Interschool Sports – Cricket

Interschool Sports – Cricket

On Wednesday August 24th and Tuesday 6th September the years 5’s and 6’s represented Holy Trinity and St. Mary’s at Interschool Cricket. The other schools that we played against included Wattleview, Scoresby, St Judes, Kent Park and Bayswater West and all games were played at HV Jones Reserve at Mountain Gate. We were divided into two team with team A being an all boys team and team B being a mixed team.

We were the first school to arrive at the ground so we had some time to practise our bowling and batting skills. Once all the schools arrived we ate some food and went to our assigned cricket pitches to play our games. Each school had an A and B team and for the first day the A teams played against the B teams.

On day 1 our A team was ‘on fire’ and won all their games while our B team played well but missed out on achieving any victories. However, on day 2 all the B teams played against one another and the A teams played the other A teams from the other schools. The B team showed how much they had improved throughout the competition by winning half of their games and once again our A team won all of their games meaning they were they were the champions of the entire tournament. As Division champion our A team will play against the winners of other Divisions at the cricket District Championship next term.

Overall, it was a highly successful two days for our cricket teams and they represented our school using the same TORCH values that they use at school.

Here are a few photos of our Interschool Cricket teams ….


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