Preps in Tech

Preps in Tech

Recently, in Tech the Preps have been learning about how to use their emails. So many of them were greeted with a huge surprise when they read an email from a special ‘someone’. The way their faces ‘lit up’ with the realisation that someone had sent them a special message¬†was magical. It is a really nice way of showing them how special they are.

Thanks to all the Prep parents for taking the time to organise a special email for your children. Keep an ‘eye out’ over the coming days as the Preps finish their letters and send them to their special person via email. I know they are very excited to share about their first year of school.

The Preps have done lots of amazing work in Tech this year. Well done and enjoy your last few weeks of being a Prep student before you become big Year 1 students!

Mr. Mullavey

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