School Photos

School Photos

On Thursday 28th of March it was time to pretty ourselves up because it was school photos day.

We all made sure our hair was nicely styled and we had our smiley faces on ready for the big day. Everyone has an  individual and a class photo taken. We also have family photos taken for students that have siblings.  The year six students have an additional photo taken in their leadership teams. For example, all the sport leaders had a photo taken together. I also got to have a special School Captain photo taken with the other 3 school captains which will be a photo I will treasure for the rest of my life.. The company that takes our school photos is called MSP and we  have been using them for quite a few years. It usually takes a couple of months before all the photos come back to the school so they will most probably come before the end of term 2.

Overall it was a fun day where we got to show off our hair styles and of course our smiles.


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