Regional Hoop Time

Regional Hoop Time

On Wednesday the 16th of October two teams from year 4 went to the State Basketball Stadium to represent Holy Trinity at the Regional Hoop Time Competition.

Our team (the Tigers) played played 4 pool games where we won 3 games and lost 1 by just one point. Our other HT team (the Titans) won 2 games and lost 2 in their pool. Both teams played well enough in their pool games to make it to the finals.

In the qualifying finals the Tigers had a really tight game. The game went into overtime and one free throw with just 15 seconds to go sealed the game for the other team in a devastating way for the HT Tigers as they just lost. In the other final the Titans also played really well but unfortunately lost by a bigger margin.

Overall, both teams played really well representing HT but ultimately got knocked out. Hopefully they will be back next year.


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