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Learning in Prep Yellow!

Learning in Prep Yellow!

This term the students in Prep have been learning lots of new skills both during home learning and since they have been back at school.

Some of the areas that the Preps have been learning about since returning to school include …..

Literacy – writing recounts. The Preps were using bubbles when they were writing recounts and it looked like a lot of fun. They have also been learning how to write their work on dotted lines.        Here are some pictures of the Preps hard at work …..

In Maths, Prep Yellow have been learning how to order numbers both from smallest to largest and largest to smallest. One of the activities they did for Maths included looking through LEGO catalogs and ordering the items from the ones they wanted the most through to the one they wanted the least.

Here are some pictures of this activity …..

Overall, I think the Preps have had a great job with their learning and have earned a nice long break over the school holidays.

We look forward to hearing about what the Preps will learn about next term.

3/4 Cricket Blast

3/4 Cricket Blast

On Wednesday the 16th of October all the students in Year 3 and 4 went to Eastern Lions oval on Lewis Road to participate in the Woolworths Cricket Blast day. Before we competed Mrs. Harrison had already put us into teams and we had been practising at school with cricket players who were running a clinic during PE sessions.

During the day we began with everyone participating in a cricket clinic where we practised the main skills of fielding, batting and bowling. After this we competed against other schools in a game. Overall each team played 3 games.

My favourite part of the day was after every game where we got to use the Woolworths smoothie maker.

Overall, the 3/4 Cricket Blast was a really fun day.