PBL at St Mary’s

PBL at St Mary’s

At St Mary’s we been doing PBL as a reward for all of our great learning. PBL stands for positive behaviour learning.  It works like this …..

First if you show one of the skills on our star chart then a St. Mary’s teacher might give you a star which you place next to your name on the Positive Behaviour board. The teacher also gives you a raffle ticket which we try to collect for the week. If any St. Mary’s student earns three raffle tickets for the week you earn a prize including doing some fun activities on Friday afternoon.

As part of St. Mary’s wonderful work we were lucky enough to go on an excursion to a theatre to watch a play called Possum Magic. During the play two possums whose names were Hush and Grandma travelled around Australia to find a spell to make Hush visible again. I wonder if anyone else has heard this story?

Overall, there has been some wonderful learning going on at St. Mary’s and we really like doing PBL.


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