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Month: August 2016

A Great Beginning to Literacy and Numeracy Week

A Great Beginning to Literacy and Numeracy Week

We had fun today for Literacy and Numeracy week when we went to all of the 1/2 classrooms. In Mrs Campbell’s class we did measuring, in Miss McGing’s class we played ‘Location Location’ and used a grid and we did some mapping, in Mrs Capron’s we played a number game and with Miss Ryan we made play dough fractions. We had a great time doing the activities because we got to do lots of maths.

Yesterday we did a level book swap where we shared our favourite books from home and we also did a whole school number activity.

book swapIMG_0401[1]

Book Week art displays in the library

Book Week art displays in the library

We have been looking at all of the Children’s Book Council of Australia Book of the Year nominated books in the library.

In art class Mrs Laming used the book My Dead Bunny as inspiration for students in Grades 3/4 to become illustrators too!

Zombie illustrations








The students in 5/6W were inspired to explore Aboriginal Art by the Book Week theme of Australia: Story Country.


story country 56W display

Visit the library and have a look at these fabulous works of art!

Summer Sports Round Robin

Summer Sports Round Robin

Student sports reports Softball.

On the 26th of August, the Softballers participated in the Summer Sports, which were held at Gilbert Park, Ferntree Gully. The girls won their first game 0-7 against St Bernadette’s and we won our second game 0-9 against Knox Park. In our last game, we drew 4-4 with Bayswater South.

Altogether it was a great day and we all had fun!

The boys and girls are also going through to the district finals which is in two weeks.


Congratulations to the HT and St M BMX boys

Congratulations to the HT and St M BMX boys


Last Friday we had a number of boys from Prep to Year 4 participate in the BMX schools championships at Knox BMX track.

Congratulations boys on coming 1st in the Eastern Region.

A huge thank you to Lisa Hall for organising our students and the other parents who supported this event.

well done boys.

Student Voice Heard for our New Playground

Student Voice Heard for our New Playground


The 1/2s have been busy giving Mr Mutimer some ideas for the new playground by making models. We really liked making our playgrounds and being innovative. Being innovative means creating and making stuff in our minds and improving things.

When we spoke to Mr Mutimer he said, “There are some great ideas, but we can’t do them all.”

We tried our best and we didn’t give up when we had problems.

Written by 1/2R

Prep Prayer Service

Prep Prayer Service

The Preps and Prep families enjoyed a reverent and peaceful morning remembering Mother Mary. 

Monday the 15th  August was the feast of Mary’s Assumption. The Assumption means that Mary was taken up into heaven not only with her soul, but also with her body.

Thank you Preps and families for joining us.


prayer serviceprayer service 2

3/4G’s New Word Wall

3/4G’s New Word Wall

image (1)

3/4 G are very excited by their new Word Wall! Check out the comments below to hear what they have to say for themselves –

“I think the Word Wall is good for people as it encourages us to use new and interesting words in our writing.” Andre

“The Word Wall is extending my vocabulary a lot and helping with my spelling.” Jack. W

I think the Word Wall is a really good idea. It will help us with our spelling, writing and language. I can’t wait for my knowledge to grow bigger and bigger.” Ella

“I can learn more words on the Word Wall.” Logan

“The Word Wall’s purpose is to make you use more interesting words in your writing. My opinion of the Word Wall is that I think it is good and works really well.” Ben. S

“I think that the Word Wall is great because it helps me with my learning. I use some of the words in my writing and reading. A lot of them are really long and interesting.” Declan

“I really appreciate the Word Wall and I think it really helps everyone with their vocabulary and their writing.” Lizzie

“I think the Word Wall is a real big help with spelling and vocab. Big thanks!” Will

“I think the Word Wall is a big help on assisting us clarify words and share our great words in our writing.” Audrey

“I think the Word Wall helps us learn more with our spelling and writing.” Izzy

I think the Word Wall is good because people can learn new words from it and can use the words in their writing and speaking.” Jack. J

“I think the Word Wall is great. It helps us learn new words every day. The Word Wall is organised from A-Z.” Luca

“I think the Word Wall is really good because in the class people can expand their vocabulary and learn more words to put in their writing e.g tests, Naplan, narratives, recounts and way more”. Raghubir

“The Word Wall really helps me with my descriptive writing and using interesting words in my school work, at home and when I talk. Also, I get to find out words I didn’t know before or might have forgotten.” Cheyenne

“I think the Word Wall is reliable because it helps the kids do fantastic writing and if one kid does a clever word, other kids can learn more words every day.” Jasmine

“I think the Word Wall is a really good learning tool to use and make new words in your writing and you are learning what things mean. I also think that you can learn and read hard words.” Araliya