What’s new in Digitech in 2020?

What’s new in Digitech in 2020?

In 2020 there are some big changes in the technology we can use at HT. We have new computers along the wall in the Tech Lab as well as new keyboards and mice. These computers work a lot quicker so that every computer is a lot more reliable. In addition, every student in years 3 to 6 can use their own chromebook in class to support their learning (whereas in the past classes needed to share chromebooks) and for the first time the students in year 2 will have the opportunity to share a set of chromebooks between their classes as well. Every classroom has their own interactive television which is a great way to share our learning together and teachers plan together using their Microsoft Pro laptops. This shows how lucky we are to be students at Holy Trinity & St. Mary’s in 2020.

The Digitech leaders for 2020 should hopefully have some exciting news to share with some of the projects we plan to do with the students during the year. Stay tuned!!!


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