Cyber Safety ‘Mind maps’

Cyber Safety ‘Mind maps’

During the past few Digitech sessions the students in Years 1 to 6 have been learning to use an online mind mapping program called Mindmup. Mind mapping is a visual way of setting out our learning where we put together similar ideas into groups much like we group our ideas into paragraphs or onto the same slide. Students enjoy the ability to use images to represent a phrase as well as to colour code the different topics that they use. Our Digitech mind maps demonstrated our cyber safety understanding that we have developed during remote learning.

I would like to say a massive THANK YOU to our wonderful parents who supported their children in learning to use this new program. I’m sure they learnt some new skills as well during our unit. This program will certainly be regularly used in classrooms in the years to come.

Here is a small representation of some of the impressive mind maps that have been created over the past few weeks.

Year 1/2’s Mind maps

Year 3/4’s Mind maps


Year 5/6’s Mind maps


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