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Year 6 Lego Sessions

Year 6 Lego Sessions

This term the year 6 students have been working really hard on some new LEGO projects. Last week we built a Street Sweeper and this week we are going to build a Light Aeroplane which sounds exciting. After we look  at the project and figure out how to do it, we work with a partner(s) to build the LEGO model. One of the most important parts of the lesson is when we get together on the floor to talk about how the model works and some of the improvements that can be made to make our model work even better. Often we showcase our models for the rest of the class to view but this is optional. Sometimes during our showcase sessions someone’s model may fall apart which can be quite funny but it also shows us that it is ok if something goes wrong. Overall, our Lego sessions have been really fun and I can’t wait for our next lesson!

Here are a few of our Year 6’s showcasing their models …….

District Athletics

District Athletics

On Tuesday 3 May students from years 4 to 6 were chosen to represent Holy Trinity at Scoresby District Athletics Carnival. The students chosen had done well at our school athletics event in March.

It was a really successful day with everyone not only doing their best but also setting a high standard in our behaviour and the way we conduct ourselves. Some special achievements included Mia and Nathan winning the age champion overall for their age groups and overall 25 students made it through to the next level at the Division Athletics which will take place in October.

Overall, HT came 3rd out of the 8 schools.

Here are a few photos from our District Athletics recently …..

Year 5/6 Science Incursion

Year 5/6 Science Incursion

At the end of last term the Year 5 and 6 students were lucky enough to have visitors from Hand on Science to talk to us about electricity and light. These were two of the topics we learnt about during our term 1 Inquiry unit.

The students were able to participate in two separate sessions where in one session we learnt about electricity and the other we learnt about light.

During the electricity session we learnt how electricity works and how it can exist in different forms. During the light session we learnt about how light can travel through objects and how it reflects.

Overall, our science incursion was really educational but also a lot of fun.

Here are a few photos from our recent incursion.

5/6 Camp Update

5/6 Camp Update

Hi everyone,

We have all had a wonderful camp and we are currently enjoying our last morning before we depart Alexandra Adventure Resort at approximately 10.30 am. We plan to stop for lunch on our journey back and should arrive back at Holy Trinity before 3pm. You should be informed via Operoo prior to us arriving back at HT of more specific details.

Thanks for your support and please continue to refer to our updated photo doc of our camp experiences.

5/6 Camp Summary Day 1

5/6 Camp Summary Day 1

On Wednesday morning the 5/6s arrived at school at 7.30 am and then departed for Alexandra Resort at just after 8.15 pm. The journey to camp took just under 2 hours but we chose to stop at Yea for a snack before we arrived. We also  had to stop just before camp because there a baby wombat that crossed the road which was cute.

Once we arrived at camp we helped to unload the luggage and then had a safety tour around the campsite. We saw where all the activities were going to happen and where our cabins were. As we were eating our lunch we found out our activity groups and were given a timetable telling us when all the camp activities were going to happen.

Some of the activities that we are going to participate in are canoeing, raft building, flying fox, high ropes course, orienteering, rock climbing, disc golf and gaga ball.

My favourite activities that I have done so far are the water activities because it is fun getting wet.

For dinner last night we had pasta and salad with garlic bread. For dessert we had chocolate moose. Most kids thought the meal was delicious and we would like to have more. We were so well behaved that the chef is going to put on some extra chicken schnitzels for tomorrow’s dinner which we can’t wait for.

After dinner we went for a night walk to search for animals with our torches although most of us did not find too many. The two leading teachers got a bit lost but luckily tghe stuedents helped to put them in the right direction.

Finally, we roasted marshmallows by the camp fire and we went to bed at just after 9.30 pm.

Overall, the first day was fun and we are looking forward to all the activities we are going to have on the other days of camp.

Here is an updated link to our 5/6 Photos Doc that we will continue to add to throughout camp.

The 5/6 Happy Campers Have Arrived

The 5/6 Happy Campers Have Arrived

Bright and early this morning our excited 5/6 campers (and of course the teachers) departed Holy Trinity destined for Alexandra Adventure Resort for our 3 day (and 2 night) camp. After stopping off at Yea for a short break we arrived in Alexandra at 10.30 am.

After unloading the buses we took a quick tour around the campsite for our safety information and had our lunch before getting ready for our first two activity group rotations.

The camp looks great and everyone seems to be having lots of fun.

We will try to update our blog later on this evening with a more detailed run down of today’s activities once we have settled into tonight’s activities.

Buddy Breakfast 2022!

Buddy Breakfast 2022!

On Thursday 7th of April 2022, HT & St. Mary’s celebrated our long awaited Buddy Breakfast. Buddy Breakfast is an annual tradition where the students in the Prep and Year 6 levels come together along with their families to have a bite to eat along with getting to know each other. This year our ‘breakfast’ included sausages, fruit and juice. One of the most special parts of our Buddy Breakfast is when the year 6 students present their Prep buddy with a special ‘Buddy Bear’. The purple buddy bear is an initiative from the Alannah & Madeline Foundation helps to let every student know how special they are in our HT / St. Mary’s community. Many year 6 students still have their purple ‘Buddy Bear’ which is a symbol of how special the prep / year 6 buddy relationship is.  It was a great morning that was topped off with some beautiful sunny weather.

Here are some photos from the amazing morning ……

Year 6 Escape Room Challenge

Year 6 Escape Room Challenge

One Thursday afternoon recently the year 6 classes joined together to participate in an ‘escape room challenge’ in groups. This challenge was a fun maths task where we worked together in groups to solve a variety of maths problems. It was important that all the group members worked together on each task as many problems could be solved in different ways and needed us to cooperate to work through the problem as quickly as possible. Once we solved a problem we added this answer to our Google form which then we would get the next problem solving task. You could hear each group getting excited as they solved a problem and were given the next part of the puzzle. Some of the problems involved using the four processes as well different parts of measurement.

Overall, it was really fun to participate in this ‘escape room challenge’  and we look forward to doing another one soon.

School Tours!

School Tours!

Throughout the year (particularly in term one) you may find many of our Year 6 leaders showing interested parents around HT about different elements of our school. This is an important responsibility for the year 6 students as many visitors make their decision after taking the tour.

Taking parents on a tour is something that the leaders have practised a number of times. Often we are called on to perform a tour in the middle of a lesson so we are thankful that we have practised conducting tours as sometimes it can be difficult to adjust our minds from concentrating on a Maths or RE lesson to be ready to lead families around our school.

We hope as year 6 leaders we are doing a good job at setting a good example for the younger students as well as to showing parents about all the wonderful parts of our school.

House Cross Country 2022

House Cross Country 2022

On Friday 18th of March all students from Prep to Year 6 participated in our annual House Cross Country event at Egan Lee Reserve.

This year we had a number of firsts including the students in Prep to Year 2 having an opportunity to participate in the event for the first time and the event taking place in term one (it usually happens in term two).

Mr. D had measured out a one kilometre circuit for everyone to follow which began on the training soccer fields and followed a track around the back of the main soccer field before returning back to the starting line again. Each class has been preparing for our cross country during their PE sessions this term.

Our Prep to Year 2 students completed one lap of this circuit (1km) whilst the 3/4 students completed two laps and the 5/6 students completed 3 laps.

Our District Cross Country team is chosen from the students who compete in our cross country and usually include students from Years 4, 5 and 6.

Thank you Mr D for organizing amazing fun day and thank you to our wonderful parent helpers and staff for assisting with the running event. Everyone overall did amazing and it was great to see everyone doing their best to keep active.

Here are the results of the students who came first in their Years 3 to 6.

Year 3’s: Jackson & Avery

Year 4’s: Luke & June

Year 5’s: Eden & Darcy

Year 6’s: Ella D & Nathan

Here are some photos from the day ……

Kinder Kids Reading

Kinder Kids Reading

On Monday 28 March, Holy Trinity had our first Kinder Kids Reading Session for 2022. Kinder Kids Reading Sessions take place each term and is where younger children come to visit HT and share some time with some of the older students of our school. On this occasion some of our Year 5 students were able to read with our Kinder visitors in our library. It is an exciting opportunity for both our Kinder visitors as well as our Year 5 students because some of these children may be buddies next year.

It looked like all our Kinder visitors had lots of fun with the Year 5 students as well as starting to get to know HT and some of their potential buddies in 2023.

Our next Kinder Kids Reading Session will take place on Monday 28 April.

House Athletics Day

House Athletics Day

On Monday the 7th of March all the students in Grades 3 to 6 went to Ringwood Athletics track to compete in our annual house athletics day.

Everyone had been practising for the different events during our PE lessons and many have been practising during recess and lunch times as well as in their own time.

The house captains arrived early at the athletics track at 8:30am to help Mr D with setting up.

Once everyone arrived we began our first event of the day which was the 800m (or two laps around the track). It was amazing how many students competed in this difficult event and there were some amazing achievements as the girls and boys competed against the other students in their year level.

After the 800m races students rotated around the different track and field events in their year level groups. The track and field events that the students competed in were shot put, discus, high jump, long jump, triple jump, hurdles, 200m and 100 m sprint.  As they competed in the different events they earned points for their house – Mackay (Blue),  MacKillop (Green), Dominic (Red) and Bunurong (Gold).

After many amazing performances our overall age champions for the day were ……

Year 3 – Jackson R and Emily W

Year 4 – June B and Luke W

Year 5 – Darcy B and Elizabeth Y and Eden W

Year 6 – Abbey G and Nathan P

The winning house was Bunurong (Gold) House followed by Dominic (Red), MacKillop (Green) and Mackay (Blue).

Thank you to Mr. D, Mrs. Patmore and all of our fantastic parent and teacher helpers for helping to make this such a special day for the students.

Here are some pictures of our students in action during the day ……

Year 6’s ‘Race to Zero’ Game

Year 6’s ‘Race to Zero’ Game

Last Friday the year six students were set a task of playing a game called ‘race to zero’. This game involved using a number line that expanded from -35 to 35 and the goal of the game to be the first to reach zero. Instead of drawing the number lines on paper Mrs Rocha creatively decided to use chalk to draw the number lines outside on the asphalt. If you walked outside near the senior school classrooms you might have seen long number lines drawn with all our working out.

We all learnt a lot from this lesson and we certainly created some extra excitement for this lesson as well. Here are a few pictures of our lesson.

Lego Sessions are up and running

Lego Sessions are up and running

Our Lego Engineering program is up and running for 2022 with lessons taking place for the students in Years 3 to 6.

The program helps to develop the students’ skills and knowledge in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) whilst building a variety of models such as a carousel, helicopter, industrial mixer and a chronoscope. During these lessons we learn about some of the different forces that help these machines work and students work with a partner to follow a series of instructions in order to build the model. We also look for ways to innovate our designs to help them to go faster, work safer or move with greater accuracy.

These sessions will continue throughout this year with the students in years 5 and 6 participating in the program this term and the students in years 3 and 4 completing a series of lessons next term. This program will continue throughout the remainder of the year hopefully without any of the COVID interruptions we have had in the past two year.

Here are our Year 5 students in action today building their carousel models…..

District Swimming

District Swimming

On Tuesday 22nd February, selected students from Year 3 to Year 6 were chosen to represent Holy Trinity & St. Mary’s at the Scoresby District Swimming carnival at Kilsyth Centenary Swimming Pool. This was after students had been participated in some swimming trials at Knox Leisureworks swimming pool over the past two Tuesday mornings.

Our school also had some big achievements including Wyatt who got first in 1st in freestyle, 1st in the 4 by 50m freestyle relay and 2nd in backstroke. He swam so well that he also was awarded age group champion for 9/10 boys which is a massive achievement. Some of the other year 4 winners were Liam who won his freestyle race, June and Grace who both came 2nd in breaststroke. June, Charlotte, Grace and Liam also helped to win the freestyle relay for the year 4 students. Hamish W also did a great job with coming first in his backstroke race for the Year 3’s.

The Year 5 students also had some really strong performances with some of our winners being Darcy who came 3rd in freestyle, Tyler G who won his backstroke and came 3rd in breastroke and Cara G who came 2nd in breaststroke. Chantal, Zac, Maddie, Eden and Siana also has strong results in their chosen events. In Year 6’s Zeke swam a great race to come 1st in butterfly and Belle was impressive with coming 3rd in backstroke. Mia got 3rd in freestyle, Ella D and Lucas got 1st in their breastroke races and Matt got 3rd in backstroke. Jordan and James also swam well to round off a great day for our swim team.

We had other students who may not have earned a ribbon in their race but still contributed to our school’s overall result with earning points in their race.

Overall, as a result of our fantastic efforts Holy Trinity & St. Mary’s were able to achieve 2nd place which is an amazing effort. Congrats to everyone for their participation and hard work!

Overall, it was all heaps of fun and everyone did a great job at consistently displaying the TORCH values whilst representing our school.

The Leaders of 2022

The Leaders of 2022

This year I am one of the lucky students to be selected to be a school captain for 2022. I am so excited to be a school captain but I also understand what an important role it is.

To be chosen as a school captain each person was required to complete a number of steps. Firstly, we had to to write a letter to Mr Downie (last year’s principal) outlining why we would make a good school captain and then we made a speech to the students in our year level about our qualities. As there were a number of great candidates for this role it was narrowed down to a top 8 then we had to demonstrate our leadership skills by taking Mr Downie on a school tour as if he was a new parent making a decision about whether HT would be a good fit for his child/ren. Ella, Zeke, Nathan and myself were the lucky students chosen as the school captains and our responsibilities began even before the beginning of the new school year when we had some new photos taken with our new school principal, Mr. Scutt.

So far the responsibilities we have undertaken as school captains have included leading Monday morning assembly, meeting with Mr. Scutt and Mr. Harvie on a number of occasions and this Friday will help lead our first online assembly with Mr. Scutt and I am very excited about this (and a bit nervous as well). Soon we will be leading the school tours for new families that would like to enroll their child to our community.

I can’t wait for all the leadership opportunities that all the year sixes will have in their leadership roles for 2022.

Here are our year six leaders …..

School Captains: Mia (Me), Ella G, Zeke and Nathan.

House / Sport Captains: Belle and Abbey (Green), Mark and Finn (Blue), James, Liv and Ava (Gold) Mya and Jordan (Red).

Art Leaders: Tazio, Xavier, Divyani, Bailee and Chloe.

Digitech Leaders: Spencer, Roman, Lucas, Jacob and Matt.

Environmental Leaders: Charlotte, Izzy, Liam and Nathan.

Liturgy Leaders: Zeke, Mia, Leonardo and Ella G.

Friendship Leaders: Poppy, Ella D, Curtis and Angel.

Learning Leaders: Elliott, Melissa, Abigail and Bec.

Digitech leaders

Digitech leaders

On Monday,  the year 6 Digitech leaders met for the first time to discuss our leadership responsibilities with this role as well as to outline some possible ideas that we will try to undertake as Digitech leaders this year.

Some of these ideas included introducing a new Minecraft Club for beginners, having an advanced Minecraft club later in the year and possibly introducing a coding club. The Digitech leaders will begin to meet each week to prepare some lessons so that later on this term we will be ready to begin a new Minecraft Club. More information about the Minecraft Club and any other Digitech clubs will be shared in the coming weeks once we have confirmed details such as the most suitable days to have our clubs and what age levels will be most suited to the lessons.

In addition, the Digitech leaders will be visiting each class on a weekly basis to help support teachers with any technical issues they may be experiencing in their classroom.

Here are our Digitech leaders for this year and we are excited about leading our school in the area of Digitech.

Year 6 Smart Generation Webinar- T-shirt Design

Year 6 Smart Generation Webinar- T-shirt Design

On Tuesday the 9th of November, the Year 6s held a Webinar about why we shouldn’t drink alcohol at a young age and why we should drink responsibly when at highschool parties or hangouts etc. In Art, we had to design a shirt to wear at the webinar. We voted on which design would be made into a shirt, there were many amazing designs. My design was chosen and it was made into the shirt that we wore in the webinar. A HUGE thank you to Mrs Laming for helping us with the design.

We had to incorporate a slogan into our design, the slogan was “First you take a drink, and then the drink takes you.” so I put a big cross around a silhouetto of a bottle of alcohol, and inside the red X I wrote the slogan. I had a great time learning throughout this program.

Written by Abbey

Smart Generation

Smart Generation

Smart Generation- Year 6 Webinar. 

Back in Term 1, the Year 6 level participated in a unit called Smart Generation organised by the EACH program. We learnt about the impact alcohol can have on young bodies. Over this unit we also learnt about the brain sustainability and when our brain fully grows. This topic was supposed to last only 1 term but ended up lasting all four terms due to the Covid-19 lockdown.

We participated in role positions to act in a scenario of what could happen when there is peer pressure. We also made a slogan which was “First you take a drink and then the drink takes you” and we designed a logo which was voted on by our Year 6 level. Our Year 6 level created a Webinar to show our parents what we have learnt about Smart Generation and to show them our reflection videos from online learning. We spent a couple of days practicing our readings and presentation and when the day came it was a huge success! 

We learnt a lot of things that could help us in the future and now we know what the responsible thing to do in situations that involve alcohol. A HUGE thank you to Mrs Smith, Mr D, Miss Tubby, Mrs Laming, and Mrs Johnson for all their efforts in teaching us this unit. Also, thank you to Mrs Whelan and Deborah from EACH for allowing us this amazing opportunity. 

Written by Luke, Sunny and Lara



Welcome back everyone!

We are so excited to have everyone back at school, all together again. All the staff were so happy to see all your smiling faces this morning. The bubbles were a big hit and it was great to see everyone using their bubble wands on the playground and oval.