Emailing Guidelines for Everyone at HT

Emailing Guidelines for Everyone at HT

Hi everyone,

With most of us sending a lot more emails since we began our ‘learning from home’ program it is easy to forget that when we are sending an email it is just like sending a letter in an envelope like they used to do many centuries ago ….. Actually only 20 years ago letter sending was still the most popular way of communicating to others.

In addition, we often learn about the importance of using your manners when you speak to others such as please, waiting your turn and speaking to others in a calm manner. So too, is it just as important to use your manners when sending an email. For this reason we have some important guidelines that all people in our community are expected to keep.  These include making sure you write each email with a subject, using an appropriate welcome such as ‘How are you going today?” and making sure you finish the email with some kind of farewell such as ‘Thank you for your time.’

Finally, we all recognise the importance of walking away from our devices and having some non screen time as well and hence no emails are to be sent to others before 7am and after 9pm. If an email must be sent outside of these hours some people may choose to use the schedule send option where you can time it so that receiver gets this email at a better time such as 9am the next morning.

Here is the document that we revisit in Digitech sessions each year for everyone to refer to. Thanks for all the wonderful efforts with your learning  already and keep up the great work!

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