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Author: Caroline Laming

Fantastic Feathered Friends -3 Blue

Fantastic Feathered Friends -3 Blue

These amazing Grade 3 artists designed and created these fabulous birds. The brief was the bird had to sit, fly or stand and they definitely nailed it. 

I was so proud of the skills they developed and their persistence when faced with difficulties. Well done everyone.

Amazing artists create Beautiful Birds

Amazing artists create Beautiful Birds

Grade 3 and 4 artists have been learning a variety of paper construction skills over the last few weeks.
This week they designed and created their own original birds. 
They solved problems as they encountered them by trying different things or asking someone for help.

I am very proud of them and they were proud of themselves. Well done everyone.

Believe in your dreams and work hard

Believe in your dreams and work hard

Grade One and Two artists learnt about Mae Jemisen who dreamt of being an astronaut, she believed in her dream and worked hard and she achieved her goal.
The clever artists drew a self portrait of themselves floating about in space.

Students also shared their dreams for the future, there were a few dreaming of being Art teachers.😊

You be You in 2022

You be You in 2022

Students in the art room began the year by contributing to a whole school art display ‘You be You’. They used paper, pastels or clay to create their own original fish.
After reading the story  ‘You be You’ by Linda Kranz students discussed what this would look like, sound like and feel like at school.
They shared some really thoughtful insights.

Be confident enough to be yourself

Stay  true to yourself

Be your own best friend

Stand up for things you believe in no matter what others say

Enjoy the things you like doing

Here’s a snapshot of the wonderful, colourful fish they created.
Well done to all the Awesome Artists

Merry Christmas -Prep Santa’s

Merry Christmas -Prep Santa’s

That’s a wrap from the art room.
Thank you to all our wonderful students for participating in Art Remote Learning Lessons when you could. I loved seeing the art works you created at home. I have loved being back in the art room and we have had fun with paint and other materials.

Have a wonderful holiday everyone

Congratulations Amazing Artists

Congratulations Amazing Artists

The following students have had their art work accepted to be exhibited at the Catholic Education Melbourne Visual Art Exhibition in 2022.  So proud of everyone in the art room its incredibly difficult to choose just five pieces to submit for consideration.

Oscar -Year 2 

Love is all Around 

Nathan -Yesr 5 

The Annoyed Owl

Nicky -Year 4 

Contrasting Colours. Self Portrait

Maddy -Year 4 

Rainbow Valley

Victoria -Year 4

The colourful Snail



576 Victoria Parade, East Melbourne

Dates of the exhibition

15th-18th March 9am-4pm

17th and 18th 9am-7pm

19th March 11am-4pm

Eric Carl Inspired artworks -Grade 4

Eric Carl Inspired artworks -Grade 4

We are so happy to be in the art room and finishing off some awesome work we started months ago.

The students painted A3 paper creating patterns and textures using cardboard shapes. They made one from warm colours and one from cool colours. This week they created an artwork  using collage and the painted paper.

You can see from the end results how committed to completing these the students were, I’m very proud of them for their focus and enthusiasm.