Budgeting Unit in 5 Blue

Budgeting Unit in 5 Blue

In Inquiry this term the students in 5 Blue have been learning about budgeting and keeping a greater control of our money. At the beginning of the topic everyone in our class had to pull out a job from a list in a hat. On our first week everyone started off with $2000 dollars.

Each week we get to choose a chance card from a hat with some events being good where you getting extra money whilst other events mean that you need to pay money back (a bit like the game of Monopoly). After you get your chance card you have to write down what happened for the week in your book. We are also keeping a table of our expenses such as for mortgage, electricity, water and transportin Google Sheets (like the picture below).

We are looking forward to our next payday so that we have enough money for all of our bills.

Overall, I am finding this unit fun because it is getting you ready for when you are an adult and need to earn money for real.

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