Welcome to 2018!

Welcome to 2018!

Welcome to a new school year of blogging at HT and St. Mary’s.

It is exciting to see everyone’s happy faces after a restful break. The students are very enthusiastic and ready to learn.

We welcome our Preps and other new students and hope you are settling into school well.

The site of our school blog has changed slightly this year. We encourage you to bookmark the following link to refer to on a regular basis.


Hopefully our school blog continues to provide you with lots of opportunities to gain an insight into the world of learning at Holy Trinity and St. Mary’s. We encourage you to contribute your thoughts to different posts and remember to only use first names and keep all comments positive.

This year the students will be contributing to our school blog on a much larger scale. It will be exciting to see life at HT and St. Mary’s through the eyes of our students.

Keep a look out for more posts to our school blog in the coming days and weeks.

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