Friendship Groups begin for 2020

Friendship Groups begin for 2020

Last Friday we had our first Friendship Groups session for 2020. Our Friendship Groups are formed from a mix of students from different classes throughout the school  Our first session for this year was based on Tolerance which is one of our TORCH values. We gathered as a group and did a couple of activities like being given a piece of string and wrapping it around our finger while we talk about ourselves and when the string was fully wrapped around our finger we stopped so the next person could have a go.  The session was mainly about getting to know each other because some of us were new to the group like the Preps or even some of the Grade 6s.

Here is are some of photos of us in action …….

One thought on “Friendship Groups begin for 2020

  1. I love the idea of friendship groups. I know my kids have always enjoyed them. Building friendships in the school community.

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