Sunday Gospel Session Craft by Year 3

Sunday Gospel Session Craft by Year 3

Jesus said, “The kingdom of Heaven is like a

treasure hidden in a field…

like a merchant searching for fine pearls.”

Last week Year 3 Blue experienced their first Sunday Gospel Session at our Monday Google Meet. After sharing the Gospel and reflecting on the discussion questions, the students were asked to be creative and crafty.

Here are their magical and creative “fine pearls”.

Remote Learning Rules by Xavier

Remote Learning Rules by Xavier

Hello everyone,

Xavier from 4 Blue has created a video to share some rules with you all about how he ensures all his work he does is done to the best of his ability. These are great things to try and remember to do before you submit your work to your teacher.

Thanks to Xavier and his mum for creating this awesome video!


Eucharist – Chalice & Host Activity

Eucharist – Chalice & Host Activity

Last week the Grade 3 students got creative for their Eucharist activity. They were asked to create a 3D chalice and host using what they could find around their house. The Grade 3’s could use items they already had available or could create their own using anything they liked including, cloths, leaves, dry pasta, playdough, paper, etc.

Mrs Wahrenberger and Miss McGing were so proud of the effort that was put in and wanted to share some of these creations with everyone.

Awesome – Behind the Mask artworks

Awesome – Behind the Mask artworks

Some wonderful art works being done by Grade One students and siblings. 😊 Looking behind our masks to find our awesome qualities. Thank you for sharing these they made me so proud of you, I could tell how hard you worked.❤️ Grade 3 artworks will be coming soon.



Google Meet Timetable

Google Meet Timetable

Welcome back everyone to term 3 and to remote learning 2.0. I hope everyone had an enjoyable school holiday break and are refreshed for another great term of learning.

Below is the Google Meet Timetable for classes (including Specialist Google Meets). As you will notice the times for class Google Meets should be the same each day.

There is also a specialist Google Meet time for each class during the week where you will to some learning with the Specialist teachers at the allocated time. It is important to remember that no matter what specialist lesson you have it will always be the same code, You will also stay on your Google Meet throughout the session and your specialist teachers will swap over half way through the session. Most class teachers will explain how to access their specialist Google Meet but here is a quick summary …..

6 Yellow & 6 Blue enter the code …… year6
5 Yellow & 5 Blue enter the code …… year5
4 Yellow & 4 Blue enter the code …… year4
3 Yellow & 3 Blue enter the code …… year3
2 Yellow & 2 Blue enter the code …… year2
1 Yellow & 1 Blue enter the code …… year1
Prep Blue enter the code ……  prepb
Prep Yellow enter the code ……  prepy
Below is video explaining how to access Google Meets – both class and specialist meets.
Maths in Art

Maths in Art

The Grade 5 and 6 students worked hard at the end of term to complete an artwork using folded paper. The art elements they had to consider were colour, value, line, shape, harmony and balance. They learnt three origami folds, the hat fold, the kite fold and the Samurai fold to create an artwork that showed Radial Symmetry. Here are some of their fantastic artworks.