Camp News by 4 Blue

Camp News by 4 Blue


During our stay at Adanac we were served some delicious and healthy food. We got to sit next to our friends in the dining room and enjoy meals with them. Once we sat down, each table was called up one by one to serve themselves. Teachers were also there to help us. On the first day for afternoon tea we had homemade MnM cookies which were extraordinary! For dinner we had pasta bolognese and ice-cream sundaes for dessert. For breakfast the next day, we had a continental breakfast which included toast, porridge, cereal and juices. We ate yummy jam donuts for morning tea and our last meal was a healthy wrap with AFC (Adanac Fried Chicken).

Vienna & Gloria


A big part of camp was going to bed in our cabins. For some people, this was challenging as this was the first time they have been away from home. But eventually we all got some sleep. We learnt how to cope being away from our parents and sleeping in different beds.

Alex & Bella B

Flying Fox

One of the highlights during camp was the flying fox. The flying fox was a very long zipline that was above the hill and part of Adanac lake. As you flew down the zipline a rush of exhilaration passed through everyone! We learnt that flying foxes are not as scary as they seem and can be exciting, fun and enjoyable.

Charlotte, Grace, Madi & Alyssa

The Waterslide

Adanac had a giant waterslide that was 110m long. It was really fast, slippery and super fun to slide down. We had to wrap a blue mat around us to stop us from getting hurt or slipping off.  The waterslide had extremely cold water running down it which gave everyone a tiny shock which was very funny. The slide led into Adanac lake where we ‘ended up’ making BIG splashes!

Joshua, Luke & Chavez


Canoeing was one of the most enjoyable activities during camp. It was AMAZING, INTERESTING and FABULOUS! After learning about safety and how to canoe, we played a game called ‘Shark and Seal’ which was so much fun. We got to practice how to steer the canoe with our partners and raced each other at the end. Canoeing looks hard but is actually really easy.

Charlotte, Grace, Madi & Alyssa

Hut building

One of the activities where we had to work together was Hut building. We have to find branches to build a waterproof hut. It was very fun and exciting. After our hut was complete, we all had to go inside and the teachers had to pour a whole bucket of water inside the hut to check if they were waterproof. Our favourite part was trying to find the right branches and watching people get soaked!

Ezekiel & Kayden

Ga Ga Ball

Ga Ga Ball was one of the free time games we played at camp that included everyone. It gave everyone a chance to have a go and try something new. The idea of the game is to stand inside an arena and use your hands to hit a ball and try to get them out. The ball must hit the body below the knees. The winner of the game is the last person left in the arena untouched by the ball. Ga Ga Ball was an entertaining game because when you’re out you get to watch and learn other techniques from the students still playing.

Chris & Tom

Low Ropes

During the Low Ropes course at Adanac, we had to do a Ninja Warrior obstacle. Our first obstacle was walking on a tightrope holding onto a green rope and the last obstacle was balancing on a tightrope holding onto a blue rope. You had to pull yourself back to make the rope stiff for easier balancing. We also had spotters on our left and right sides just in case we fell over. This was a great experience where we got to practise our balancing skills and as well as learning to trust others.

James, Owen & Sam

Free time activities

During our free time at camp, there are a lot of activities that we could do. These included playing foosball, cage soccer, table tennis, Ga-Ga ball basketball, jumping on trampolines and mindful colouring in. 

Brianna & Yvonne

Campfire & Night walk

After our delicious dinner on the first night, we went on a night walk with our torches which was led by Mr Kumar. During the night walk some people saw possums and heard animal noises which might have been ‘Fred’ – the famous vegetarian crocodile at Adanac. After the night walk, we had a campfire, roasted some marshmallows and sang ‘Kumbaya, My Lord’.  After the campfire, most people felt tired, sleepy and worn out after such a fun-filled day, so we went back to our cabins and got ready for bed.

Alex & Bella B    



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  1. Thanks to Mr. Kumar and 4 Blue for sharing so much about your camp. It sounded like you had fantastic fun.

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