3/4 Minecraft Club

3/4 Minecraft Club

This term our Digitech leaders have started up a new Minecraft Club for the students in years 3 & 4. Minecraft Club takes place each Wednesday at lunchtimes in the Tech Lab. The Digitech leaders have been preparing for our Minecraft Club sessions since early last term during our weekly Digitech meetings. So far during our Minecraft lessons we have run a Keyboard shortcuts and mouse controlling session and a maze race session where we practised different command controls. This week we are practising our ability to collect different resources through a group build challenge. Building teamwork is an important skill in Minecraft and one that we didn’t plan for before we began taking these sessions. In the future we are planning to have everyone participate in a Minecraft Athletics event where the students will compete against each other in different Minecraft challenges. All the students appear to be really enjoying the sessions with smiles on their faces and there is great excitement in the Tech Lab every Wednesday. Next term we are planning a Minecraft Club for the students in year 2 and possibly year 1.

Here are a couple of photos of the Minecraft Club in action recently …..


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