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Harmony Day

Harmony Day

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Harmony Day celebrates Australia’s cultural diversity. It’s about inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone. Orange is the colour chosen to represent Harmony Day. Traditionally, orange signifies social communication and meaningful conversations. It also relates to the freedom of ideas and encouragement of mutual respect.

Year 5/6 students spent the afternoon roleplaying a variety of scenarios focusing on social and emotional learning. During the session the students discussed how it feels to be unsafe and why it is important to develop ​empathy for people in a difficult situation. The students shared their opinions regarding what is meant by rights and responsibilities ​when we are talking about bullying.​ They also brainstormed ways young people being bullied can be supported. The students were reflective learners who shared their thoughts and opinions with respect and honesty. They worked collaboratively on the task, demonstrating tolerance and inclusion.

Project Compassion

Project Compassion

“Caritas Australia’s annual Lenten fundraising and awareness-raising appeal is an extraordinary, ongoing demonstration of the faith, love and generosity of the Catholic community and caring supporters throughout Australia to help end poverty, promote justice and uphold dignity. Project Compassion demonstrates ho
w love for our neighbours can transform lives this year.”

Caritas Australia website – End poverty, Promote justice, Uphold dignity

The Year 5/6 students have composed persuasive pieces relating to the Caritas Project Compassion appeal. They were given the opportunity to choose how they would like to share them with the school community. Students could make a PA announcement at recess or lunchtime or make a brief speech at Monday morning or Friday aftImage result for project compassion 2017ernoon assembly. Students could also opt to include their persuasive pieces in a newsletter or here on the blog.

Please support the Year 5/6 students as your contributions to Project Compassion will help people build better lives for themselves, their families and their communities.
Do you ever stop and think about how lucky you are and all your delicious food and your warm cosy bed. Some people don’t have any of that and if you donate some money to Project Compassion you will be helping so many people. Just $10 will provide one day’s worth of food for a woman staying in a shelter in asia.  (Lizzie Dunn)

Are you tired of your parents getting really expensive stuff? Because you could donate to Project Compassion with the money you got and $10 is enough to feed a woman for 1 day. Every cent counts! So go now and donate to Project Compassion, what are you waiting for! [James Z]

Everybody needs help but some people need more help than others. Caritas is a charity that created Project Compassion by helping people in need in different countries such as Australia, Philippines and Fiji. Imagine if you needed help and you had no food or anything. There are a lot of people that have nothing so donate to Project Compassion for those in need. Only $10 can provide one day’s worth of food for a woman staying in a shelter in Timor Leste. Every cent counts! (Cooper.G)

Do you ever go to your fridge and say there is nothing to eat when there is a lot of food? Poor people don’t have anything at all! You can help them by donating money, food and clothes. 10 dollars can provide one day’s worth of food for a woman in Timor-Leste.  Every cent counts!  (Vincent. G)

Are you going to a restaurant tonight while kids in third world countries are dying of hunger and living in houses the size of cardboard boxes? Donate to Project Compassion to change this. You can change lives, you can be a hero… Donate now to help. Only $10 can feed a woman for a day. Every cent counts. (James.K)

Are you annoyed at your mum for not not buying the clothes you want well, that money could be donated to Project Compassion because they don’t have many clothes, unlike us. Many people in the world strongly agree that Project Compassion is the best project by Caritas because of where they help and how they help. You should donate today because countries like Fiji, Vietnam and even Australia need money. Even 10 dollars could buy clothes for a week for the less fortunate! Go to to find out more, and remember, every cent counts. (Josh.T)

Do you have quite a bit of money but not know what to do with it? Why don’t you give some to Project Compassion? They need the money for poor countries so that people that live there can live better lives. I strongly encourage you to encourage others to donate into the Project Compassion box in your classroom. Just $10 can help someone have 3 full meals! You don’t just have to donate money! You can also donate old clothes you don’t need or don’t want, you know. Remember, every cent counts with Project Compassion! (Daniel.K)
There are many organizations and charities around Australia that help people living in poverty, such as Project Compassion. Project Compassion relies on people like us to donate, helping others all around the world, living in poverty. Donating just a little bit of money can make a difference. So by helping and giving to Project Compassion, you are helping many others around the world, who may not be in the best living conditions. Every cent helps for those who need it the most. Even $10 can provide a whole day’s worth of food for someone. So, please, donate today. (Holly G.)

Do you always find a few cents at home, or get some pocket money, well if so, you don’t need those shoes you’ve always wanted because you can give that money to Project Compassion to help the less fortunate. Project Compassion helps those less fortunate people. They give the money they gain to help in some countries like, Fiji, Timor Leste and the Philippines and they help the less fortunate live better lives. For only 10 dollars you can supply a day’s worth of food for a woman living in Timor Leste. Now that’s a donation! (Ella H)

Think of people who need help! Think that you can be the one who helps them. Project Compassion helps people in need of a better life. Let’s make a difference in their lives by donating money to Project Compassion ,so they give the money to countries in need. Only $50 can provide a three day first aid course for one person to help protect their family and neighbours during a natural disaster in the Philippines. Instead of buying a block of chocolate put the money in the Project Compassion box. Every cent counts. (Bruce Vaihu)

Have any clothes that don’t fit? Donate them, they’ll be of great use. Those clothes will be sent to the people suffering from poverty. Where do you donate, you ask? Caritas Australia sets up a campaign called Project Compassion every year. There are lots of boxes around the school that you can put money in, or you can visit their website and see more details of donating, how much money they need for specific things, and more! Any amount of money would help, even one dollar! Caritas Australia (link) (Keira L)

Don’t you want to donate some money and make a kids life better? Well if you donate some money you could make a whole family’s life better. All the people that don’t have any money are struggling to get food, you can donate some money and in your class there is a box that you can donate to and make a life better. Every Cent Counts!!! (Perry W)

Think of all your money. Do you have a lot or not a lot? If you have a lot, you should think about donating some of it to Project Compassion. You might not realize but you a rich to other kids in poorer countries. Even if you have 10 cents, EVERY CENT COUNTS!!! Even when you are in a poor country like Fiji and Vietnam you can buy some good water with that money instead of buying junk food for yourself.

Do you ever just get annoyed at how your parents have to repeatedly remind you of how lucky you are? Don’t be, and start taking less and giving more. Project Compassion may sound like just another normal campaign, but the campaign organized by Caritas works every year to end poverty in different locations that are in need. If you donate money, it could be used to buy clothes, food and shelter. Only the little things make a big difference. (Beatriz P)



The Holy Trinity community are working hard to raise money for those less fortunate through Caritas Australia’s annual Lenten fundraising appeal. 3/4H have been enthusiastically raising money and will continue to do this throughout Lent. So far they have raised a total of $50.10 – fantastic effort!

Here are some of their thoughts about the project and why is it important to raise money –

“I am grateful in my life because I have water, food and shelter. It feels good to donate to those less fortunate.” Riley 3/4H
“I have raised money by giving $5 to the poor instead of having $5 for my Subway lunch. I felt warm inside when I did this because I know I did a good deed.” Ryan 3/4H
“It feels good to donate to the poor because it is what Jesus did.” Charlotte 3/4H
“Donating to Caritas is something I will not regret. My life in Australia is fantastic but sometimes I don’t realise how lucky I am and can take things for granted. That’s why I halved my pocket money and gave it to the poor. It made me feel great! Isabella 3/4H
“It feels good to donate to those less fortunate.”  Ashton 3/4H
“It feels great to donate to the poor because they’ll live a better life. I’m going to raise money by helping my mum at Schnitz and doing some chores.”  Josh 3/4H
“I am going to raise money by doing chores such as doing the dishes and cleaning my room.” Druv 3/4H
“It feels good to donate because it feels like I have saved a life.” Charlie 3/4H
“I think giving to the people in need is important because most of us kids can go to school but some other kids around the world can’t. So we should give in Lent! This week I am giving up my Subway money.” Jess 3/4H
“I am raising money by giving my pocket money to the poor.” Zander 3/4H
“I feel good donating to the poor because I have great things that they don’t have. I have given money from my money box and I will continue to do that throughout the time of Lent.” Stella 3/4H
“Every week you should raise money. The easy way to do this is by using a piggy bank. If we do this we are helping others have a good life and it feels good.” Birva 3/4H
“I feel great donating to the less fortunate because they will have a better life.” Dominica 3/4H
“We are lucky that we can give money to the poor people so they will be happy.” Avinash 3/4H
“Giving money to the poor is good for them.” Shannyn 3/4H
“I think we should give money to Caritas Australia because we are giving to the people that are less fortunate than us.” Caitlin 3/4H
“We give money to the poor to help them and make them happy.” Akuach 3/4H
“During the first week of Lent, all of the classes get a box to raise money. It’s a great cause.” Dakotah, 3/4
“When I put in some money I felt good because that money is for people who don’t have stuff that we do and we can help them.” McKenzie 3/4H
“I am going to raise money by getting $10 out of my purse because I feel sorry for them not being able to go to school and have no food or water.” Kasey 3/4H
“I feel lucky and grateful to live in Australia. We should donate to those less fortunate so they are happier and healthier.” Lachie 3/4H
“Project Compassion is a great cause!” Nikolas 3/4H
Italian classes

Italian classes

It has been a great start to the new year. The students have been enthusiastic and engaged in their learning. Our new Preps have made a great start to learning Italian. We have been learning some new songs, how to introduce ourselves and how to say how we are feeling in Italian. They have also been learning a new hip hop dance to a song called Facciamo Banz.

Ciao a presto!

Signora Formichelli

Art news

Art news

Art pieces for the Catholic education office Visual Art Exhibition all framed and looking amazing. Congratulations to the following students whose artworks have been accepted into the Exhibition.

Jasmine Stocks (Grade 5) for her artwork ‘Vase of Flowers’

Bianca Richards (past student 2016) for her artwork  ‘Frog’

Keira Lam (Grade 5) for her artwork ‘Toucan’

Elliott Eilenberg (Grade 1) for his artwork ‘Owl’

The artworks are judged on Friday 10th March and the students and their families are invited to view the Exhibition on Saturday 18th March.

Techy Talk

Techy Talk

Today the staff learnt some  more about using our school blog during our Techy Talk session.

We have Techy Talk sessions every fortnight to learn about different components of ICT and how it can support the learning in our classrooms.

Here are the staff working hard during a Techy Talk session.