Holiday activity fun to try at home

Holiday activity fun to try at home

Hi everyone

I thought I would share this link now to give you extra physical activities to try at home.

PE with Joe shares daily Physical activities for you to try. Today he was dressed as Spider-Man and invited others to join in the fun dressed up and do their daily huff and puff exercises. New each day.

Enjoy from Mrs Harrison

HT preparing for online learning at home

HT preparing for online learning at home

With a sudden ending to the term, all of HT has been preparing for a new world of learning that may be taking place at the beginning of next term. We explored how programs such as Google Classroom, Screencastify and Google Meet could be used to help support the teachers with their online lessons. In addition, we will continue to encourage students to use online programs such as Mathletics, Essential Assessment, Literacy Planet and Reading Eggs because these programs are based around the Victorian Curriculum and the students are already familiar with using them.

Next term we will continue to use our school blog as an ongoing means of communicating what the students are learning. Keep a regular look out for new posts and don’t be afraid to share your thoughts via the comments section as it only take a couple of minutes.

Here is the teachers hard at work this week (ensuring that we are keeping social distancing) ……



Ciao a tutti!
Here is a link to a youtube video to practice some Italian vocab – practice by yourself or with a family member and see how you go!


If you want to have some fun and do some dancing here are some of the dance moves we have learnt in class. Maybe have a dance competition with a family member and see who can do all the moves!

Let me know in the comment section how you went!

Buon divertimento! Have fun!
Ciao Signora Formichelli



Physical Activity at home…

Keeping active throughout these times is extremely important, with so many after school activities cancelled kids still need to get out and off the couch. Here is a list of activities that can be done at home.

Shoot some hoops 

Kick a ball

Throw and catch a tennis ball

Throw and catch with family

2 square


Lazy Monster App (Free)

PT in my pocket (small cost)

Tap a tennis ball on a racquet

Hit a ball against a brick wall

Go for a walk / run

Ride a bike

Set up an obstacle course inside or out depending on space 

Tap a balloon, how long can you keep it up 

Family plank challenge 

Simon Says…

Hop scotch

Get out in the garden and weed

Yoga for kids Daily fitness App (Free)

Hide and seek


Turn on some music and dance

It Apps (free)- Stretch It, Work It, Jump It, Balance It

Stay tuned for more activities.

Take care and stay active!!


from Mrs Harrison

Active Everyday

Active Everyday


All it takes is 30 minutes of physical activity a day during April. Enjoy great benefits and win awesome prizes. Try some of these activities over the holidays and beyond.

Awesome free workout videos for the whole family!

Join Active April our school Holy Trinity School WS and Team ID is holy-trinity-school-ws.

Click on the link below to access the poster and family calendar.




Google Hangouts (Meet)

Google Hangouts (Meet)

Yesterday, my class (4 Blue) were lucky enough to try out Google Hangouts (Meet). Google Hangouts is a bit like Skype or FaceTime which is connected to our school Google accounts and is a way to chat to others via video.  The reason we tried this is this is a way that teachers are going to connect with the students in their class if the school needs to close and we learn from home.

Yesterday Mrs Jamieson invited different students from 4 Blue to join as well as Mr. Mullavey to test out how well this program works. My class was really excited to try it and and thought it was cool how we were still able to connect with others even if we were not all in the same room together.

Here is a photo of us during our Hangout session yesterday……

Twilight Sports

Twilight Sports

On Wednesday the 11th of March the students of Holy Trinity & St. Mary’s participated in our annual Twilight Sports.  There was lots of great events with one of the highlights being the buddy relay where the Prep students got to get dressed up as if they were going to school.

Overall, everyone did such a good job and the house points were so close.

The winner of the Spirit shield was Dominic (Red) and the overall winner of the night was Bunnorong House (Gold).

A big thank you to Mrs. Harrison, Mrs. Patmore and everyone who assisted in putting this huge event together. Also thank you to the wonderful mothers who took so many photos of the evening.

Here are some snaps of the evening …..

What are the students learning about in Year 3?

What are the students learning about in Year 3?

In Year 3 the students at the moment the students are learning how to round numbers to tens and hundreds in Maths. Rounding is a very good skill because it can help you when you are paying for items at the shops (e.g if you were to buy one item for 95c and another item for $1.80 you might wish to round up the value of each item to the next dollar so that you made sure you had to pay for these items).

Also, in R.E. the year 3’s are learning about Parables in the Bible and how to find the meaning in the story. Stories is also what the year 3’s are learning about in writing as they are learning about how to write interesting narratives that grab the attention of the reading. In addition, the students are learning about healthy food and exercise in their Inquiry unit.

Overall, it sounds like the year 3 students are working really hard at the moment.

Here are the year 3’s in action …….

5/6 Camp

5/6 Camp

At the moment in the 5/6 Level we are beginning to prepare for our 5/6 Camp that will take place early next term at the Alexandra Adventure Resort.

This week the year 5 students began thinking about who we would like to be in a dorm with for whilst at camp. Over the coming weeks we will find out more and more about what will take place at camp and many of us are already counting down the days before camp starts.

Here is a video about what the Alexandra Adventure Camp is like ….

What’s Happening in our Prep Classes?

What’s Happening in our Prep Classes?

Last week was an important week for our new Preps because it was their first full week at school (including coming to school on Wednesdays). Not only are our Prep students getting used to what happens each day at school but they are also learning lots of new skills and knowledge.

In the Prep classes the students have been working on learning the letters of the alphabet and recently they were learning all about the letter P. One of the Preps favourite things to do during this week was bringing items into class that start with P for Show and Tell.

In addition, in Maths the Prep students have been learning all about the numbers from 1 to 20. This will help them with their learning in Maths throughout their lives.

Overall, the Preps have been very busy with their learning and it sounds like they are doing really well with settling into Holy Trinity and St. Mary’s.

Here are Prep Yellow busy at learning today ……..

House Chants

House Chants

Over the past two weeks the whole school have been practising house chants getting ready for Twilight Sports. Each house colour sings different songs so that we can earn points (Spirit points) for our team. On Twilight Sports day each house will chant their songs to help encourage team members to do their best in their events.

Here are some photos taken from our practises last Friday ……

Persuasive Writing in Year 5

Persuasive Writing in Year 5

In year five we have been learning about persuasive writing. Some of the topics that students in our class have been writing about include deforestation, pollution and smoking. We have been trying do develop how we structure our arguments so that each paragraph does not just begin with firstly, secondly, finally, etc.

Our group wrote about smoking and why it is not good for our health.

Here is our persuasive pieces ……

By Amelia and Blake    🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭

Ash Wednesday Mass

Ash Wednesday Mass

Last Wednesday 26th February Holy Trinity and St. Mary’s celebrated Ash Wednesday by gathering together in the Community Hall for Mass. During this celebration Fr. Longinus and the other teachers placed Ashes on the foreheads of all students as a symbol of a new start.

Ash Wednesday is the beginning of the season of Lent which is a time leading up to Easter where all Christians decide to make changes to their lives as a way to turn back to God. Christians do this in three main ways …..

  1. Prayer – through trying to pray to God regularly.
  2. Almsgiving (giving to the poor – at HT we do this by donating to Caritas)
  3. Fasting – by giving up certain foods such as red meat on days such as Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.

By doing these things we are preparing for the special celebration at the end of Lent called Easter.

Here are a few photos from our Ash Wednesday Mass last week …..




Literacy News

Classroom Helpers 

Many thanks to the parents who attended the Classroom Helpers Information Session. If you have nominated a time that you are available to help in your child’s classroom, your child’s teacher will contact you to confirm if that time is an appropriate time for them.


Prep Reading Information Workshops 

Thank you to the Prep parents who attended the Reading Information Session. You play a most important part in the development of your child’s reading. The time you share with your children, enjoying picture stories or hearing them read their first take home books is precious valuable time that can instil a love for reading and give them a positive start to their literacy learning journey. Please ensure you help them engage in the text and use the picture clues along with the text to help them read.


Our Amazing Preps

It is wonderful to see how our new preps have settled in so comfortably to school. They are all working very well and are already reading texts and writing!!!

LOOK at these wonderful wizkids at work!!!  Fantastic work PREPS!!!!





On Friday 21st February some students from years 3 to 6 were selected to represent HT & St. Mary’s at Kilsyth Centenary Pool to compete in the District Swimming competition.

This event was the culmination of many weeks of hard work where the students have been going to swimming training every Tuesday morning at 7.30 am at Knox Leisureworks.

The competition was really intense with lots of students getting very nervous before their races. Many of the students did well and it was amazing how well everyone did despite feeling so nervous.

After all the freestyle, breastroke, backstroke and butterfly events we participated in relay events which our school did really well at. Some of the swimmers were lucky enough to make it through to Divisional Competition which will take place on Wednesday 4th of March.

Well done to Tyrone who was rewarded for all of his hard work by earning the Age Group Champion for 12 year old boys.

Overall HT & St. Mary’s came first for the 10th time in a row with 105 points!

Congrats to everyone who represented HT at the District Swimming.

Here are some photos of us in action…..

Dental Health Van

Dental Health Van

Last week, many of our students were able to have a dental checkup right here at school. This is a fantastic service that was fully covered by Medicare for most of our families. Many thanks to Australian Dental Health Victoria for contacting us and offering their service.

Families who were away or unable to return their forms last week can still send them in to school, and when we have enough forms here, Australian Dental Health said that they should be able to come back for another day, so please send in your forms as soon as you can.

Buddy Breakfast 2020

Buddy Breakfast 2020

Today (Friday 21st February) the Year 6 and Prep students along with their families got together for ‘Buddy’ breakfast in the Community Space. We all ate lots of  sausages and fruit and drank juice as the buddy families got to know each other better. One of the highlights of the morning was when the Year 6 students gave their Prep buddy a special purple ‘Buddy’ bear. This is a special initiative that has been taking place at HT and St. Mary’s for over 20 years as part of the fantastic work done by the Alannah and Madeline Foundation.

Overall Buddy breakfast was a very fun day and everyone really enjoyed it.

Here are some photos from our Buddy breakfast …..

Being a School Captain at HT

Being a School Captain at HT

Hi, my name is Jessica and I am one of the four school captains for this year. Being a school captain includes many responsibilities including taking parents on tours of our wonderful school, handing out awards at Friday assemblies and helping to lead our Monday assembly. Though, we have many responsibilities as school captains, it can be really fun and we enjoy taking on this role of leadership together. We are proud to represent HT this year and can’t wait for many of the exciting events to take place this year in 2020. Being that this is my last year in primary school I want to lead the school to achieve high standards particularly in our use of the TORCH values in the years to come.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post and I hope to help many of you during the year!