Sandpit Helpers

Sandpit Helpers

At recess and lunchtime many students like to play in our sandpit. We were lucky enough to have some new toys purchased over the school holidays including new buckets, spades and sifters.  All the students who choose to play in the sandpit really enjoy using these new toys.

At the end of each lunchtime all the students who play in the sandpit should help to pack away the sand toys into the containers so that the sandpit is tidy for the next day. This is the way that we like to pack up our sandpit.

Today when the bell rang some of the students who were playing in the sandpit forgot to pack up the sand toys. Fortunately,  these wonderful students stayed behind to help pack up.

Thank you to Tyler, Rafael, Xavier and Randolph for helping to keep our school tidy.


One thought on “Sandpit Helpers

  1. I’ve watched students play in the sand pit before and it made me realised just how important it is to have one in our schools.
    Children play together, independently and from all years levels. Great place to make new friends.

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