Winter School Sports (Netball)

Winter School Sports (Netball)

Late last term, a group of year 5 and 6 girls were chosen to represent HT in the Interschool Sports Netball Championships. decided to compete in the Netball. In the first game our team played Boronia K-12 and we won 3 to 1. In the  second game we played against Wattleview and we won 15 to 5. In our third and final game we played Knox Park and won again 14 to 3 meaning that we ended up winning all 3 games!

Overall, everyone enjoyed playing and was happy with how well we had played. We all learnt lots about how to play netball which was an amazing experience!  Also a big thanks to Mrs Rocha, Carly (Lyla’s mum) and Mrs Jekle for taking us there and to Mr D for training us!


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