Home Learning is ‘up and running’

Home Learning is ‘up and running’

Hi everyone,

Welcome to term 2 – a completely new way of learning from outside the four walls of the school classroom. Today is a ‘settling in’ day like most of us would normally do for a new term. Our parents (who are also our first teachers) may need some guidance during the day as many of them have not been to primary school since the dinosaurs roamed the Earth (well maybe not that long).

Today, here is a simple activity for all parents to try to do sometime during today’s day of learning. I would like parents to take a picture of their child/ren completing some of their learning. It may be of them working at a desk, practising some meditation skills, watching a video that their teacher has shared with them or having a brain break doing one of Mrs. Harrison’s fantastic PE exercises.

I then would like parents to send this photo to their class teacher as a quick way of touching base with them. Class teachers may not necessarily reply to these emails as they will be teaching throughout the day but it is a nice way to show them that your child is engaged in our home learning program. I would love to put some of these photos onto the school blog as well so if you give permission for me to post a photo of your child/ren please CC me in on the email to the class teacher. My email address is smullavey@htws.catholic.edu.au

Please also note that the Prep to Year 2 online program will begin after the students have made their way through the pack that was provided at the end of last term.

Below is a list of all teaching staff’s email addresses for your reference.

Cheers and have a great day with your beautiful families.

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