Our Cheeky Visitor

Our Cheeky Visitor

This morning when we arrived at school, a cheeky elf was in our classroom and made himself at home! His name is Elfie and he left Prep Yellow a big present as a surprise. The children had to write their predictions as to what they thought was in the huge box. Here are their predictions  –

“I predict there is a race car in the box!” – Oliver W

“I predict there is a robot and an elf in the box!” – Evie 

“I predict there is lolly dynamite in the box!” – Oliver 

“I predict that there is a big blow up Santa in the box!” – Patrick 

“I predict that there are presents in the box!” – Madelyn

“I predict that there is a christmas tree in the box!” – Caitlin

“I predict that there is a giant inflatable Santa in the box!” – Haveen 

“I predict that there will be a monster truck in the box!” – Bastian 

“I predict that there is a dog and christmas tree in the box” – Ria 

“I predict that there are decorations in the box!” – Avery 

“I predict that there is an elf racing car in the box!” – Aarjav

“I predict that there is a Santa or a blow up elf in the box!” – Zara Eg

“I predict that there is an ant farm or a guinea pig in the box!” – Zara Ev 

“I predict that there is a barbie doll in the box!” – Angelina 

“I predict that there is Christmas drinking water in the box!” – Phillip

“I predict that there are 2000 lego pieces in the box!” – Hayden 

“I predict that there is a jet or a car in the box! – Moses 

“I predict that there is Darth Vader in the box!” – Remy

“I predict that there are lots of elves in the box!” – Aarav

Inside the present, the cheeky elf had delivered a christmas tree and lots of decorations for our classroom! 

Natale at HT – Christmas at HT filming in week 10

Natale at HT – Christmas at HT filming in week 10

Dear parents 

In light of our school production being cancelled I thought that it would be great if the students could still participate in a performance. This term the students have been working on a christmas performance that will be filmed and streamed to families. Students are encouraged to come to school on their designated filming day dressed up in Christmas colours or costume. Students can either come to school dressed in their chosen outfit or if they prefer they can wear their school uniform and bring their items in a clearly marked bag to change into at their designated class filming time. It would be preferred if students wear school shoes or runners as well. There is no need to buy anything new for the filming – whatever you already have at home is perfectly fine. For example: xmas tshirt, red top, green top, christmas headband, christmas hat etc… Some students have discussed with me that they already have a Christmas costume for example: Christmas onesies, Elf costume, Santa costume, reindeer costume, angel costume etc.. so they are more than welcome to wear these.

Each grade will be assigned a time to be filmed throughout the day. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me via email – jformichelli@htws.catholic.edu.au

Looking forward to showcasing the students Christmas performances!

Ciao Signora Formichelli

Italian/Performing Arts Teacher

Please check the timetable below to see when your child’s class will be filming:


Monday 7th December Tuesday 8th December
Prep Yellow 3 Yellow
1 Yellow 4 Yellow
2 Blue 2 Yellow
3 Blue
4 Blue
Wednesday 9th December Thursday 10th December
5 Yellow 6 Blue
6 Yellow Prep Blue
5 Blue
1 Blue
HT Christmas Appeal

HT Christmas Appeal

Thank you to everyone who has already brought in money for our Christmas Appeal! Don’t forget the last day to bring money is Friday 4th December. Let’s work together to help make someone feel special this Christmas!

‘Sew’ much fun in the Art Room

‘Sew’ much fun in the Art Room

Well done to these Grade Four artists who have learnt how to complete a few simple sewing stitches to create the sweetest mini wall hangings.
They  learnt some decorative stitches and how to sew a button on.

We are so happy to be in the art room using all the wonderful supplies.

Bakers Delight Christmas Tart- Fundraiser

Bakers Delight Christmas Tart- Fundraiser

Dear Parents/Carers,

As you are aware, Holy Trinity students are supporting the needy people in our community through their support of St. Vincent De Paul CHRISTMAS APPEAL. Bakers Delight Mountain Gate, are again providing the Christmas Tart fundraiser. We are selling a pack of 6 Fruit Mince Tarts or 6 Lemon Tarts or 6 Mixed Tart Packs (3 Fruit Mince and 3 Lemon Tarts) for only $10 a pack. We will raise $2 from every pack sold. All profits will go to St Vincent de Paul’s Christmas appeal to support people in our community. With every purchase of Christmas Tarts, you will receive a voucher for a free block loaf of bread that can be redeemed at Bakers Delight Mountain Gate.

We will accept orders and payment (via CDFPay) until 9pm, Tuesday 8 December 2020 at 9pm

The Bakers Delight Christmas Tarts will be delivered to the school and brought home by students on Monday 14th December. As parents cannot come on site; please indicate below if you are okay with your eldest child bringing tarts home or if you’d like staff to bring tarts out to the pickup bay/ gate and hand them over to you.

It would be wonderful if you share information about the fundraiser and link (below) with family, friends and neighbours.

Thanks for your support,

Denham Harvie

Deputy Principal /Religious Education Leader



To order & pay click link:- Bakers Delight Tarts-SVdP Fundraiser.

Please ensure that you have completed CDFPay correctly.

(You should receive payment confirmation via email)


Fruit Mince Tart –A Christmas favourite made with real sultanas, currants, apples and mixed spice, all encased in delicious shortcrust pastry. Our Fruit Mince Tarts are the perfect addition to any festive event!

  •  Egg friendly                           Nut friendly


Lemon Tart – Tangy lemon curd encased in short crust pastry – irresistible!

  •  Nut friendly



Friendship Groups

Friendship Groups

Today (Friday November 20) all the students participated in Friendship Groups for the first time since March. Each Friendship Group consists of a mixture of students from Prep to Year 6. Together each group learns about a range of different topics centred around wellbeing as well as doing lots of fun activities. Today’s session involved learning about bullying and was in recognition of the National Day of Anti Bullying and Violence which took place when during remote learning.  After learning about these themes each group got the opportunity to play with their frisbees on the oval and take them home to play with after this session.

Here are a few photos of our afternoon activities ……

Holy Trinity Christmas Appeal

Holy Trinity Christmas Appeal

The Year Two students have worked hard over the last two weeks to organise the Holy Trinity Christmas Appeal, as part of their RE classes. The appeal will run from Monday 23rd November and finish on Friday 4th December.

All money raised will be used to buy toys for children, special Christmas food and vouchers, which will then be given to Vinnies Scoresby to give to families in our local community who need a little help this Christmas.

Please help us Make Someone Feel Special This Christmas!!!!!!

Minecraft Club

Minecraft Club

Ever since our Year 6 Digitech leaders began their leadership roles they have really wanted to organise a Minecraft Club for the students in our school. Unfortunately, due to COVID we have been unable to conduct our Minecraft Club until this week.

Some students in Years 2, 3 and 4 have been given the opportunity to participate in our Minecraft Club where they are learning to use a variety of the tools and skills used in this program. This club takes place during lunchtimes on Wednesdays and Fridays. Our Minecraft Club will continue until the end of the year.

Next year we are hoping to continue our Minecraft Club with our new Digitech leaders as well as to begin a Minecraft Club with a new set of students.

A big thank you to our Year 6 Digitech leaders for all of their efforts in helping to get this club up and running for our students.

Here are a few of our students in action during a recent Minecraft Club session.