Our School Garden 🌼🐞🌱

Our School Garden 🌼🐞🌱

Recently at Holy Trinity the Environmental leaders have been work on weeding and replanting our veggie garden! Soon we will be able to harvest our lovely range of veggies and herbs. We will hopefully be cooking a wonderful dish in time for carols. Keep your eyes on the blog for more garden updates in the coming weeks!

Stay green thumbs. πŸŒ±πŸ‘

Here are some photos :

Our beautiful Herbs.
Our Flowers – Marigolds 🌻

By Chloe Hall & Isabella Mrad

One thought on “Our School Garden 🌼🐞🌱

  1. Great work! I love walking past the veggie garden and seeing all the love and attention it gets from the students! Keep up the great work!

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