Writers’ Notebook

Writers’ Notebook

In Year 6 we are learning about keeping a writer’s notebook.

What is a writer’s notebook (you might ask)?  A writer’s notebook is not a diary or a journal but  a way to express ourselves. It is a place where you can jot down what you feel or draw what is on your mind or just a place to write how your day went. We use our writers’ notebook mainly during Literacy but you can use it whenever you want . Many of us enjoy writers’ notebook time because it feels less like learning time.

Stella and I went around to ask some of the students about their thoughts of using writers’ notebook and this is what they shared ……

“I love to draw pictures in my writer’s notebook and it is good to come back to these later on.” Dakotah

“I love to jot down things that are important to me and it helps me come up with stories for my writing.”  Dominica 

Here is a couple of pictures from our writers’ notebook time.

By Chanelle and Stella 

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