Digitech Sessions (The Ozobots have landed at HT!!!)

Digitech Sessions (The Ozobots have landed at HT!!!)

Over the last few weeks the students in Digitech have been learning to code using our Ozobots. An Ozobot in a small robot the responds to different colours – mainly red, green, blue and black. When you draw these codes together in different sequences it can make the Ozobot move in different ways. Some of our favourite moves so far have been the Nitro boost (fast speed), tornado (spin around) and backwalk (go backwards) and pause 3 seconds.

Our latest task requires the students to make the Ozobot do a series of moves including right and left turns, change speeds and do a ‘cool’ move such as the backwalk. Another task required the students to complete a bowling challenge where the Ozobot needed to knock over some bowling pins. These challenges¬† certainly got our brains going.

Here are the students in action during our Ozobot sessions ….

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