Twilight Sports

Twilight Sports

Last Wednesday (13th of March) the students of Holy Trinity and St Mary’s participated in our annual Twilight Sports event. Our four houses Bunarong (Gold), Mackay (Blue), Mackillop (Green)  and Dominic (Red) all did a great job for the event. These houses were well led by ….. : Thomas and Niamh (Bunarong), Archie and Chloe (Mackay), Lachlan and Bella (Mackillop) and Nik and Caitlin (Dominic).

The evening began with our field house events where teams competed together to try to gain points for their team. We then went onto the Sprint events which were completed by the students in Prep to Year 2. We then had some relays and finished off the evening with the Fran Rascas races.

The house who ended up winning the Spirit Shield for Good Sportsmanship was Mackay.

The overall winning team for Twilight Sports was Bunarong so congrats to all the Gold team!

Here are some pictures from last Wednesday ……


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