Assembly, Term 4, Week 2

Assembly, Term 4, Week 2

Welcome to our virtual assembly for this week…

You can also view the captioned version here:

Congratulations to all of our award winners – don’t forget to check your email after assembly where you will find your certificates.

So excited about students starting to come back to school next week.

Students please remember to bring your hat to wear at school.

Have a safe weekend! Girls and boys, don’t forget to be good for mum and dad!!

Cyber Safety ‘Mind maps’

Cyber Safety ‘Mind maps’

During the past few Digitech sessions the students in Years 1 to 6 have been learning to use an online mind mapping program called Mindmup. Mind mapping is a visual way of setting out our learning where we put together similar ideas into groups much like we group our ideas into paragraphs or onto the same slide. Students enjoy the ability to use images to represent a phrase as well as to colour code the different topics that they use. Our Digitech mind maps demonstrated our cyber safety understanding that we have developed during remote learning.

I would like to say a massive THANK YOU to our wonderful parents who supported their children in learning to use this new program. I’m sure they learnt some new skills as well during our unit. This program will certainly be regularly used in classrooms in the years to come.

Here is a small representation of some of the impressive mind maps that have been created over the past few weeks.

Year 1/2’s Mind maps

Year 3/4’s Mind maps


Year 5/6’s Mind maps

Knox Steps Challnege

Knox Steps Challnege

Knox School Steps Challenge

Running until, 9PM FRIDAY 29th OCTOBER is the Knox Steps Challenge.

If you’re a keen walker or looking for some motivation, this is a fantastic way to get out there and get your steps up. This is for the whole school community, students, parents, teachers, neighbours and friends. It is pretty simple to get involved, click on the link below, click enter results and follow the instructions.

Every step you take contributes towards our Holy Trinity community. So let’s get walking!


Colourful landscapes – Grade 5 and 6 Artists

Colourful landscapes – Grade 5 and 6 Artists

After looking at artwork by Ted Harrison a Canadian artist, who created beautiful coloured landscapes, Year 5 and 6 artists had a go at doing a warm and cool colour landscape.
For Ted it was less about a realistic picture and more about playing with colours. What a great approach and these are stunning, super work by some super artists.



Wayne Thiebaud Inspired Delicious Cakes

Wayne Thiebaud Inspired Delicious Cakes

 Year Five and Six students created some awesome ‘pop art’ style cakes this week They were able to choose two methods for designing the cakes. They could use a dice roll to choose the type of delicious cake and decorations or they could free pick them from a chart. I love the variety in all the different works.


TORCH Bearer Assembly, Term 3, 2021

TORCH Bearer Assembly, Term 3, 2021

Hello everyone,

Please click here for the TORCH Bearer of the term assembly.

…or view the captioned version here…

Congratulations to all of our award recipients – fantastic achievements. Your certificate will be waiting for you when we return to school next term.

Have a wonderful break everyone! See you soon.



It has been another wonderful week in Italian/Performing Arts! This week we had a bit of a “masterchef’ challenge! The Prep/1/2 students had the opportunity to bake some bear cookies, if they were unable to do the baking they had the option of making an origami bear and the 3-6 students made ‘una pizza rustica’ – an authentic rustic pizza.

Our stars of the week for week 9 are:

The Prep star of the week is: Ashan

The grade 1/2 stars of the week are: Yianni, Madelyn, Oliver T, Samantha C, Lakshmi and Lauren.

The grade 3/4 stars of the week are: Gloria, OliviaH, Pierre, Cara G, Chantal and Ella V.

The grade 5/6  stars of the week are: Liv, Mya, Tazio, Sunny and Lucy.

Check out some photos that students sent in:

Ciao Signora Formichelli

Online STUDENT Cyber Safety Sessions- Monday Sept 13

Online STUDENT Cyber Safety Sessions- Monday Sept 13

Teaching children to be cybersafe will help them to engage with the online world safely, responsibly and discerningly and can assist to protect them from online risks.

Sometimes children are faced with online situations that they simply don’t know how to handle. As a school we recognise the importance of Cyber Safety education. Therefore, children are taught the knowledge and skills they need to prevent cyberbullying, protect their personal information and how to deal with inappropriate images or behaviours they see online.

To complement the Cyber Safety education that we currently teach at school, Shannon Mullavey has organised sessions with Inform & Empower, who presented to parents earlier this year. Rather than wait until we can conduct these sessions onsite with the students, they will now be held Online. We require students to attend the Incursion session designated to their level. Teachers have built the Cyber Safety Sessions into the student’s learning next week (see Learning Grids).

Online Cyber Safety Sessions Monday September 13

  • 9.30 to 10.50 am – Years 5 & 6 – 80 min
  • 11.40 am to 1.00 pm – Years 3 & 4 – 80 min
  • 2.00 pm to 2.45 pm – Preps, 1’s & 2’s – 45 min (Yes Preps can attend as well)

COST: FREE (covered by School Budget)

Parents, where possible, are asked to watch the Online Cyber Safety Session with their child/ren. We encourage a family discussion after the session to reinforce the learning that the children have been involved in.

 Click here to enter Online Cyber Safety Session/s