Let’s read about Diversity!

Let’s read about Diversity!

On the 23rd of November, 5/6 W, 1/2MC and 1/2C gathered together in the library to share books that show Diversity. The 5’s and 6’s each got assigned to a couple of the 1/ 2’s each and shared our thoughts on diversity in our library books. The 1’s and 2’s listened to what the 5/ 6’s had to say and they answered questions they asked. The next activity was to find a book on the shelves that showed diversity. The 1/ 2’s task was to show the older students where the diversity was and to prove it using the text or illustrations. The 1/ 2’s did very well answering the questions and proved their thoughts about diversity in picture books quite well. They showed deep thinking and were well behaved. The 5/6s enjoyed sharing their learning and spending their afternoon with the 1/2s.

By Chloe and Rosh (5/6W)

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