The 5/6s Experience at Waratah Beach Camp

The 5/6s Experience at Waratah Beach Camp

The Year 5/6 students have just returned from Waratah Beach Camp. Read to find out about some of the activities they have done.

Jayden Grima “I really enjoyed camp because we all got a turn on everything.”

Cooper Barron “We all experienced a wonderful time by taking part in the activities. We can’t wait to do it again!”

Amy Mitcham “We all enjoyed our fun experiences. I especially loved all of the use of teamwork that was involved in our fun risk-taking activities.”

Joshua Hart “5\6 camp was a blast of a time, we did a lot of fun activities”.

Sienna Mallia “Everyone had so much fun on camp and loved looking for soldier crabs.”

Natalie Apostolopoulos “Camp was such an enjoyable experience especially since we were all together.”

Claudia Dell’Orso “We all had so much fun, it’s a good experience for everyone because you learn lots of new things, like how to surf.”

Michael Comber “Everyone had lots of fun and was super tired at the end.”

Julius Palmer “The food was really good and the staff were really nice.”

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