Year 6 Lego Sessions

Year 6 Lego Sessions

This term the year 6 students have been working really hard on some new LEGO projects. Last week we built a Street Sweeper and this week we are going to build a Light Aeroplane which sounds exciting. After we look  at the project and figure out how to do it, we work with a partner(s) to build the LEGO model. One of the most important parts of the lesson is when we get together on the floor to talk about how the model works and some of the improvements that can be made to make our model work even better. Often we showcase our models for the rest of the class to view but this is optional. Sometimes during our showcase sessions someone’s model may fall apart which can be quite funny but it also shows us that it is ok if something goes wrong. Overall, our Lego sessions have been really fun and I can’t wait for our next lesson!

Here are a few of our Year 6’s showcasing their models …….


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