Cyber Safety In Digitech

Cyber Safety In Digitech

Currently, in Digitech the students in grades 3 to 6 are learning about cyber safety. Cyber safety is making sure that ourselves, other people that we interact with and the devices and accounts we use remain safe whilst online. During this unit we are learning about topics including keeping our personal details secure, being aware of scams and phishing attempts and showing respect for others even when others might show disrespect themselves.

During our cyber safety topic the 3/4 classes are applying their skills whilst playing Google Interland. This is an online program developed by Google which helps students to understand some of different elements of cyber safety whilst moving through the different lands of Interland (a make believe online world). Some of the topics covered in this unit include making sure you share with others online with care, keeping a secure password and being aware of fake websites, scams and phishing attempts.

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The 5/6 students are developing their skills whilst playing a cyber safety game called Lost summer. They are learning about different topics such as respect, resilience and empathy. We are really enjoying completing the different missions with our partners as well as learning about the different skills we need to be cyber safe when we are online.

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