Father’s Day Celebration

Father’s Day Celebration

On Friday the 30th of August Holy Trinity and St. Mary’s celebrated Fathers Day. We began the day with our annual Father’s Day breakfast. It was great that all the dads to chat with their mates and the kids got to hang out with their dads (and play a bit as well).

Most dads got to eat a couple of sausages and had a cup coffee or tea. The kids also enjoyed the sausages and the juice. During the breakfast lots of families purchased tickets for the raffle with the master prize being a Google Mini.

After the breakfast many dads got to read with their children around the school during our Books and Blokes session.

We are also very lucky to have lots of great mums (including my mum) to organise lots of gifts for our Father’s Day stall. The children came into the stall with lots of money and excitement as they got to buy gifts for their wonderful dads.

Overall, the Father’s Day Celebrations were amazing!

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