Prep Digitech Classes

Prep Digitech Classes

This term in Digitech the Prep students have been working hard developing their keyboarding skills using the BBC typing program. The Preps have been learning about using all of their fingers when typing, keeping a straight back by making sure our chair is pushed in and looking at the screen. Here is a few of our Preps in action during our typing sessions in Digitech this term.

In addition, the Preps have been developing their skills with using a mouse whilst using the Pivot animator program. This program involves moving a stick figure around using your mouse. Through creating a series of movement frames the students are able to create a video animation which we all enjoy watching together.  In our latest project the Prep were required to get the stick figure climb across the monkey bars. The students have a lot of fun using this program but also learn that to be successful with using the program you need to take your time and be patient.

Here is a picture of what one our Prep students was able to create …..

Overall, we are very proud with how much the Preps have progressed with their ability to navigate around the computer in the first half of this year and we have lots more exciting plans for our Digitech learning next term.


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