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Andrew Chinn Concert

Andrew Chinn Concert

All students had an amazing day today working with Andrew Chinn in year groups throughout the day, and then finishing with a whole school concert.

Andrew is a singer songwriter of liturgical music, and we use a lot of his music for our Masses and liturgies here at school.

Many thanks to Andrew for allowing us to record the concert so that we could share it with our community. I know that many students are really excited about sharing this video with families so that they can show off their talents to you…

First Eucharist 2021

First Eucharist 2021

Over the last couple weekends students from year 4 and a couple from grade 5 and 6 have celebrated their first Eucharist at St Jude’s Church. Eucharist is one of the three sacraments of initiation which are important steps in the journey to becoming a full member of the Catholic Church (Baptism and Confirmation are the other two sacraments of initiation).  Eucharist is when you receive the bread (Body of Christ) from the priest reminding us of when Jesus shared the last supper with the Disciples. With such an important occasion it was natural that many students were nervous about receiving the host for the first time but were happy once they had the ceremony was completed.

Many students had their families come along to the First Eucharist Mass to support them during this very special event. Afterwards many families had a celebration to recognise this important occasion.

Here are a few photos from some of the recent first Eucharist masses.

Easter Picnic

Easter Picnic

At the end of last term, Holy Trinity and St. Mary’s had a very exciting Easter Picnic. It was a great opportunity for many of our families to return to our school for a community event for the first time since COVID.  Lots of fun activities took place including a crazy hat parade, a ‘guess the number of cotton balls in the container’ and an Easter egg hunt. There was plenty of great food for us including a sausage sizzle, gelati truck, donuts as well as a few Easter eggs once we completed the Easter egg hunt. It was wonderful to see so many happy faces and it showed how much our community enjoys gathering for special events like this.

Thank you to our wonderful Parents’ Association who came up with this new event and for their hard work in putting the Easter Picnic together.

Here are a few photos from the Easter Picnic.

End of Year School Mass

End of Year School Mass

Today (Friday 11th December) the HT and St. Mary’s community gathered as a community to remember the 2020 school year. It was the first time we had gathered together as a whole school community since term one and due to COVD regulations we celebrated this mass outside on the basketball court. It was also an opportunity for many of us to meet our new parish priest, Fr. Mark, who joined the St. Jude’s community during our second lockdown. It was a lovely opportunity to reflect on 2020 and Fr. Mark taught us about the similarities between our experiences with COVID and the major disease faced in Jesus time called leprosy.

Thanks for Fr. Mark, Mr. Harvie and all the staff and students for helping to make today’s mass such a special celebration.

Here are a few photos taken during today’s celebration.

Eucharist – Chalice & Host Activity

Eucharist – Chalice & Host Activity

Last week the Grade 3 students got creative for their Eucharist activity. They were asked to create a 3D chalice and host using what they could find around their house. The Grade 3’s could use items they already had available or could create their own using anything they liked including, cloths, leaves, dry pasta, playdough, paper, etc.

Mrs Wahrenberger and Miss McGing were so proud of the effort that was put in and wanted to share some of these creations with everyone.

Anzac Day Celebration

Anzac Day Celebration

Hi everyone.

This weekend we are celebrating Anzac Day (25 April). Anzac Day is a time when we take some time to remember the people who have served our country. Here is a slide show that we would like to take the time to explore with your family.

Happy Anzac Day everyone!

Ash Wednesday Mass

Ash Wednesday Mass

Last Wednesday 26th February Holy Trinity and St. Mary’s celebrated Ash Wednesday by gathering together in the Community Hall for Mass. During this celebration Fr. Longinus and the other teachers placed Ashes on the foreheads of all students as a symbol of a new start.

Ash Wednesday is the beginning of the season of Lent which is a time leading up to Easter where all Christians decide to make changes to their lives as a way to turn back to God. Christians do this in three main ways …..

  1. Prayer – through trying to pray to God regularly.
  2. Almsgiving (giving to the poor – at HT we do this by donating to Caritas)
  3. Fasting – by giving up certain foods such as red meat on days such as Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.

By doing these things we are preparing for the special celebration at the end of Lent called Easter.

Here are a few photos from our Ash Wednesday Mass last week …..


Year 1/2 Mission Prayer Service

Year 1/2 Mission Prayer Service

This afternoon, the Year 1’s and 2’s had a Prayer Service celebrating Mission month. Mission month celebrates being a community and doing good things together. Thank you to all the parents that came to celebrate with us, as well as all the students that did readings.


2019 Sacrament of Eucharist

2019 Sacrament of Eucharist

On Sunday September 8th and Sunday September 15th the Year 3 students, Tonny (from Year 4) and several Parish Catechist students celebrated their First Eucharist Sacrament with their families.

Liam – On  Sunday September 15th most year 3 students and Tonny went to celebrate the sacrament ofFirst Eucharist. First we all sat down. Shortly after that the mass started. Father started to do some prayers. Then there was some readings. After that Miss McGing tapped my shoulder so I went up to receive the host and wine. Then I went back to my seat. Then the mass finished. That night I had a family dinner. 

Mia – I received my First Holy Communion on the 15th of September. Receiving the eucharist is fun because you become one step closer to God. I learned that your parents put your hands on your shoulder. We made a banner and decorated it. I did the First Reading of the mass. Each Monday the Year 3’s were getting together and got ready for the sacrament by learning about it’s importance.

Isabelle C – We all prepared for this very important and special Sacrament of Initiation for weeks and weeks. We made banners and tried the bread and wine for the first time during our Family Faith Night. Then we celebrated the Sacrament at two Sunday Masses. I participated in the first Mass and my family was very proud of me. In fact they brought the family to a restaurant and we had lots of fun.

Mya – On Sunday the 8th of September I celebrated my First Eucharist. To prepare we had hometasks. The first task that we had was about Godparents and Baptism. About the mass I learned that on the day your parents put their hands on your shoulders. I had a reading in the mas. A Lot of people from my family were there which made it feel more special. I only had the host and didn’t have the wine. The sacrament was really fun and I can’t wait for more.

Isaac –  On Sunday September the 8th, I had my First Eucharist. To prepare for the sacrament we had homework about Godparents and baptism, Connections between Baptism and Eucharist, Sacraments of Initiation and we even created our own Eucharist banner. On Monday’s we would get together and do work about the sacrament of the Eucharist.

Bailee – On Sunday, 15th September Year 3s celebrated their First Eucharist. When we preparing for the Sacrament we got some homework such as why do we have godparents?. In the past few weeks I have learnt to bow before receiving the host, kneel and pray after receiving the wine and to say “Amen” when Father says “Body of Christ”.

Abbey – On Sunday 8th September I received my First Eucharist. The Year 3s prepared with home tasks like why we have godparents and what is a Sacrament of Initiation. We also created First Eucharist banners. We had a workshop night too. We learned about the story of Feeding the Five Thousand and had a taste of the bread and wine. When it was time for my First Eucharist my mum and dad came with me. I received the bread and the wine.

James – The Grade 3 Level and Tonny prepared for Eucharist by doing some home tasks and completing a slide presentation. We spent Monday afternoon together working hard to learn about Eucharist and the Mass. I was nervous when I got there because I had a long reading. I was happy when I made my Eucharist.

Jacob – The Grade 3 Level and Tonny from Grade 4 celebrated their First Eucharist with family members. We made a Eucharist banner to display in the church. All of us did a slide presentation. My family came to my First Eucharist. When we had the bread and wine we had to put our writing hand under our other hand.

Leonardo – On Sunday  8th of September it was my First Eucharist. I learned how to receive communion. 3 Blue and 3 Yellow and Tonny from 4 Blue learned about Eucharist on Monday afternoons. I recieved the host and the wine.

Poppy – On my First Communion we had to listen to Father and went to Father and before we take the bread and the wine and went back to our seats and we make a prayer. Then we sang song sounds and that was done. We went to the restaurant to have a meal together. I learned to bow before getting the bread. 

Chloe – On the 8th of September, I made my First Eucharist. My family came to the Eucharist. I thought it was a very exciting day. I liked experiencing my First Eucharist. When you get the host and wine you go back and kneel  down. 

Isabelle W – First we prepared for our Eucharist. I learnt how to walk up to receive the host and wine. We prepared by learning about the Sacrament and practicing. On the day, when it was my turn, my parents put their hands on my shoulders. I had to bow before I received the host. I held my hands out, my left on top and my right underneath. The priest put the host in my hand, then I picked it up. I put the host in my mouth and made the sign of the cross. Then I had the wine. 

Ava – On Sunday 8th September, I made my First Eucharist. I have learned lots about Eucharist that I put my left hand underneath my right hand when receiving the host. My family came to celebrate and I made a banner that was hung up in the church for all the Eucharist masses.

Finnley – On Sunday September the 8th, most of the people from the Year 3 level and Tonny from 4 Blue were making their first Eucharist. Before that we practised singing the songs, practised how to receive the bread and wine. We also got to practice at mass and even got Eucharist home tasks. Until the day arrived. Mass went on for a long time. 

Charlotte – On the 8th I had a wonderful time making my first eucharist. I got to go up and receive a blessed host and sip the blessed wine. I felt a bit nervous at first but then got really excited and was ready to receive Jesus.

Ella D – On Sunday 8th September I made my First Eucharist. During class 3 Yellow joined 3 Blue, learned about Eucharist and practiced for it. We learned about the connection between Baptism and Eucharist. Now that I have made my Eucharist I feel more Holy and Catholic and now I am really welcomed into God’s Life.”

Elliott – On Sunday the 8th, I had my First Eucharist. When it was my turn, I felt very excited that I was making my first Eucharist. I remembered to make the sign of the cross and I had the wine, the blood of Jesus. We made First Eucharist banners that were hung in St Jude’s church which were displayed so everyone who goes into the church knows who was making their Eucharist. After I had a photo with my banner before we left the church.

Tia – On Monday after sport, 3 Blue and 3 Yellow started to learn all about eucharist. We learned that the second person before receiving eucharist has to bow. Also in our spare time we had to create a Eucharist banner. 

Ella G – Every Monday in Term 3, after lunch, 3 Yellow and 3 Blue learnt about the Sacraments of Initiation, though we focused mainly on Eucharist

Angel – When we prepared for the Eucharist we learned about how to receive the body and blood of Christ. We had home tasks about Baptism and Eucharist. We also learned about the sacraments of Initiation. The sacraments are Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation. Every Monday afternoon we would come together and prepare. In Mass there are 4 parts . The introductory rights, the liturgy of the word, The Liturgy of the EuchArist and the Concluding rites.

Curtis – On the day you need to have your dominant hand at the bottom and make a bowl shape. You need to bow when you are second in line. Then after receiving the bread you step to the side and do the sign of the cross, return to your seat and say a prayer.

Abigail – In class we have been learning how to receive the Sacrament of Eucharist. Some people received on Sunday 8th and others received on Sunday 15th of September. We completed two home tasks and completed a few practice runs to prepare. Everyone was dressed really nicely for this special time. Some people read and did a really good job. When we received, our parents came up with us. At the end of the Mass we all met our parents and family and went home.

Xavier – I learnt that after you receive the bread and wine you kneel and pray. Before you receive the host you need to bow. I also learnt that the Last Supper is connected to the Eucharist. In the Last Supper Jesus knew he was going to die and celebrated a meal with his disciples.

Ben – On Monday afternoon’s the Grade 3’s have been learning about Eucharist. I have learned that there are 4 parts of the mass. We gather, We listen, We Come and We leave. We did tasks at home too. 

Rebecca – In class we learned lots on Eucharist to participate. Although I wasn’t participating in the sacrament of Eucharist I still took part in practicing. We practiced holding the chalice and taking the host (the body of Christ). The wine (the blood of Christ) and praying straight after we had the blood and body of Christ. In practice we tried bowing before we were called up to have the wine and host. I found it interesting that Catholics believe the bread and wine is actually the body and blood of Christ. 

Jordan – In Term 3, on Mondays, the Year 3s and Tonny from Year 4 were preparing for the sacrament of eucharist. After lunch we practices For our Sunday Mass by practicing receiving the bread and wine. At Mass the students were wearing white and black. When the song about bread and wine played all of the First Eucharist students went to the middle aisle to receive their First Eucharist. Some were not drinking the wine because the parents choose not to let them.

Nathan – On Sunday 8th and 15th of September the year 3’s had Eucharist. Mrs Wahrenberger and Miss McGing gave us homework about why we have Godparents, what are the sacraments of Initiation and how Eucharist is connected to a family meal. We also had to make communion banners and they looked really good. All of that helped us a lot to make our First Eucharist.

Divyani – Eucharist is a Sacrament of Initiation. The teachers gave us home tasks to complete. We practiced how to hold and drink the wine from the chalice and how to receive the bread. Tonny (from Grade 4) was receiving his Eucharist too. We compared Baptism and Eucharist. We learnt about the parts of the Mass. I learnt that we had to bow before we receive the Eucharist.

Zeke – Each Monday in Term 3 the year 3 level and Tonny have been learning about the Sacrament of Eucharist. Eucharist is one of the three Sacraments of Initiation. We have had to complete a slide presentation about Eucharist and complete activities such as self reflections. I really enjoyed practicing for the Mass.

Tonny – On Sunday September the 8th I made my First Eucharist with the Year 3’s. We went to St Jude’s church. We learned about how we receive the body and blood. Every Monday we learned about the Sacrament of the Eucharist to practice.

Year 6 Confirmation

Year 6 Confirmation

In Week 1 of this term our Year 6 celebrated a special milestone in our lives by receiving the sacrament of Confirmation.

We had been preparing for Confirmation since last term with researching a special saint as well as learning about the Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Spirit. On Thursday the 18th July all the Year 6s students went to St Jude’s Parish to prepare for this special day by having a Spirit day.  During this day we completed a series of activities aimed at preparing us for our Confirmation as well as practising for the ceremony at St. Jude’s Church. Monsignor Ireland also came to visit us during the day and spoke to us about the importance of Confirmation as well as easing our nerves leading up to the day. We were lucky enough to have pizzas for lunch and play down ball and basketball during our break times.

We celebrated our Confirmation with the Year 6’s from St. Jude’s on Saturday 20 July where we all had  a lantern and stole. When we received our Confirmation Monsignor Ireland blessed each of the candidates and called them by their chosen saint name. Overall, it was a very special day and we will treasure this special event for the rest of our lives.

Here are some photos of the occasion ……

St Vincent De Paul Donations and Feast of the Sacred Heart Mass

St Vincent De Paul Donations and Feast of the Sacred Heart Mass

Over the past few weeks we have been collecting items such as canned and packaged food that does not go off, toiletries, blankets and other items for the people in our community who are not as lucky as we are. The outcome was that we had almost two cars boots full of goods for St. Vincent de Paul. At Mass today we celebrated the Feast of the ‘Sacred Heart’ where we brought up some of these donations during the offertory procession. Fr Longinus taught us about how this feast is a celebration of love we have in our community and how God loves us. The donations we have raised for the poor demonstrates how much we display our school motto of ‘Love One Another’ for those in need. Great stuff everyone on your fantastic fundraising!


Holy Week Prayer

Holy Week Prayer

On Thursday the 4th of April Holy Trinity gathered together in the Community Space to have a prayer to remember Holy Week and the sacrifice that took place when Jesus gave his life for us. Mr. Harvie talked about what a special time it is in Holy Week and we had readings explaining what happened on each day. As you probably already know Holy Week takes place during the school holidays and is the time leading up to Easter.

Sew your Support

Sew your Support

What an amazing turnout! Thank you very much to all of the children who came to make an owl both on Wednesday and today at lunch time. Each of you are contributing to such an amazing cause and your generosity is much appreciated! A HUGE shout out to the parent helpers who have supported this event with your donations and time!! We couldn’t have done it without your help! Students, the kindness and patience that you showed to one another is commendable! To the staff that came to support, thanks a bunch!!

Here are a few action shots of our owl making fun!

Project Compassion – Owl Making Fundraiser

Project Compassion – Owl Making Fundraiser

We are already halfway through Lent which is the special church season leading up to Easter. During Lent one of the areas that Christians try to focus on is almsgiving (or giving to those in need).

At Holy Trinity we often try to raise money for Project Compassion. This year many students have chosen to participate in some owl making sessions at lunch times as a means of raising money for Project Compassion. All the materials used to make these owl were donated by the students which is very nice of everyone who donated. Some of the items include buttons, old tops, pants and other material. We were also lucky enough to have some parents give up their time to assist us with making these owls. They brought in their sewing machines, needles and thread and helped us to make our beautiful creations.

Once the owls are finished the students can buy them for $5.00 with all the money raised going to Project Compassion. Thankyou to everyone for all your contributions and for your hard work.

Here are some of our creations …..

Image result for project compassion

St Patrick’s Cathedral

St Patrick’s Cathedral

On Friday the 15th of March the RE leaders of HT travelled to St Pat’s Cathedral in the city to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  The six students arrived there on train and walked to the cathedral from Parliament station. Leading the mass was our Archbishop Peter. During the mass all the different schools that attended each carried a banner down the aisle. After the mass we walked to a nearby park where there were lots of activities for all of the schools to enjoy including some music performances by some of the high schools and some ball games like dodgeball and bowling. Afterwards, the HT students went back to the station travelled back to school. Overall, it was really interesting seeing so many students from the different catholic schools around Melbourne.

Here are some photos from that day…


Ash Wednesday at Holy Trinity

Ash Wednesday at Holy Trinity

Today is Ash Wednesday which is a special day marking the first day of Lent. During our Ash Wednesday Mass everyone had ashes placed on their forehead in the shape of a cross. Ashes are used because it is a symbol of new life just like new plants and grass grow after a bushfire.

Lent is a special season in the Church where we try to do more praying, fasting (giving up something we can live without such as chocolate or electronics) and almsgiving (giving some money to a charity such as Project Compassion). During Lent the colour purple is used in the Church. It also is a season that lasts for 40 days because Jesus survived in the desert for forty days with very little food or water. Many Christians also go without meat on Ash Wednesday and each Friday during the Lenten season. The end of Lent we celebrate Easter which is a time where we remember the Resurrection of Jesus.

Here are some pictures of today’s Ash Wednesday celebration…..

Juice, lollies and Icy Pole Stand (5/6 Community Drive)

Juice, lollies and Icy Pole Stand (5/6 Community Drive)

In RE in term 3 the 5/6’s were learning about how we could help people and how fortunate most people are in our school. We learnt that St. Vincent de Paul was a society that helped give those in need so the 5/6’s decided to set up stalls around the school to raise money for St. Vinnies. Our stalls included things like: lollies, toys, slime and other things for other students to buy.

My group (Luca, Ben S, Jack J and myself) were selling lollies, icy poles and juice and we successfully raised $53.80. The most popular groups were the ones that sold ice-cream, toys and cakes. Overall the 5/6’s were able to raise over $2,000 which is a great achievement!

Holy Week Play

Holy Week Play

Today the school remembered the events that took place during Holy Week. Students in Years 3-6 gave up their time to take part in the Holy Week Play. They had to practise at lunch times with Mrs Casinelli and the RE leaders. It was a really special  time and everyone was very respectful and reverent. Here is some photos of this special event.






St. Patrick’s Day CEM mass

St. Patrick’s Day CEM mass

In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, the RE and school leaders went to St. Patrick’s Cathedral in the city. It was a fun day and it was a great experience to hear and see a mass done so traditionally.

Sienna- I found it interesting that we sang every response. But my favourite was seeing the huge musical organ. I also liked seeing our Archbishop Denis Hart, he seems really friendly.

Ellise- I enjoyed it when I first walked in and saw all the artwork but my favourite was seeing the marble altar and tiles, it had the perfect amount of pink.

James- I liked the design and actual architecture of the cathedral. It took many, many years to build starting way back in 1858. It is a huge building with super high ceiling arches. I found the Latin writing really interesting and I wondered what it meant. There was also a great art piece towards the front of the altar of Mary and Jesus made from gold.

Patrick- I liked the stained glass windows at the entrance of the cathedral. It was huge and colourful.

Jayden- I found the outfit of Archbishop Denis Hart interesting, I thought the crook looked really cool.

I also really liked the lectern, it looked like it was an eagle and seemed to be made out of gold.