Ash Wednesday at Holy Trinity

Ash Wednesday at Holy Trinity

Today is Ash Wednesday which is a special day marking the first day of Lent. During our Ash Wednesday Mass everyone had ashes placed on their forehead in the shape of a cross. Ashes are used because it is a symbol of new life just like new plants and grass grow after a bushfire.

Lent is a special season in the Church where we try to do more praying, fasting (giving up something we can live without such as chocolate or electronics) and almsgiving (giving some money to a charity such as Project Compassion). During Lent the colour purple is used in the Church. It also is a season that lasts for 40 days because Jesus survived in the desert for forty days with very little food or water. Many Christians also go without meat on Ash Wednesday and each Friday during the Lenten season. The end of Lent we celebrate Easter which is a time where we remember the Resurrection of Jesus.

Here are some pictures of today’s Ash Wednesday celebration…..

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