Google Meet Timetable

Google Meet Timetable

Hi everyone. With the first week of our home learning almost completed here is our Google Meet timetable for everyone to refer to for Week 2. Google Meet is our videoing platform for students to connect with their teachers and classmates.

Try to remember the following guidelines each time you participate in a Google Meet session …..

  1. Suitable clothing.
  2. Suitable backdrop. Open learning space (not in your bedroom) and ‘interruption free’ during the session.
  3. Be on time. Open up the Google Meet link and have everything ready 10 minutes beforehand.
  4. Microphone on mute. Turn this on red unless you are speaking.
  5. Keep our Digitech Rules eg. think before you post (or speak).

Please note that whilst we try to keep to these times as much as possible that our Google Meet timetable is subject to change. Any changes to the timetable will automatically update on this page once you have refreshed the blog page. This timetable can always be accessed via the Student Portal (just look under the Announcement section of this webpage).

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