Assembly, Term 4, Week 2

Assembly, Term 4, Week 2

Such an exciting week for everyone…students excited about being back with their friends, teachers excited about seeing students face to face…and parents, we could hear some sighs of relief as you drove off on Monday morning.

Well done for a successful first week back.

Congratulations to all of our award winners this week.

Mrs Harrison has put all the results of the first ever Holy Trinity “At Home Olympics” into a slideshow for you to look through and find the results for your year level. Fantastic effort from everyone who participated. A big thank you to Mrs Harrison for putting this idea together and collating all of the results.


One thought on “Assembly, Term 4, Week 2

  1. Great work by all our HT and St Marys students! We might need to add another ‘R’ to our TORCH values …. resilient. These kids are showing us all how to be resilient in this time.

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