to the next level at the Division Athletics which will take place in October.

Overall, HT came 3rd out of the 8 schools.

Here are a few photos from our District Athletics recently …..

Year 4 Lego Sessions

Year 4 Lego Sessions

Today our year four classes began with the Lego Engineering program. This program helps to develop the students’ skills and knowledge in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) whilst building a variety of models. Today we built a Ferris Wheel where we learnt about the importance of creating some rides in an amusement park that can be enjoyed by everyone (rather than just those that enjoy really fast rides). We learnt how to make our models go faster or slower according to the size of the driving and passenger wheels. Overall, it looked like we had a lot of fun whilst learning about how a Ferris Wheel works.

Here are some of our groups with their models …..

Camp News by 4 Blue

Camp News by 4 Blue


During our stay at Adanac we were served some delicious and healthy food. We got to sit next to our friends in the dining room and enjoy meals with them. Once we sat down, each table was called up one by one to serve themselves. Teachers were also there to help us. On the first day for afternoon tea we had homemade MnM cookies which were extraordinary! For dinner we had pasta bolognese and ice-cream sundaes for dessert. For breakfast the next day, we had a continental breakfast which included toast, porridge, cereal and juices. We ate yummy jam donuts for morning tea and our last meal was a healthy wrap with AFC (Adanac Fried Chicken).

Vienna & Gloria


A big part of camp was going to bed in our cabins. For some people, this was challenging as this was the first time they have been away from home. But eventually we all got some sleep. We learnt how to cope being away from our parents and sleeping in different beds.

Alex & Bella B

Flying Fox

One of the highlights during camp was the flying fox. The flying fox was a very long zipline that was above the hill and part of Adanac lake. As you flew down the zipline a rush of exhilaration passed through everyone! We learnt that flying foxes are not as scary as they seem and can be exciting, fun and enjoyable.

Charlotte, Grace, Madi & Alyssa

The Waterslide

Adanac had a giant waterslide that was 110m long. It was really fast, slippery and super fun to slide down. We had to wrap a blue mat around us to stop us from getting hurt or slipping off.  The waterslide had extremely cold water running down it which gave everyone a tiny shock which was very funny. The slide led into Adanac lake where we ‘ended up’ making BIG splashes!

Joshua, Luke & Chavez


Canoeing was one of the most enjoyable activities during camp. It was AMAZING, INTERESTING and FABULOUS! After learning about safety and how to canoe, we played a game called ‘Shark and Seal’ which was so much fun. We got to practice how to steer the canoe with our partners and raced each other at the end. Canoeing looks hard but is actually really easy.

Charlotte, Grace, Madi & Alyssa

Hut building

One of the activities where we had to work together was Hut building. We have to find branches to build a waterproof hut. It was very fun and exciting. After our hut was complete, we all had to go inside and the teachers had to pour a whole bucket of water inside the hut to check if they were waterproof. Our favourite part was trying to find the right branches and watching people get soaked!

Ezekiel & Kayden

Ga Ga Ball

Ga Ga Ball was one of the free time games we played at camp that included everyone. It gave everyone a chance to have a go and try something new. The idea of the game is to stand inside an arena and use your hands to hit a ball and try to get them out. The ball must hit the body below the knees. The winner of the game is the last person left in the arena untouched by the ball. Ga Ga Ball was an entertaining game because when you’re out you get to watch and learn other techniques from the students still playing.

Chris & Tom

Low Ropes

During the Low Ropes course at Adanac, we had to do a Ninja Warrior obstacle. Our first obstacle was walking on a tightrope holding onto a green rope and the last obstacle was balancing on a tightrope holding onto a blue rope. You had to pull yourself back to make the rope stiff for easier balancing. We also had spotters on our left and right sides just in case we fell over. This was a great experience where we got to practise our balancing skills and as well as learning to trust others.

James, Owen & Sam

Free time activities

During our free time at camp, there are a lot of activities that we could do. These included playing foosball, cage soccer, table tennis, Ga-Ga ball basketball, jumping on trampolines and mindful colouring in. 

Brianna & Yvonne

Campfire & Night walk

After our delicious dinner on the first night, we went on a night walk with our torches which was led by Mr Kumar. During the night walk some people saw possums and heard animal noises which might have been ‘Fred’ – the famous vegetarian crocodile at Adanac. After the night walk, we had a campfire, roasted some marshmallows and sang ‘Kumbaya, My Lord’.  After the campfire, most people felt tired, sleepy and worn out after such a fun-filled day, so we went back to our cabins and got ready for bed.

Alex & Bella B    


Year 4 Camp- Adanac

Year 4 Camp- Adanac

On Tuesday morning, we had a few nervous students (& parents) before the Year 4s headed off to Camp Adanac. The Yr 4s had an amazing first day- canoeing, hut building, low ropes course, water slide, flying fox, night walk & toasting marshmallows over the campfire. We all (eventually) got a good night’s sleep. This morning after packing our bags, we get to do it all again before heading home. We can’t wait to tell you about all the fun things we have done on camp.

Year 4 Campers are on their way …..

Year 4 Campers are on their way …..

This morning our year 4 students had an extra ‘spring’ in their step as they were departed for ADANAC camp in the Yarra Junction. This is our year 4 students’ first school camp away and they will be spending two days and one night away together.  The students will get an opportunity to participate in a range of fun activities, eat some yummy food and share lots of great times together.

We will try to update families about how they are going whilst the year 4 students are away.

Here is a few pictures taken from this morning before the students departed for ADANAC …..

Fantastic Feathered Friends -3 Blue

Fantastic Feathered Friends -3 Blue

These amazing Grade 3 artists designed and created these fabulous birds. The brief was the bird had to sit, fly or stand and they definitely nailed it. 

I was so proud of the skills they developed and their persistence when faced with difficulties. Well done everyone.

House Cross Country 2022

House Cross Country 2022

On Friday 18th of March all students from Prep to Year 6 participated in our annual House Cross Country event at Egan Lee Reserve.

This year we had a number of firsts including the students in Prep to Year 2 having an opportunity to participate in the event for the first time and the event taking place in term one (it usually happens in term two).

Mr. D had measured out a one kilometre circuit for everyone to follow which began on the training soccer fields and followed a track around the back of the main soccer field before returning back to the starting line again. Each class has been preparing for our cross country during their PE sessions this term.

Our Prep to Year 2 students completed one lap of this circuit (1km) whilst the 3/4 students completed two laps and the 5/6 students completed 3 laps.

Our District Cross Country team is chosen from the students who compete in our cross country and usually include students from Years 4, 5 and 6.

Thank you Mr D for organizing amazing fun day and thank you to our wonderful parent helpers and staff for assisting with the running event. Everyone overall did amazing and it was great to see everyone doing their best to keep active.

Here are the results of the students who came first in their Years 3 to 6.

Year 3’s: Jackson & Avery

Year 4’s: Luke & June

Year 5’s: Eden & Darcy

Year 6’s: Ella D & Nathan

Here are some photos from the day ……

House Athletics Day

House Athletics Day

On Monday the 7th of March all the students in Grades 3 to 6 went to Ringwood Athletics track to compete in our annual house athletics day.

Everyone had been practising for the different events during our PE lessons and many have been practising during recess and lunch times as well as in their own time.

The house captains arrived early at the athletics track at 8:30am to help Mr D with setting up.

Once everyone arrived we began our first event of the day which was the 800m (or two laps around the track). It was amazing how many students competed in this difficult event and there were some amazing achievements as the girls and boys competed against the other students in their year level.

After the 800m races students rotated around the different track and field events in their year level groups. The track and field events that the students competed in were shot put, discus, high jump, long jump, triple jump, hurdles, 200m and 100 m sprint.  As they competed in the different events they earned points for their house – Mackay (Blue),  MacKillop (Green), Dominic (Red) and Bunurong (Gold).

After many amazing performances our overall age champions for the day were ……

Year 3 – Jackson R and Emily W

Year 4 – June B and Luke W

Year 5 – Darcy B and Elizabeth Y and Eden W

Year 6 – Abbey G and Nathan P

The winning house was Bunurong (Gold) House followed by Dominic (Red), MacKillop (Green) and Mackay (Blue).

Thank you to Mr. D, Mrs. Patmore and all of our fantastic parent and teacher helpers for helping to make this such a special day for the students.

Here are some pictures of our students in action during the day ……

District Swimming

District Swimming

On Tuesday 22nd February, selected students from Year 3 to Year 6 were chosen to represent Holy Trinity & St. Mary’s at the Scoresby District Swimming carnival at Kilsyth Centenary Swimming Pool. This was after students had been participated in some swimming trials at Knox Leisureworks swimming pool over the past two Tuesday mornings.

Our school also had some big achievements including Wyatt who got first in 1st in freestyle, 1st in the 4 by 50m freestyle relay and 2nd in backstroke. He swam so well that he also was awarded age group champion for 9/10 boys which is a massive achievement. Some of the other year 4 winners were Liam who won his freestyle race, June and Grace who both came 2nd in breaststroke. June, Charlotte, Grace and Liam also helped to win the freestyle relay for the year 4 students. Hamish W also did a great job with coming first in his backstroke race for the Year 3’s.

The Year 5 students also had some really strong performances with some of our winners being Darcy who came 3rd in freestyle, Tyler G who won his backstroke and came 3rd in breastroke and Cara G who came 2nd in breaststroke. Chantal, Zac, Maddie, Eden and Siana also has strong results in their chosen events. In Year 6’s Zeke swam a great race to come 1st in butterfly and Belle was impressive with coming 3rd in backstroke. Mia got 3rd in freestyle, Ella D and Lucas got 1st in their breastroke races and Matt got 3rd in backstroke. Jordan and James also swam well to round off a great day for our swim team.

We had other students who may not have earned a ribbon in their race but still contributed to our school’s overall result with earning points in their race.

Overall, as a result of our fantastic efforts Holy Trinity & St. Mary’s were able to achieve 2nd place which is an amazing effort. Congrats to everyone for their participation and hard work!

Overall, it was all heaps of fun and everyone did a great job at consistently displaying the TORCH values whilst representing our school.

P-4 Swimming

P-4 Swimming

The students in Prep to Year 4 are very excited at the moment because this Friday they will all be starting our school swimming program at Swimworld Aquatic Centre in Glen Waverley. Each Friday in term one the Prep to Year 4 students will dressed in their PE uniform (students wear their swimming costumes underneath their uniform) and they will bring everything they will need to be able to swim including their goggles, towel and a bag to carry their wet clothes in afterwards.

Each year level has a set time to catch the bus from school, participate in their swimming lesson and then catch the bus back to school after the lesson. The first students to leave are the year 4s who will depart school at about 9.10 am and the final students (Preps) will return to school at about 1.15 pm.

I spoke to a couple of year three students about their thoughts with the upcoming swimming  lessons and they said that they will looking forward to practising how to dive, learning the different strokes such as freestyle and backstroke and also all the fun safety activities you do such as treading water with extra clothes on. 

We will keep you posted with our swimming lessons over the next few weeks.



Welcome back everyone!

We are so excited to have everyone back at school, all together again. All the staff were so happy to see all your smiling faces this morning. The bubbles were a big hit and it was great to see everyone using their bubble wands on the playground and oval.