Tree Planting Day

Tree Planting Day

On Friday the 11th of August, all the students at our school went to Lakewood Reserve for tree planting. There were people at the Lake from Knox Council who helped the students with planting the trees as part of the ‘one tree per child’ program. The children had lots of fun and learnt a lot about how to look after our environment.

3 thoughts on “Tree Planting Day

  1. It is brilliant to see the school taking such initiatives and kids doing a wonderful job! keep up the good work all! Devna

  2. What a wonderful opportunity to learn about the environment and give back. Look forward to seeing more sustainability integrated into the school.

  3. What a great idea for children to be involved in planting to help our environment. Can’t wait to see how all the plants grow and the children to see there hard work pay off.

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