Year 5 Leadership Day

Year 5 Leadership Day

On the 25th of November the Year 5’s participated in a Leadership Day to prepare to be a leader for 2020. The first part of the day was a leadership speech by Mr Downie where we learnt about some of the “greatest leaders in history” including Jesus. After recess we worked on our leadership letters where we wrote about which leadership roles we would like to be next year. The Year 5’s were lucky enough to have burgers for lunch. In the afternoon we did some leadership activities and finished off a great day with eating icy poles before we left school.

Overall, the Year 5’s are really looking forward to being the leaders of the school in 2020.

*One thing that we learnt about was that next year our school will be opening up the time capsule that was buried 25 years ago.

By James & Stella


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